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How to Make a Law School Study Group

Wondering how to make a law school study group as effective as possible? A good law school study group can make the difference between a high GPA and a low GPA. When done right, a good law school study group will enlighten group members, clarify difficult concepts, and better prepare everyone for the final exam. If you are planning on forming a law school study group this semester and you want to make sure you get the most out of it, follow these tips.

How to Make a Law School Study Group

Make sure that your study group has a definite “start” and “end time.”

This will boost productivity, and help group members plan out their days better.

Make a set agenda ahead of time.

This should include both what the group will discuss and who is responsible for what material. This will make each group member feel some responsibility for the group and for the material. It will also spread out the workload among the group members.

Focus on the right things!

If the goal of the study group is to increase the group members’ grade point averages, then focus on answering practice exams or outlining the black letter law.

Don’t focus on cases.

Do not focus your study group session on reviewing or discussing cases (these are not highly tested on). This will not help you boost your GPA.

Have one responsible team member.

Make one member responsible for keeping track of time and making sure that the group is sticking to its agenda. This includes redirecting the group conversation when it turns to gossip or something equally ineffective.


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