Bar Exam Learning Style Quiz - Figure out how you learn best!
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bar exam learning style, illinois essay examBar Exam Learning Style Quiz

Are you wondering if you are a visual, aesthetic, or kinesthetic learner? Knowing what kind of learner you are can help you study smarter for the bar exam. Take our bar exam learning style quiz to figure out what kind of learner you are.

Knowing your bar exam learning style can help you figure out how to memorize your outlines and approach the bar exam in a smart and efficient way.

Bar Exam Learning Style Quiz

Answer the questions “YES” or “NO.”

  1. I would rather read a newspaper than listen to the radio.  ( Yes / No )
  2. I enjoy hands-on learning. ( Yes / No )
  3. Reading aloud helps me remember what I am reading. ( Yes / No )
  4. I learn well from seeing diagrams and charts. ( Yes / No )
  5. I frequently use musical jingles or songs to help me remember something. ( Yes / No )
  6. I am good at figuring out how something works. ( Yes / No )
  7. I am good at rhyming and rapping. ( Yes / No )
  8. I learn well by visualizing what I am learning. ( Yes / No )
  9. I enjoy acting. ( Yes / No )
  10. I learn a lot from studying in groups and talking concepts out. ( Yes / No )
  11. I like to use highlighters to color-code what I am learning. ( Yes / No )
  12. I enjoy building things. ( Yes / No )
  13. If someone is giving me directions, I prefer auditory directions. ( Yes / No )
  14. If someone is giving me directions, I prefer written directions. ( Yes / No )
  15. I learn best by doing something, rather than seeing it or hearing it. ( Yes / No )
  16. I gesture a lot when I talk. ( Yes / No )
  17. In a classroom, I learn best from demonstrations. ( Yes / No )
  18. In a classroom, I learn best from diagrams and slides. ( Yes / No )
  19. In a classroom, I learn best from hearing concepts explained. ( Yes / No )
  20. I take a lot of notes during lectures so I can review them later. ( Yes / No )
  21. I learn well from listening to a lecture without taking notes. ( Yes / No )

Learning Style Results:

Add up the amount of “yes’s” and “no”s. You may have more than one learning style!

  • VISUAL: 1, 4, 8, 11, 14, 18, 20
  • AUDITORY: 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 19, 21
  • KINESTHETIC: 2, 6, 9, 12, 16, 15, 17

What do the results of your bar exam learning style mean?

Visual Learners:

  • Learn by seeing. (If you spend less time listening to lectures, that is okay!)
  • Take a lot of notes during lecture.
  • You may often close their eyes to visualize or remember something.
  • Like to use colors. Incorporate colors, charts, and diagrams in your outline.
  • Are attracted to language rich in imagery.
  • Prefer not to study in groups. (Don’t worry if you do not have a bar exam study group!)
  • Sit in the front or where they can see what is going on in a classroom.

So when you learn your outlines, use colors, charts, and diagrams. Re-write outlines. Take notes during lecture. And don’t worry if you study solo! You may learn more studying solo than from groups.

Auditory Learners:

  • Learn by listening and explaining.
  • Acquire knowledge by reading out loud. Consider reading your outlines aloud to learn the law.
  • Enjoy music, rhymes, sounds. Consider utilizing mnemonics, rhymes, and songs to memorize the law.
  • Prefer to study in groups.
  • Sit wherever they can hear what is going on.

Pay close attention to lecture. Consider joining a study group or studying with a friend. Come up with rhymes and mnemonics to learn your outlines. When you memorize your outlines, focus on repeating the laws out loud until you know them.

Kinesthetic learners:

  • Learn by touching and doing.
  • Need to be active and take frequent breaks.
  • Frequently gesture and “speak with their hands.”
  • Sit near the door, so they can take breaks.

It might sound silly, but consider acting out some of your outlines. Some kinesthetic learners pace while they review outlines. Try to move while you learn the materials. Take breaks to get up and move around as you are learning your outlines.


A few notes:

  • Just because you have a preferred learning style does not mean you cannot learn using other methods to learn your materials.
  • Sometimes it is good to “mix up” how you learn to keep yourself interested in the material. That is, even if you are auditory, it is good to occasionally use visual techniques to learn something.
  • Different tasks require different learning styles. (I.e. learning how to cook something may require a different learning style than learning how to solve a math problem).