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Uniform Bar Exam Private Tutoring

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JD Advising Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring


We believe in an efficient and personalized approach to bar exam preparation. In addition to providing substantive law assistance, we also provide you with study techniques and habits to maximize your chances of passing the bar exam. And, we provide you with outlines that are precisely tailored to what is tested on the bar exam. We have helped hundreds of students pass the bar exam using our bar exam private tutoring program — both first-time takers and repeat bar exam takers. Our tutors have scored in the 95th percentile on several state bar exams, including New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, and Michigan!

You will walk into the bar exam confidently, knowing you have the JD Advising advantage!

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What sets JD Advising apart?


Meeting with a tutor on a regular basis will keep you accountable and help ensure you get your work done! Tutors are not only teachers, they are coaches!

Superior Instruction

We offer excellent instruction by bar exam experts. Our bar exam tutors have scored in the top percentile on the bar exam and have helped hundreds of students pass the bar exam.

High-Quality Outlines

As part of our tutoring program, we give you fantastic outlines that are precisely tailored to the MBE and MEE. Many students use our services in part because of our fantastic reputation our outlines have.

Personalized Preparation

We offer a study plan that is tailored to your needs and your schedule. We take into account all circumstances — this includes past bar exam scores, whether you are working or have other obligations, and your comfort level with the material — to figure out the perfect study plan for you.

Graded Assignments

You will receive electronic copies of MEE questions, MPT questions, and model answers if you sign up for our full Uniform Bar Exam private tutoring program. You will receive one graded essay per one-hour private tutoring session.

The Best Chance of Passing

We have helped thousands of students pass the bar exam nationwide! During a UBE private tutoring session, we cover the highly tested and most difficult areas of substantive law. We also cover strategies so that you see your scores improve through practice.

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“Meagan was simply a fantastic tutor – passionate about what she does, committed to helping you pass, and patient enough to work every detail and ensure you had a good understanding of the law – overall making an obvious stressful journey enjoyable. Meagan has lots of tips that really work! Be prepared to benefit from her essay grading too. Plus the materials JD Advising provides you are well structured and their tables will make your life easier. I kept studying those charts while sleeping and on exam day were a great resource to come up with the right answer. The entire JD Advising team was great! After having spent 108 days preparing for the exam, I do not regret any minute of it. The simple reason is that Meagan managed to make the process entirely manageable, goal reachable and most importantly she facilitated all the necessary tools to reach the confidence needed to see exam day just as another test – even through adversity – like realizing you missed the deadline to register your laptop for being distracted working… just another disguised blessing in the process. With Meagan’s tips I managed to finish all essays and MPTs in good shape, and do great on MBE exam.To any candidate doubtful to private tutoring – stop worrying and get excited – this is a really superior resource worth every penny – stop thinking as to how much more money private tutoring will cost you and start getting excited of all the good opportunities that are waiting for you. Once again – Thank you, Coach!”

-Successful Uniform Bar Exam Taker

I used JD Advising [tutoring] for my second attempt to pass the IL UBE bar exam and increased my score by 52 points! I went from being nervous and scared to the 95th percentile of all UBE takers. JD Advising helped me so much for my second attempt for the bar. Also, I was working full-time the second time I took the bar exam and they completely built the schedule around my available time and the amount of weeks I had to study. I can’t recommend their program enough. Compared to other big bar prep services, JD Advising is so much more personalized and they actually 100% care about you and your success on the bar exam. Thank you JD Advising! And thank you so much to my personal tutors who guided me through the whole process, Ninos and Lisa! You are both amazing!

- February 2023 Uniform Bar Exam Passer, Increased Score 52 Points!

If you are a repeat bar taker who is considering signing up for JD Advising Tutoring please keep reading. Not to be dramatic, but as someone who has had to retake the bar exam multiple times and started to lose my confidence, JD advising tutoring changed my life. I wrestled with the UBE jurisdiction bar exam 3 times. . . .The final time, I made the decision to not only use JD Advising materials, but also invest in tutoring as well which included outlines, essay grading, and fifteen tutoring sessions at 1hr each. The materials provided by JD Advising were thorough and they were the only outlines I used.

TUTORING WAS A GAME CHANGER! As soon as I had my first session with Caroline, I knew I was in good hands. She was bubbly, optimistic and reassured me countless times that this time would be different than any other time. She was right! Having Caroline on my team equipped me with the knowledge to tackle this exam with strategies tailored to my specific learning style- which I never had before. She assessed my learning style detail by detail and she was able to communicate what the game plan was in a palatable way. Studying for the bar is no easy task and she made me excited to learn which I had such a challenge with in the past. Caroline set the tone to success early on and this became a pivotal moment for me. I know tutoring is pricey, but it was well worth the temporary sacrifice to open that letter and see “congratulations!”

After so many disappointments and failed attempts at passing, finally seeing a passing score with my name attached to it was an indescribable feeling. Caroline believed in me more than I believed in myself on some really tough days during bar preparation and I truly believe that her positive attitude coupled with her accountability, compassion for retakers,  and the test taking strategies she instilled in me gave me the confidence boost I needed to go into each exam day with peace. I was able to bring my original UBE score up well over 20 pts to finally pass the exam in several jurisdictions after not passing in any. I will never stop being grateful for this experience. I had a jaded view and thought that passing the bar was an unattainable goal to reach. Anyone struggling with the confidence to accomplish this goal, please take my word for it. My entire perspective, and self-confidence changed the minute I signed up for JD Advising tutoring which resulted in finally passing the bar exam.

- February 2023 Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring Student

After not passing the bar the first time, I realized I needed to find a bar prep company that would be better tailored to my learning needs. For my second attempt at the bar I was working full time, if not more, so had limited time to study. I needed a program that would work with my time constraint, but also build up my confidence and help me understand how I learn. Through JD advising my score raised 19 points. The reason I was able to raise my score and pass the bar on my second attempt, was largely due to my tutor through JD Advising. . . I would recommend JD Advising to anyone because the program allows a more tailored approach to bar study and recognizing studying is not a one size fits all approach.

- Molly, Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring Student, Increased Score 19 Points

I was very worried about the bar exam because I had a lot going on personally and the bar prep course I had was not working for me. All I knew is that I did not want to take this test again! I used JD Advising when I took the MPRE and received a great score. I had already been using the free materials and attended the free practice sessions. When my family was going through yet another obstacle, I knew that I needed extra help. I purchased one-pagers and later the outlines plus tutoring with Julia. It was the best investment I could have made. The one-pagers were great for quick review at the end of my studies for the day. The outlines were easy to follow and memorize. Julia was patient and understanding, allowing me to vent and helping me see the progress I was making when everything else in my life was falling apart. I am forever grateful for JD Advising. I know I couldn’t have passed the bar (with a score high enough to be licensed in any UBE jurisdiction) without you! Thank you all so much!

- Uniform Bar Exam Tutoring Student

I took the July 2021 Bar Exam and scored a 258. I knew that in order to pass the exam I would need to change the way I studied and prepared. JD Advising offered private tutoring at an affordable rate and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity. I was paired with Albert who simplified complex problems in every area that is tested on the bar. Albert also helped me strengthen my writing skills with weekly essays, randomized pop quizzes (highly effective), and provided coaching and encouragement that gave me the mental edge I needed to succeed on the February 2022 exam.  I scored a 295 in February which is a 37-point increase from July! I can’t thank Albert and JD Advising enough for helping me realize my dream of becoming a licensed attorney. I HIGHLY recommend their services for first-time and re-takers. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend!

- February 2022 Uniform Bar Exam Student, Increased Score 37 Points

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