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Free JD Advising Law School Flashcards Sample

Some students go into law school exams with a false sense of confidence thinking they “have an idea” of legal concepts and can consult their books or outline if needed. In reality, students will not have time to consult their outlines or materials very often during the exam. To score high on a law school exam, therefore, you will have to have memorized the material tested. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of material you must learn in your law school classes, our law school flashcards, as part of our new law school study aids, can help. (If you sign up for our free trial, you can see a sample of several of our flashcards. Please also see a few free samples of our flashcards below!)

Free JD Advising Law School Flashcards Sample

Our 1,500+ law school flashcards have the following features:

  • They cover the core 1L curriculum, including civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, real property, and torts. 2L and 3L study aids are coming soon!
  • They contain clearly listed foundational elements
  • They are divided by topic, so you can review topics at your leisure
  • Our flashcards include visually appealing images that help illustrate the rules in a memorable way
  • They contain illustrated examples and easy to follow graphs and charts
  • You can “mark” certain flashcards you want to come back to and review

Ultimately, to score high on a law school exam, you must apply what you know to a law school exam fact pattern. What you know depends on your materials, your understanding of those materials, and having memorized those materials. With JD Advising’s law school flashcards and other JD Advising law school study aids, you get the materials you need to help you understand, memorize, and apply the law you learned in class on your law school exam.

Instead of a false sense of confidence that your book and outline might provide, you can go into your law school exams confident you understand and know the law you will be asked to apply.


Example of Civil Procedure Flashcards Topic List


Example of Civil Procedure Flashcard

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