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recap july 2018 seminar predictions, mee subjects by year, preparing for the uniform bar exam, preparing for the ube,Recap Of JD Advising’s July 2018 MEE Seminar Predictions

Below we discuss the accuracy of JD Advising’s July 2018 MEE Seminar predictions. We also note which issues surprised us! While we accurately predicted a number of topics, we were surprised about others!

Recap Of JD Advising’s July 2018 MEE Seminar Predictions

July 2018 MEE Seminar Predictions: MBE Subjects

Constitutional Law

We did accurately predict that Constitutional Law would appear, and it did show up. However, we were not expecting the Examiners to test the Commerce Clause. The Dormant Commerce Clause was on the most recent administrations. We suspected that the Examiners would likely test other issues that were much riper for testing, such as the First Amendment (speech) or the Equal Protection Clause.


Contracts was on our list of second-tier subjects (subjects that would not surprise us if they appeared on the exam). It appeared in February 2018, but the Examiners commonly test contracts. Often, the Examiners will test a subject from a previous exam. We did tell students during the seminar (and in the seminar handout) to review contract formation. The Examiners tested this area. Specifically, the NCBE tested whether UCC or common law governs the contract, offer, acceptance, option contracts under common law, revocation of an offer, and counteroffers.


Evidence was also on our list of second-tier subjects (subjects that would not surprise us if they appeared on the exam). And to be sure, Evidence appeared in a stand-alone essay. During the seminar, we told students to review the different ways that hearsay has been tested (including statements for the purpose of medical diagnosis/treatment and the business records exception), logical relevancy, and character evidence. We are happy to report that all of these issues were tested in the Evidence question. This was a semi-predictable qusetion.

Real Property (perhaps with Secured Transactions)

Our wildcard subject was Real Property and it did show up on the exam! Even though Real Property was tested in February 2018, we suspected the Examiners might test it again and they did! However, it seems that the Examiners tested zoning (grandfather clauses, conforming versus nonconforming use) and this has never yet been tested on the MEEs, so we were surprised to hear this appeared on the exam. In addition, the Examiners tested priority amongst lenders. While we did predict this issue, we are still unsure if  Real Property or as a crossover with Secured Transactions is the right context. The questions have not yet been released.

We did predict that Secured Transactions would come up on the exam, but usually, it appears as a stand-alone essay. We are waiting for the NCBE to release the questions and Examiners Analyses to confirm this.

July 2018 MEE Seminar Predictions: MEE Subjects


We did predict that Corporations would be on the exam and it did appear on the MEE. In our seminar handout, we included the February 2011 essay as one that students should review. It was very similar to the question on the July 2018 exam. Amongst the issues we discussed, we told students to be familiar with the basic principles pertaining to incorporation, such as filing articles of incorporation and promoter liability. Indeed, these were some of the issues that showed up on the Corporations essay.


We instructed the seminar attendees to be on the look out for a Trusts essay. And in fact, there was a full essay question on Trusts. We predicted the main issues in the Trusts essay. These included duties of the trustee (duty of loyalty, duty of care) and antilapse statutes.

For the large part, our seminar students had an advantage going into the July 2018 Uniform Bar Exam as we predicted issues in every essay question except for one (Constitutional Law)! For the Evidence and Trusts questions, we predicted almost all of the issues tested. And for some essays, such as Contracts and Corporations, we predicted at least half of the issues.  Therefore, our seminar attendees had the upper hand on the majority of questions! If you would like to sign up for our Multistate Essay Exam seminar, you can do so on this page.

We hope you found our post on the accuracy of JD Advising’s MEE Seminar predictions useful!

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