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85 On The MPRE

How Many Questions Do I Need For An 85 On The MPRE?

In addition to passing the bar exam, passing the MPRE is required to practice law in nearly all fifty states.  Passing scores vary by state — if you live in Michigan, New York, Texas, and a handful of other states, you’ll need to score an 85 to pass. If you’re wondering how many questions you need to get right to get an 85 on the MPRE, we’ll shed some light on this below!

How Many Questions Do I Need For An 85 On The MPRE?

What Does the MPRE Test?

The MPRE exam tests your knowledge of legal ethics through 60 multiple choice questions over the course of two hours. In general, we recommend taking the MPRE after taking a professional responsibility course in law school. This will provide you with a solid foundation for the different rules and make studying a breeze. JD Advising also offers a free MPRE course that includes expert instruction, a free outline, practice questions, and a one-sheet all designed to help you pass the MPRE on your first try. In case you’re wondering, the average score on the MPRE is 93-94. A high score is anything above 130.

How Many Correct Answers Do I Need to Get an 85 on the MPRE?

While the MPRE consists of 60 questions, the examiners only score 50 of those questions. The number of correct responses out of the 50 provides you with your raw score.  This raw score is then translated into a scaled score. While we wish we could say exactly how many questions you need to get right to score that 85, the number varies with each test administration to reflect the difficulty of the test.

Seriously — How Will I Know if I’m in the Passing Range for the MPRE?

While the exact number of right answers needed changes with each MPRE administration, we can give you a target: 32. If you can consistently answer 32 questions correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll score an 85 and pass the MPRE. However, keep in mind that a single question can mean the difference between passing and failing! If you’re not regularly getting 32 correct answers, it’s a sign you should keep reviewing. You’ll get there!

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