Law School Summer Prep Tip #5 Purchase Supplements
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Law School Summer Prep: Purchase Commercial SupplementsAs mentioned in our previous post, in law school, professors teach classes using the Socratic Method (rather than lecturing). This means that the professor will go in front of the classroom and ask students questions about the law and the assigned reading, rather than simply telling the students what the law is.  Many times students don’t know the answer. Or they get the answer wrong . Or it takes them ten minutes to arrive at the correct answer and by the time they provide the correct answer, you forgot what the question was.

This makes it very difficult to learn the law! It also means that you may find yourself very confused after class.  I remember many occasions in law school when I would leave the classroom ten times more confused than when I walked into it. 

However, the good news is: there are a plethora of great legal resources to consult to help you learn the law.  These books lay out the law in a clear manner. Besides having clear explanations of the law, many of them also contain practice problems so you can quiz yourself.

These books help demystify difficult concepts and will help you understand the law better.  You can use these before class (so you don’t feel so anxious during class) or after class. You can even start reading them over the summer if you are feeling so inclined. Thus, our law school summer prep tip #5 is to at least purchase these resources over the summer. We recommend buying a supplement for each class you will take your first semester.

Some supplements that we like:

Whether you plan on reading these books right away or whether you plan on reading them when you begin law school, it is worth it to purchase these books to assist you with the classes you will have the first semester of your 1L year. At the very least, keep an eye on them on amazon as the summer is when most students sell the books they used their 1L year. Good luck on your law school summer prep!

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