Learn the Law Better by Figuring Out your Learning Style
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How to Use Your Learning Style to Study Better

If you are having trouble learning the law, it is helpful to try new strategies. The best way to revamp your study time may be to figure out what your learning style is and then use it to study in a way that suits you the best. There are plenty of good learning style quizzes out there, including this very good one.

This site tells you whether you are:

  • Active and/or reflective. Active learners like to discuss or apply material and tend to like to work in groups. Reflective learners like to think about material and tend to like working alone.
  • Sensing and/or Intuitive. Sensing learners like to learn facts. They like repetition, memorization, and predictability. Intuitive learners are more comfortable with new concepts and abstract ideas.
  • Visual and/or Verbal. Visual learners like pictures, sketches, diagrams, colors, illustrations, and maps of ideas. Verbal learners like written and spoken explanations.
  • Sequential and/or Global. Sequential learners will understand a big picture only after seeing all of the pieces lined up and put together. Global learners like to see a big picture first and then use that to understand the parts of the puzzle.

Note that most people are not purely, say, “visual” or “verbal.” Rather, everyone is a mixture.  Finding out if you have any strong preferences toward one style of learning can help you when you are trying to learn material for law school or the bar exam.

If you find you are very visual, for example, use colors and draw pictures and diagrams when you study. If you find you are more verbal, write summaries of outlines in your own words and take time to explain your outline to others. It will help you to learn the law better if you are able to use strategies that help you learn the best.

If you are looking for other learning style questionnaires, you can also visit this site for a short quiz or this site.

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