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How First-Time Takers Benefit From Our Bar Exam Prep Course

We tutor mostly repeat bar exam takers – that is, we primarily assist those who have already taken (and failed) the bar exam once, twice, three times, or more.  However, we always tutor a handful of first-time takers every bar exam administration, and we have found that they also find our bar exam prep course extremely helpful.

This latest testimonial from one of our students who passed the July 2014 exam on her first try highlights exactly how we help first time takers:  

The difference between Ashley’s bar prep course and all other bar prep companies is in the structure of the programs themselves. One way to describe my experience is by comparing it to purchasing a suit. When you are contemplating purchasing a new suit, you essentially have two options: you can purchase one from a department store based on your size or you can purchase one from a specialty store and tailor it to your body.
All other bar prep companies are your general department stores – they provide you with a suit, but the suit isn’t tailored and, therefore, it isn’t flattering. However, the specialty store provides you with a tailored suit that flatters your body exactly where you want it.
Ashley’s tutoring is equivalent to a tailored suit. She focuses on your weaknesses and helps make them your strengths. She answers all questions, grades any essays and ensures that you understand the subjects extremely well. Above all, her outlines are exactly on point. If you speak to anyone studying for the bar, their number one complaint is that they don’t have enough time to finish everything and as a result, fall behind. This results in subjects being skipped and questions left incomplete.  When time is limited, a focused outline is exactly what you need to cover all of the tested topics.  If I had continued to study the outlines my bar prep company assigned me to, I would have never been able to get through all twenty-six topics. Instead, I made a conscious decision to stop following the schedule set by my bar prep company and followed Ashley’s tailored plan for me.  After receiving my score, I am so glad that I did.
In addition to seeing my score, the confidence I gained while studying with Ashley made my entire bar-taking experience infinitely better. Prior to taking the exam, I felt calm, confident and ready. I knew exactly which points I wanted to address and how much time I had to do it. I had established techniques to quickly answer each question and cover all of the necessary points.  The knowledge and confidence I gained from studying with Ashley helped alleviate any anxiety I had prior to the exam, and allowed me to focus on what needed to be done.  It was truly the best investment I could make towards preparing for the bar.