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Three Great Places To Take The Bar Exam Remotely

Traveling to a physical location surrounded by thousands of applicants taking the Bar Exam has been temporarily put on hold. Instead, taking the Bar Exam remotely has become a reality for thousands of applicants around the county. What was once an involved process has now become simplified and more convenient…or has it? While at first, a remote exam may sound beneficial for applicants, a remote Bar Exam does come with challenges. One of the biggest challenges faced by applicants today is finding a place to actually take the bar exam remotely.

Three Great Places To Take The Bar Exam Remotely

Finding a remote test-taking location becomes more daunting the more you think about it. You need a completely silent location free from interruptions, with fast internet speeds, and with comfortable surroundings. Having a place to take the test outside of your home can provide certain benefits when test day rolls around. For example, remote work from home often causes a blurred relationship between areas for work and areas for living. Having a separate test-taking location can help distinguish between home and work. Taking the Bar Exam can feel more like a serious job instead of another day of study. With these considerations in mind, here are our top picks for where to take a remote Bar Exam. These recommendations are not listed in any particular order and should all offer ideal test-taking environments.

Hotel Room

Renting a hotel room to take the Bar Exam is nothing new. Back when in-person Bar Exams were still a thing, many applicants would choose to rent a hotel room. Why? Well for one, having a dedicated and clean space away from your normal environment is an awesome way to unwind. Staying in a hotel room, ordering room service, and relaxing are exactly what applicants need before and after the Bar Exam. In addition, hotel rooms are usually quiet, free from distractions, and have stable internet connections.

If the exam was being administered in a city other than your own, most test-takers would find themselves renting a hotel room for two nights (the night before the exam and the night following the exam). With a remote exam, test takers should only need to rent a room for one night.


You may be thinking that a public library is a terrible place to take the Bar Exam. In one sense, you’re right. However, many public libraries offer private study rooms that can be rented out for days at a time. These rooms are generally quiet, equipped with fast internet connections, and cost much less to book than a hotel room. While they may not be as free from distractions as a hotel room, libraries generally aren’t action-packed. Like we mentioned above, having a place to go, take the test, and leave can be beneficial.

Law School

With the introduction of the remote Bar Exam, many law schools started accommodating students accordingly. More specifically, law schools have started to designate areas around campus for some students to take the test. Whether it’s a private room on campus, a vacant classroom, or another location – one thing has been proven: Some applicants simply feel more comfortable taking such a big test where they went to law school. By the time applicants take the Bar Exam, taking big tests with big stakes likely feels normal on campus. Law schools provide a positive and supportive environment, and many students need that when taking the Bar Exam!

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