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One-Hour Session: These sessions are perfect for focusing on one bar exam subject. In addition to the live, one-on-one session with an attorney expert, you will receive one subjectspecific outline and one essay graded by your tutor on that subject. Note: Because this session is only an hour, students often find it helpful to come prepared with topics to focus on or specific questions. If you do not have any, we will cover the most highly tested and difficult topics for the subject(s) you are interested in discussing. 

The price for the session, electronic outline, and the essay grading is $349.99. You can upgrade to hard copy outline for an additional $25.

Ten-Hour Overview Package: This level is best used for either Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) or Multistate Essay Exam (MEE)/state-specific essay focus. We recommend spending one hour with your tutor on each MBE subject, and using the remaining three sessions to focus on problem areas. In addition to the 10 hours of private one-on-one instruction from our attorney experts, you will receive all of JD Advising’s bar exam outlines for your jurisdiction* (both MBE and essay subjects), and essay feedback from your tutor on 10 essays.

The price for the sessions, electronic outlines, and essay grading is $2749.99. You can upgrade to hard copy outlines for an additional $150.

Fifteen-Hour MBE Package: This level is best used for MBE or MEE/state-specific essay subject deep dives. We recommend spending two hours on each of the MBE or MEE/essay topics, and using any additional time to focus on problem areas. In addition to the 15 hours of private, one-on-one instruction from our attorney experts, you will receive all of JD Advising’s bar exam outlines for your jurisdiction* (both MBE and essay subjects), and essay feedback from your tutor on 15 essays. Note: this is our most popular package!

The price for the sessions, electronic outlines, and essay grading is $3999.99. You can upgrade to hard copy outlines for an additional $150.

Twenty-Five-Hour All-Inclusive, Full, Bar Prep Package: This level is perfect for those who want to use JD Advising private tutoring as their full bar prep. We recommend allocating two hours to each of the MBE subjects, and the remaining 11 hours split between essay subjects and performance tests (if applicable). In addition to the 25 hours of private, one-on-one instruction from our attorney experts, you will receive all of JD Advising’s bar exam outlines for your jurisdiction* (both MBE and essay subjects), and essay feedback from your tutor on 25 essays. Additionally, you will also receive access to essays, performance tests, and multiple-choice questions licensed by the NCBE.

The price for the sessions, electronic outlines, and essay grading is $5599.99. You can upgrade to hard copy outlines for an additional $150.

*Applicable to California, Michigan, and Uniform Bar Exam jurisdictions only. If you are taking the bar exam in another states, please contact us so we can let you know what we offer!


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20 reviews for Private Bar Exam Tutoring

  1. N.O.

    I HIGHLY recommend Heather Buck and JD Advising for bar preparation assistance. I was lucky enough to have my law school introduce me to JD Advising and assist with the cost (and I highly recommend that everyone reach out to their law school for similar assistance). I took the October 2020 bar in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and just a few months after unexpectedly losing a parent. I initially dreaded the thought of bar prep and had no interest in beginning the journey. I did not begin to enjoy studying until my sessions with Heather. She is so darn AWESOME. Working with Heather was the best part of my bar prep journey. I truly looked forward to our sessions – believe it or not, they were actually fun. Heather was thoughtful in preparing for sessions, attentive to my needs, and made really difficult concepts understandable. She helped with MBE, MEE, and MPT preparation and gave me the skills I need to succeed – not busy work. I was blown away by her knowledge and how easy it was to work with her. No question was ever too dumb and we reviewed things I had a hard time with over and over until I got it. My confidence increased and I actually felt more prepared as time went on. I passed the bar exam on my first try with a score high enough to pass in any UBE jurisdiction.

    I sent Heather a personal thank you on the day that I passed the bar (before even telling my best friends and some family members) and applauded her for the incredible work that she does. The bar exam – like many other things in the field of law – is often a barrier to entry for graduates, especially graduates of color. But people like Heather go above and beyond to ensure that all students have the tools necessary to jump over that last hurdle on the first attempt. And that is priceless.

    I’d like to wrap up by encouraging anyone who is on the fence to go for it! It is worth every penny. After investing tons of time and money in law school, it’d be silly not to invest fully in your bar prep. To succeed on the first try is such a wonderful feeling. There is nothing like having one-on-one help for the bar and I truly believe it is the secret to passing on the first try. Go for it and good luck!

  2. Anonymous

    I passed (by a lot) on my third try with Heather’s help. My course and tutor weren’t helping, and I signed up for private tutoring with Heather in the final few weeks. She helped me understand topics like I haven’t before and gave great feedback and insight when grading my essays and answering my questions. I thought the exam was a total bomb, but given the amount that my score went up from my past two attempts, I think Heather must have been the magic that helped me finally get the “success” email.

  3. Mai Le

    I wish I knew JD Advising earlier and took their private tutor sections for the first time around. As a foreign lawyer who only took 2 years of law school in the U.S, I struggled with the standardized tests in general and the bar exam in particular. Heather helped me with MPRE and 6 sections of Michigan substantive laws. She was extremely helpful in breaking down the rules for me to understand. I think she has been working with international students for long time so she understood our weakness in knowing the rule in detail. She is knowledgable and calm, which is super helpful to comfort those who are constantly in the panic moods studying for the bar exam. I am an US licensed Attorney now all thank to Heather and JDAdvising. I will share their information with my friends who have the same struggles as mine. They are simply the only thing you need for your bar prep course.

  4. Anonymous

    After failing the July 2019 NY Bar Exam, a friend recommended I use JD Advising for private tutoring sessions. After only minutes into my first tutoring session with Ambika, it was evident that she was going to be a tremendous help. Ambika not only helped me understand the substantive law but also provided me with various “tips and tricks” that were important to my success on both the essays and the MBE. She also made my studying efficient by explaining what topics within each area of the law were the more heavily tested topics. Ambika was also extremely accommodating with respect to my schedule, and always promptly responded to my email questions (of which there were many!). The results speak for themselves: the first time I sat for the bar exam, in July 2019, I scored a failing 256. The second time I sat for the bar exam, in February 2020, and after working with Ambika, I scored a 297 (an increase of 41 points!) My score is beyond passing in every UBE jurisdiction. I would highly recommend working with Ambika to both first-time and repeat bar exam takers. I couldn’t have done this without her.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I highly recommend working with Ambika Mehta and the JD Advising team. Their outlines are fantastic and exactly what you need to prepare for the bar exam: concise, to the point, without unnecessary explanations. I used another course in the beginning and felt overwhelmed with the volume of outlines and the unrealistic study schedule. JD Advising provides you with just one booklet of material per topic that is sufficient to prepare you both for the MBE and/or the MEE portion of the exam. For the areas that I felt I needed more help with, I worked with Ambika who’s fantastic at patiently breaking down complicated concepts until you feel confident about that topic. She’s also accessible via email and answers questions as needed. For me, Ambika was more than a tutor. Throughout the process she became a genuine friend. I was able to call her when I felt overwhelmed and she always patiently listened and genuinely tried to make me feel positive again. Working with Ambika, I saw a substantial difference in my scores after each tutorial session. Ambika also provided me with a realistic and flexible study plan tailored to my needs and weakness/strengths. She’s incredibly professional, caring, and knows the bar exam and the topics inside out. My score increased by 38 points! I can’t say enough good words about working with Ambika!! I’m very happy that I chose to work with Ambika and JD Advising and I highly recommend them to anyone preparing for the bar exam.

  6. Tutoring Student Feb 2020 (verified owner)

    I passed the bar with the help of JD Advising! In Feb 2020, I was a repeat taker in Michigan. I failed the July 2019 bar by 5 points (cumulative score). After taking JD Advising in the summer, I knew I needed more personalized help to pass. I focused on my weakest bar subjects with only 2 tutoring sessions . Heather broke the outlines down piece by piece. She answered any questions that I had. She even answered questions for subjects that I did not request to be apart of my tutoring session. Due to the guidance of JD Advising, my essay score improved by 28 points!!!!!!!! I am a lawyer today because of the great instruction of JD Advising.

  7. LD (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend JD Advising to anyone taking the bar exam- far superior to the commercial review courses. I only wish I had found them my first time around! My scores were always about eight-ten points shy of passing, but my MBE score needed improvement. I did one private tutoring session with James and it really gave me the confidence and push I needed. The outline was so manageable and leaps and bounds better than any material Barbri provided. James answered all my questions and went through the outline with me in a way that helped me hone in on what was most important. He also provided little tips for memorizing certain tests. James graded and provided feedback on two essays which was very helpful.

    Even though I only did one session/subject, I was able to use what I learned and apply it to other subjects to study smarter, not harder. This was crucial as I had an infant and could not devote endless hours to studying. With the help of JD Advising and James, my MBE score went up 23 points and I now have a passing UBE score in every UBE jurisdiction!

  8. Anonymous

    I highly recommend JD Advising for UBE bar prep! As a first time taker, I knew I wanted a bar prep experience that went beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of the big box bar prep companies. Having had such a positive, personalized experience with Ambika, as my JD Advising legal writing tutor during law school and as my MPRE tutor, I decided to sign up for the JD Advising Premium Plus UBE prep course (which included 14 hours of one-on-one tutoring with Ambika). Although a big investment, I reasoned that investing up front would reduce my odds of becoming a repeat taker as I would have a highly personalized experience, ongoing accessibility and accountability with my instructors and focus the bulk of my study on highly tested subjects most likely to be tested on the February 2020 exam.

    JD Advising’s prep course offered tri-weekly small, online group lectures covering each subject in depth with the opportunity to ask questions as the material was presented. Each week, the course instructors also verbally and visually worked through MEE and/or MBE questions in real time which helped me develop a consistent strategy and approach to each and every question. Instructors also spent ample time on MPT strategies, emphasizing the opportunities to increase your overall UBE score which are often neglected.

    I can’t thank Ambika enough for her support and encouragement during such an intense process. I am so grateful to her for her instruction! She made a tough process a lot easier to handle. She helped me figure out which topics and issues to focus on and clearly and promptly answered any questions that I was unsure on in every subject. In addition, she helped me created an efficient study plan and cheered me up when I got discouraged. I appreciate her so much!

    Although the assignments and pace were both rigorous and demanding, my hard work paid off and I passed the February 2020 examination with an MBE score of 144 and written score of 156.9 for a total score of 301 – which is passing score in every UBE jurisdiction! Thank you Ambika, Rosie and everyone at JD Advising for your instruction and support! You guys are terrific!

  9. Anonymous


    I hope all is well. I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a big THANK YOU!!! The MBE course and your helpful hints helped to increase my MBE score by 10 points and I am EXTREMELY happy to announce that I passed the SC bar exam!! I have told ALL of my fellow bar takers who were not successful and has an issue with the MBE to take your course! Again I thank you so much for all of your help and for answering all of my pesky little questions. Your program ROCKS!!!!!

  10. A Very Happy Attorney!

    With Ambika’s help, I passed the first time that I took the uniform bar exam this February 2020. I desired bar tutoring, because I failed to gain a solid grasp of legal concepts throughout law school. In law school, my grades were poor, and I struggled with personal issues at the time which impeded my learning of the law. I’ve had many tutors in the past for various reasons, and without a doubt, Ambika is one of the best, for many reasons.

    A few include:
    1) Prioritization and Focus.
    Ambika was able to strategically hone-in on priority testing areas, enabling me to use my time and energies wisely on areas that would most certainly be tested to likely-tested areas. She would steer me away from areas where I may have unnecessarily spent useful time in studying, if it was unlikely to show up on the exam. Undoubtedly, her ability to strategize and direct me in study methods proved invaluable to acing the bar.

    2) Sheer Knowledge.
    Ambika knew the JD Advantage materials almost verbatim. Her breadth and depth of knowledge about the UBE, subject matter being tested, how to write effective essays to the MEEs, and even knowing what the MBE questions were testing without preparation helped use our time most efficiently. I could ask most any substantive bar-related question and have the confidence that Ambika could assist. Ambika could anticipate my complex questions, she could target my problem areas before I could explain where I was failing, and her explanations led to direct and immediate improvement of my scores. I would see an increase in MBE performance from 35% to 75% in each subject after most sessions.

    3) “Charades” with bar exam rules. Aka “guess what I am trying to say (in reference to legal concepts).”
    Oftentimes, I would remember only a certain phrase or part of a rule while performing the MBE and attempting to explain my reasoned answers – with Ambika’s wealth of knowledge, she would be able to guess correctly what I was trying to refer to – even if I did not know which subject matter (for instance, Torts or Crim) I was referring to, or what rule. Her depth of knowledge assisted greatly when I would apply a piece of knowledge I had read, perhaps incorrectly. Ambika could “fill in the gaps” to my knowledge, understand how I interpreted the rule, how I applied it, how to correct an application or understanding of rule. She could then show me the page where the rule was located, in one of the 7 outlines.

    4) Ability to Triage.
    Because I was managing several personal issues, Ambika was able to triage the most important bar elements to focus on. Ambika anticipated most of the MEE subjects to be tested. She also provided PTs which showed up on the upcoming exam. During beginning practice sessions, I scored between 35-45% for most subjects on the MBE, had a difficult time with memorizing rules for the MEEs, and could not complete most of the timed PTs and MEE. But with Ambika’s tips and techniques, I passed the UBE for 30 U.S. jurisdictions on the first try.

    All of the above reasons and more, are reasons I would highly-recommend Ambika as the most exemplary bar tutor.

    I enjoyed JD Advising’s resources because the outline material and cheat sheets, which I used throughout bar prep, focused only on the most essential material that a test taker needs to know. The cheat sheets were also organized and color blocked in an easy-to-skim and memorize way. I would absolutely recommend JD Advising’s services to friends who can afford the service, because Ambika is a top-notch instructor at the top of her game.

  11. A second (and last) time California Bar taker

    When I received California Bar results last November and found out that I did not pass, I was devastated. After doing some research, I came across JD Advising. From the initial consultation, they were extremely compassionate and addressed every one of my concerns. I was then connected with Ambika, who sat down with me and discussed my score report in detail. She not only discussed strategies and suggestions for the next exam, but also provided detailed feedback on my bar essays, which I found to be invaluable. Throughout the study period, Ambika made sure to touch base regularly and answer my questions or address any concerns. With her help and the JD Advising California One Sheets (which I also highly recommend), I was able to pass the California Bar exam on my second try even though the overall pass rate was only 26.8%. Thank you Ambika and JD Advising, I cannot thank you enough!

  12. Anonymous

    Ryan helped me with my approach. My essay scores are what made the difference between passing and not. My February 2020 score in fact was a 284!! A 34 point jump from the July 2018 score.

    I genuinely believe that the reason I got the scores I did is that I stuck to the strategies we talked about. applied your strategies with staying organized and starting from the basics and working my way into more in depth analysis. The best thing about this score is that it’s good for admission in any UBE jurisdiction, which, quite frankly, is something I did not expect to accomplish even with the help of a tutor. 

  13. Anonymous

    I had the amazing opportunity to take tutoring sessions with Ambika for a number of UBE subjects, including Real Property and Wills & Trusts. I failed by 4 points initially (with a score of 262), and as I was a repeat taker, I had pressure/anxiety to sit for the bar exam again. However, as a result of the incredibly helpful and well-organized tutoring sessions with Ambika, I passed the NY Bar exam with a score of 278. It is a huge jump from the score I initially received, and it qualifies me to be licensed in 35 UBE jurisdictions. I am really grateful for the excellent job Ambika did to help me identify my weaknesses and strengths quickly and to guide me through the challenges I was encountering. Ambika carefully reviewed my essays and MPTs from the previous exam and gave me invaluable feedback about how I could improve my score. Ambika was well-prepared for each tutoring session with me, and not a second of our time was wasted. We would cover every critical subtopic for a targeted subject. She even took the time to look over a few additional essays for me and broke down the issues that were most likely to be tested on the February 2020 exam (and most of them did show up on the exam!). Also, when I told Ambika that I was using Adaptibar for MBE practice, she explained how to best use that platform so that I could focus on the most highly tested subtopics. The amount and the quality of support you receive from Ambika are the best and make you feel valued. Besides, I have to confess that JD Advising has the best materials I have ever seen. The outlines cover exactly what you need to pass the bar exam. The thing I especially liked about the outlines is that they link rules to the specific MEE Essays that were tested, and this makes reviewing the rules super easy. I would recommend Ambika, and in general, JD Advising for anyone who is either the first-time taker (so you do not fail) or a repeat taker (so you do not repeat it)!

  14. Joel T.

    The team and tools provided by JD Advising (JDA) offer the very best opportunity to pass the bar exam. I sat for four bar exams (NC & FL) prior to signing on with JDA. My highest MBE was a 136 and my essay responses were deficient. MY UBE score after working with JDA’s Jonathan Jones was a 281 (134.3 MEE/MPT & 146.6 MBE). Jonathan dispelled my belief that my previous lack of success was due to poor test taking skills and assured me that if I followed the JDA method and schedule I would improve and likely pass. Previously, I had used Barbri and Kaplan and found their grading lacking in sustenance to help me improve. In contrast, Jonathan would encourage me to read through the JDA outlines, memorize the highly tested sub sections, and then write an essay response. The JDA outlines were so intuitive and easy to read because of the highlighting of important areas. I know the pain and disappointment of not passing the bar exam. Walking out of the final day of the exam after working with JDA, I was confident I had passed; the only question was by how much. My goal in writing this review is to help you, a future attorney, bypass all the obstacles to success by reassuring you that if you are reading this review you have found the right resource in JD Advising.

  15. NS

    I have taken the Bar Exam twice because I didn’t pass the first time. Matt’s tutoring focused on building my confidence that I knew the material. He gave me techniques to help break down my “overthinking” and “making the question harder than it was.” We worked specifically on two of my weakest subjects. Matt gave me nice encouragements and was patient with me. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a tutor for the UBE. The JD outlines were easy to follow and great for memorization. I used a lot of the phrasing of the rule statements in those outlines when writing my essay answers. Specifically, I liked the Real Property outline and the drawing of how the easements work. It added a more visual learning experience than my bar prep did. 
    Overall, my scores improved drastically. I scored a 256 on the UBE my first go around, and needed a 276 to pass. I ended up scoring a 281 this time. My essays were my saving grace, because I could better issue spot after working with Matt. 

  16. Anonymous

    Meagan is quite possibly one of the best teachers that I have had during my entire academic career. I had Meagan as a tutor for a “high stakes” MPRE exam. Initially, I had planned on self-studying and then taking a session to review with her the week prior to the exam. As the exam approached, I took a practice exam and I scored very poorly. Meagan was able to fit me in during her schedule (at this point I only had a week or two before the exam and my score was lower than I wanted). Meagan took the time to really understand which learning technique worked best for me and she created a study schedule for me. We worked together for 3 sessions and Meagan was able to take me from a near passing (almost failing) score to a passing score in just 2 sessions. With her tutoring and counseling (building up my confidence) I was able to walk in and out of the exam with a sense of relief. When I found out my score a few weeks later, I learned my score was high enough to be transferred to any jurisdiction.

    I also had the pleasure having Meagan as a teacher in the UBE course. I have never had a teacher who was able to explain some of the most complicated law that was tested on the exam in such a simple and straightforward way. As someone who has taken the bar more than once, Meagan’s style of teaching made the course easy to follow, interesting and lively. Even after barely having the confidence to study for the exam again after failing (and after barely having the energy to study after work day at a grueling NYC-finance job) I actually looked forward to her sessions. I looked forward to them because her session were upbeat, lively, and easy to understand. Most of all, her patience is unparalleled. She answered student questions during class and throughout the course in a clear and thoughtful manner. Meagan’s personality allows you to feel comfortable asking questions and she never makes you feel like it was a silly question to ask. She is very smart and knows the law incredibly well – so when you ask a question or confuse issues, she knows exactly what area to guide you towards and will tell you exactly what you need to memorize or review.

    Beyond being able to explain the law seamlessly, Meagan is also skilled at creating a study plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Meagan helps you attack the exam from several aspects – understanding the law, prioritizing with the time that you have, what to do the days leading up to the exam, and the day of the exam.

    I am so thankful for JD Advising and for connecting me with Meagan. She truly has a skill and patience for teaching. I can’t recommend her enough!

  17. Feb 2020 Taker

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with JD Advising’s materials, staff, and entire program.

    JD Advising’s outlines are the best of any I saw or used during bar prep. The material is condensed into a format that isn’t overwhelming, but still covers every single piece of law necessary to succeed on the bar exam. They are structured in a way to help you actually absorb the information, and you never feel like you’re studying useless material. The outlines are filled with real examples from past exams, and helpful mnemonic devices to aid in memorization! The outlines also show you when and how many times each subject has been tested, so you can spend your valuable time wisely. Another important tool was the MBE QBank, which had a plethora of practice MBE questions. They were all real bar exam questions, which was such great practice compared to other bar reviews that use questions they create on their own.

    The one-on-one essay tutoring sessions were incredibly helpful and informative. I was able to ask any questions I had about the material, go through major topics and key points, and work on real problems that had been tested on past exams. These sessions really helped narrow down important, highly-tested areas of the law. When the sessions were over, I always felt comfortable with the subject we went over and confident in my preparation moving forward.

    My tutor was always available to answer questions via email about any topic I was studying after our sessions! Her essay feedback was extremely helpful and definitely made a huge difference in the scores I was getting during essay practice. She was not only knowledgeable about the subject matter, but really cared about how my preparation was going. She supported and encouraged me throughout the entire process!

    I honestly can’t recommend JD Advising enough. The program is unmatched and worth every penny. I was a second time bar exam taker when I came to JD Advising. My overall bar exam score went up from a 126 to a 143. My essay score alone went from a scaled score of 123 to a 152. The first time I took the bar exam I didn’t get a 10 on any of the essays, but the second time I scored a 10 on multiple essays. I only wish I would have done JD Advising before I took the bar exam the first time around!

  18. Mary Lynn

    I would highly recommend Jonathan Jones and JD Advising. I was a third time bar taker working full-time and at the end of my rope. I desperately needed help to raise my MBE scores so I signed up for the private tutoring. Jonathan was so patient in answering all my questions and providing me with a strategy for studying so that I could manage working full-time and studying. After my first session I noticed a dramatic improvement in my understanding of the law and my MBE scores started improving dramatically. The outlines provided by JD Advising were outstanding and made such a difference in helping me understand and remember the law. Working with Jonathan and JD Advising was the best decision I ever made! I would highly recommend the private tutoring and Johnathan as a tutor. THANK YOU JD Advising!

  19. Private Student

    Heather Piotrowski was my advisor this summer and after telling her I passed the bar last week, she congratulated me and asked if I could leave a review. I found the outlines to be immensely helpful and way more digestible than the large Barbri books I had. I also really appreciated Heather’s help. She was so approachable and I felt like I could ask her any question without feeling dumb. She had practical advice for memorization and was easily accessible even on days when we didn’t have sessions. She was also provided great emotional support–and I can’t understate how helpful that was. I would recommend JD Advising to any student studying for the bar.

  20. David Birchler

    The Tutoring of JD Advising was crucial for me to pass the Bar exam. Meagan gave me clear and concise instructions especially on the MPT part how this tackle this challenge. Furthermore Meagan tailored for me learning strategies on how to strategically handle the MBE part. Lastly the training on the Essay portion was indeed hard work, but I learned how the graders think, and what I should put my Focus on.

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