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Kamala Harris Fail

Did Kamala Harris Fail The Bar Exam?

Due to the delay of the July 2020 bar exam in many states, results may be released around Election Day. This will overlap with many fall 2020 bar exam results being released. To talk about both, we answer the question did Kamala Harris fail the bar exam, and what happens if I do too?

Did Kamala Harris Fail The Bar Exam?

Yes, it is true Kamala Harris failed the bar exam the first time she took it. After graduating from the University of California, Hastings College of Law in 1989, she sat for the California Bar Exam. She failed it the first time she took it. She sat and passed on her next attempt, and was admitted to the California bar in 1990.

We are not writing this post to criticize Kamala Harris. In fact, we want to do the exact opposite! She’s gone on to achieve great things after passing on her second attempt. She served as California Attorney General, and also represented California in the U.S. Senate. She may very well become the Vice President of the United States. Your major takeaway should be that failing the bar exam is not a career-killer. You can still have a great and successful career if you fail the bar exam Plenty of famous and incredibly successful people, including Michelle Obama President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, failed the bar exam the first time they took it.

In fact, in some jurisdictions, more people fail than pass the bar exam. For example, California’s pass rate for all takers in 2019 was 43%. So while you may really want to pass the first time, the odds may be against you. However, even if you do fail, your reaction will be key to how your future plays out. Yes, give yourself some time to grieve, but then evaluate your performance, see how you can improve, and start studying again. We have several free resources to help guide you. including, but not limited to:

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So, even if you fail the bar exam, don’t give up hope! There’s no reason you cannot rebound, change your approach, pass the bar exam, and move on into even greater things!

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