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where to find mpt student answers, where to find mpt sample answersWhere to Find Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Student Answers

Multistate Performance test (MPT) student answers can be very useful study tools. You can compare your answers to the MPT student answers to check your formatting, organization, and general analysis of the issues posed. (If you are looking for more information on how to use an MPT student answer, see this post.) Note, even if you choose to review MPT student answers as part of your MPT review, you should still make sure to analyze the MPT “point sheets” promulgated by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) as even high scoring student answers are not perfect.

Where to Find MPT Student Answers:

#1 Resource: Our MPT books – hard copies and electronic copies available:

The first and best resource for MPT student answers is our MPT books. For each MPT, we have (1) the question, (2) the student answer (for over 90% of the MPTs) and (3) the point sheet. This will save you a ton of time scouring the internet or opening different pages in your browser as you will have the question, student answer, and NCBE point sheet for each question all in one place.

Other (free!) online resources where you can find MPT Student Answers: 

MPT student answers are also available online for free. Here are a few resources where you can find MPT student answers for free. (Note: These resources do not come with MPT point sheets and some do not contain the full MPT question so you will have to find those separately!)

  • The Georgia Board of Bar Examiners is our favorite. (It is where we get our student answers for our MPT books. You can see questions and MPT student answers from July 2011 on. (Note: You will not see NCBE point sheets online.)
  • The New York Board of Bar Examiners has MPTs and student answers since when they adopted the UBE in July 2016. The also have MPTs and student answers (just one per year, as the NYBE used to contain one MPT) from previous years.
  • The Minnesota Board of Bar Examiners has student answers with summaries of the MPT questions from February 2011 on.

If you have any questions about where to find MPT student answers, feel free to contact us.

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