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Spring Break during law school

Can I Go On Spring Break During Law School?

By now you may be thinking about making plans for Spring Break!  In this post, we discuss whether you are able to go on Spring Break during law school!

Can I Go On Spring Break During Law School?

If you are wondering if you can go on Spring Break during law school, the short answer is “yes!”  Students often ask what most students do during Spring Break: do other students take a vacation like college students?  Or are law students using the time to study?  How you should spend your week is depending on a lot of factors that are personal to each person, but here are some things that should be taken into consideration:

 Consult Your School’s Calendar

Most colleges and universities typically give students a one-week break sometime around March, which is usually referred to as “Spring Break.”  However, not all law schools follow the same academic calendar as the undergraduate schools.  And, if your school does not follow a “traditional” academic calendar, you also might not see this break.  So, before you book any plane tickets, it is a good idea to double-check that your school has a Spring Break!

You may also want to consult with your school to see if they offer any programs or activities during Spring Break.  As your academic career is winding down and you are preparing to enter the workforce full-time, this could be your last opportunity to participate in events and programs that are designed specifically for college students, such as volunteer trips or programs.

How Can You Spend The Week?

There is no “right” answer to the question of what you should do with your Spring Break during law school.  Some students need the break from classes and benefit most by going on a vacation (or going home if they don’t live near the school they attend).  Others might need to spend the week studying, catching up, and preparing for final exams. Otherwise, they’ll feel stressed because they were not “productive.”  What you should do during your spring break should be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Try to think about yourself and what would be most beneficial to allow you to power through another two months of classes and final exams.

You Don’t Have To Decide Now!

It might be a good idea to just keep your options open and decide whether you should take a vacation once you see how the semester is going.  Maybe one of your Winter Semester classes ends up being more difficult than you originally expected.  Or you landed an internship or part-time job that you didn’t expect to get and, as a result, have not had as much time available to study as you would have liked.  As you get nearer to Spring Break, a trip booked might stress you out! Why? Many people don’t think until the last minute about what they’ll fall behind on!  Be sure to evaluate whether your schedule is light enough that taking a week off won’t throw off your success for the semester!

Give Yourself A Small Break

Even if you decide not to take a week-long vacation, you should at least give yourself a few days off from thinking about law school to relax and recharge.  Maybe you take a long weekend trip somewhere, or just have a “stay-cation” and relax at home binging Netflix and reading a non-law school book!  After Spring Break is over, the semester often accelerates at full steam until final exams are over, and you need to be as prepared as possible to handle the workload!

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