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diagram contracts outline how to write a law school outlineAre you a visual person? Do you prefer colors, pictures, and diagrams over black-and-white words? It might be worth it to try incorporating some diagrams into your law school outlines.

For example, contract formation can be broken down using words. This can help you memorize the elements of contract formation and become familiar with the words. However, you can put the same exact outline into picture format, as is pictured to the left.

Even if you are not a “visual” person, sometimes it helps to break things up and use a visual method to memorize a concept. This can be especially helpful with trickier concepts, for example, UCC 2-207. Most students struggle with UCC 2-207 quite a bit. If you put it into a picture format (as pictured below) it can really help you memorize it.

contracts 2207 diagram k outline

You do not have to write a law school outline solely using diagrams. However, it helps to incorporate some diagrams or pictures into your law school outlines, even if you are done writing them and simply reviewing them.

Looking for more information on outlining? We have plenty of additional information on outlining on our blog, including an in-depth guide on how to write a law school outline here.



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