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"Majors For Law School"

The Best Undergraduate Majors For Law School

Thinking about going to law school? You’re probably wondering what the best undergraduate majors for law school are. In addition, you’ll want to know how they can help you prepare to hit the ground running. The short answer is that there is no single best undergraduate major for attending law school. A typical law school class is comprised of individuals from all different types of academic backgrounds. Math, chemistry, English, computer science, political science – you name it, it all constitutes pre-law if you plan to go to law school after you graduate!

The Best Undergraduate Majors For Law School

With that being said, there are a few majors that can help you prepare for law school and the LSAT. These majors focus on skills and proficiencies that are fundamental for success on the LSAT and in law school. For example, reading, writing, analysis, and comprehension are all critical to success in law school. Generally, those in the majors below have an easier time adjusting to the way law school operates. Those coming from majors such as biology or engineering sometimes have a more difficult time getting the hang of things.

These majors don’t ensure your success on either the LSAT or in law school by any means. They are simply majors with the same types of skills that are applied in performing legal coursework. You should be choosing a major based on how well you can perform and how much you enjoy it. Again, law school classes are made up of many different majors with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re an undergraduate student thinking about law school, make sure to check out our pre-law archives. Now, let’s take a look!


Liberal arts majors, like English, highlight the abstract thinking and analytical skills students will need to succeed. A major in English underlines the importance of language interpretation, reading comprehension, and analytical writing. English majors can generally process and summarize lengthy and complex information, which are common tasks in law school. English majors tend to utilize critical thinking skills frequently, making English a great choice if you’re planning on law school.


As a History major, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how laws have impacted political systems and societies. History majors focus extensively on research and the development theory, two skills that are front and center in law school. In addition, History majors often study events and precedents that led to the passage, denial, and overturning of laws. This type of exposure is helpful in legal classes such as Constitutional Law, where history and law are intertwined.


Much like an English major, Philosophy majors are challenged to think critically, apply logic, and construct coherent arguments. Philosophy majors are introduced to complex theories that often require extensive in-depth analysis – much like the coursework in law school. Law students will be asked to analyze and evaluate complex legal theories on an almost daily basis. Since philosophy majors also focus on ethics and morality, two subjects that are prevalent in law school and legal practice, this is a good fit!

Political Science

A Political Science major is perfect for law school if you aren’t necessarily sure you want to always practice law. It’s common for those holding public offices to have both a political science degree and a juris doctorate. Majoring in Political Science is also a great choice if you do intend on practicing law for a while. Political Science majors are introduced to legal structures, the application of law to society, and the function of various constitutions. In addition, the operation of international law and policy is also prevalent. These skills provide an excellent precursor for law school.


Business majors are familiar with heavy course loads and several of the skills applied in law school. This is particularly true if you intend to focus on corporate law! Business majors often learn the basics of negotiation, corporate structure, and finance. So, these skills are valuable to anyone seeking to work as legal counsel for a startup, corporation, or non-profit organization. Business majors also focus on the management and operation of companies, which can be extra helpful for corporate law.

We hope this post on the best undergraduate majors for law school helps!

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