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Law School Finals During Coronavirus

How To Prepare For Law School Finals During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way students take law school finals. Much like school, work, fitness classes, and just about everything else, law school finals are now online and remote. For some, this may bring excitement. Who wouldn’t want to take a Torts final in their pajamas? For others, online and remote law school finals will be a drastic departure from what they’re used to. Regardless of what group you find yourself in, chances are you might need some advice on how to prepare. Check out these awesome tips on how to prepare for law school finals in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

How To Prepare For Law School Finals During Coronavirus

Read The Rules

You no longer will be taking an exam in a lecture hall or classroom with other students and a proctor. That means you won’t have a person standing in front of you reading the rules and protocol for the exam. In order to prepare yourself for the logistical side of remote law school exams, start by reading the rules. Law schools and professors know that taking an exam remotely is an adjustment for everyone. As a result, chances are they have released the exam instructions and rules before the actual exam day. Take some time and familiarize yourself with things like timing, format, and bathroom breaks. Since you are taking the exam remotely, make sure to familiarize yourself with any webcam or computer requirements. If you can’t find the information you need, just ask!

Be Responsible

Just as you would during an in-person exam, make sure to maintain an ethical character during your remote exam. This goes without saying. You wouldn’t cheat on a traditional law school final so why try now? Avoid the temptation to take a “bathroom break” and quickly look up answers on a cellphone or tablet. Don’t be fooled by the comfortable atmosphere of your home. Law school finals are a big deal and the consequences of cheating are severe. As if you needed another reason to avoid cheating, many exam software programs monitor every aspect of student performance. This includes webcam activity, audio activity, typing activity, and so on.

No Distraction Zone

One downside to taking a final from home is the potential for distractions to pop up during the exam itself. In order to plan for this, make sure you dedicate a portion of your workspace as a “no distraction zone.” This means no T.V., radio, cellphones, tablets, children, spouses or significant others, or pets. If you are living with other people, you want to tell them in advance that you will be taking an exam. This will minimize the chances of any unwanted distractions or disturbances during the exam. You also want to ensure that your zone is comfortable, has good internet connectivity, and adequate lighting.

Prepare Normally

Just because you are taking an exam remotely does not mean the substance of the exam will change. Criminal law is still criminal law, evidence is still evidence, and the rule against perpetuities still makes no sense. Therefore, prepare as you normally would for a traditional law school exam. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get too comfortable at home and underestimate an exam’s difficulty. So, put the same level of effort into a remote exam as you would a traditional law school final.

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Expect The Unexpected

The power goes out, your Wi-Fi suddenly disconnects, the upstairs neighbors start dancing, or your laptop dies. What if they all happened at the same time? Ok, that would be crazy! Unfortunately, situations like these happen more often than we would like. Everybody is in the same boat for remote law school finals, so something is bound to go wrong for somebody. If you feel like you might be that somebody, have a plan in place and prepare for the unexpected.

The one rule you should always adhere to is to never panic. We know, it’s easier said than done. Seriously though, know what to do if you find yourself in a scary situation. Laptop dies? Have a plan. Baby cousin comes running into the room during the exam? Have a plan.

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