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Where can I find law school practice exams?

One of the best ways to prepare for law school exams is to take practice exams well ahead of the exam! This allows you to get a feel for the types of questions that could appear and how you should go about responding. Here, we tell you where to find law school practice exams.

Where to find law school practice exams

Here are the best sources for finding practice exams, in the order that we recommend you look for them.

Directly from your professor

Ideally, you want to find law school practice exams that were written specifically by your professor. Your professor is the one writing and grading the exams, so it is his or her opinion of the important information and writing tendencies that are relevant to you. By reviewing your professor’s old exams, you discover what they like to emphasize. You also get an idea as to how they like to test issues together. Finally, you learn the kinds of answers your professor will be looking for—what law to include, how to organize it, how detailed it should be, etc.

Thus, your first choice source to find law school practice exams is directly from your professor. Maybe your professor has posted some previous exams on the course website. Your professor might also be willing to distribute some by e-mail or during office hours. It is always worth asking if your professor has any prior exams they would be willing to share with you or the class. And, be sure to ask for model answers as well! The exam questions are important, but you will really get the most out of a practice exam when you are able to compare an answer you have written with the professor’s model answer!

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From your school library or website

As a second source to find law school practice exams, try your school’s library or website. For example, many schools will collect previous exams from their professors and offer them in a collection in the library. Or they might scan them and offer them for download on the school (or even school library) website. Again, your first choice would be to look for exams from your specific professor. If this isn’t available, you could try to find law school practice exams from other professors who teach the same course. While this won’t tell you as much about how your professor approaches final exams, you will still get a feel for the possible ways the information can be tested. Law school exams are very unique and intricate, as compared to other types of exams, and thus even seeing exams from other professors can be beneficial.

On the internet

Finally, if you can’t get law school practice exams from your professor or your school, try searching on the internet. Just because your school doesn’t offer a source for them doesn’t mean other schools don’t! As was stated above, exams from another school aren’t as useful as ones from your professor. But, you can still learn a lot about the style of questions to expect.

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It’s best if you collect a lot of practice exams at once. Ideally, print them or save them by class so that when you are ready to practice exams, you can get started.

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