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MBE Practice Questions Accurate

Are MBE Practice Questions Accurate?

Practice, practice, practice. It’s one of the biggest aspects of studying and preparing for the bar exam. There are practice essays, practice performance tests, practice multiple choice questions…the list seems to never end! However, given all the practice that goes into preparation for the bar exam, students want to ensure they are working with quality materials.  This begs the question: are MBE practice questions accurate?  We discuss MBE practice questions in further detail below.

Are MBE Practice Questions Accurate?

Quality Matters

The quality of MBE practice questions is critical when trying to gauge how you’ll perform on the bar exam. However, not all MBE practice questions are of equal value to a student preparing for the bar exam. Some practice MBE questions are great indicators of the style, format, and difficulty level you can expect to encounter on the bar exam. Other MBE practice questions are simply trying their best to replicate those found on the bar exam. That’s because two types of practice MBE questions. Some practice MBE questions are genuine questions taken and compiled from previous administrations of the bar exam. Other MBE practice questions are hypotheticals drafted by bar prep companies (or other sources).

We often hear from students that MBE questions on the bar exam are different than those offered through prep courses. That’s because most bar prep companies do not include previously administered MBE questions as part of their courses. Instead, they create their own practice MBE questions that can differ in length, style, tone, and format. If you want the best measure of how you’ll perform on test day, use only actual MBE questions relesed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Your Practice Mindset

The bar exam is unlike any exam you have ever taken previously in your life. It spans multiple days, is a test of knowledge, stamina, and resilience, and determines your foreseeable career path. No matter how much practice you’ve completed, it’s inevitable that nerves, stress, and the weight of the moment become apparent. These types of things simply can’t always be replicated during practice exercises.

When it comes to practice MBE questions, you’re likely completing them in a relaxed setting in complete comfort. The actual MBE portion of the bar exam won’t be so peaceful. Be sure to spend some time practicing MBE questions while you replicate exam conditions.

Your Practice Process

When completing practice MBE questions, students often have the luxury of taking the questions one by one. Better yet, after each question, students are immediately able to check their answers. If the answer selected is incorrect, detailed explanations are provided to explain where the student went wrong. This process is incredibly commonplace in most bar prep courses.

On the actual bar exam, there won’t be a guide explaining the reasoning behind different answer choices. Students won’t be able to check their answers, but more importantly, also won’t be able to adjust for future questions. For example, imagine you’re completing a set of 10 civil procedure MBE questions. On question number two, you select the wrong answer choice and review why you got the wrong answer. You can then carry that reasoning forward onto questions 3-10, which makes it more likely you’ll score higher on them.

The best way to avoid this is to begin by practicing small groups of MBE questions and checking your answers. We previously posted on how to take bar exam practice tests, and this advice continues to ring true as you prepare for the MBE. With some practice and by using actual MBE questions, you will have a better understanding of how you’ll likely perform on the MBE!

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