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Examplify to Write Law School

5 Tips on How To Use Examplify to Write Law School Exams

In addition to civil procedure, torts, and other foundational areas of the law, your 1L classes will teach you how to think like a lawyer. However, your classes won’t necessarily teach you how to prepare for your exams or how to use your school’s exam software. While we have plenty of advice on how to write a good exam answer, today we want to share five tips on how to use Examplify, a common test-taking computer software, to write law school exams.

5 Tips on How To Use Examplify to Write Law School Exams

1. Install and Register Examplify Well in Advance

If your school uses Examplify to write law school exams, the last thing you want to do is use precious time to download and install the program on test day. Instead, do so well in advance. If you run into any issues, you’ll have plenty of time to troubleshoot!

If you got a new computer before this exam period, even if you are familiar with Examplify, rememebr to install the software ahead of the exam. Don’t be caught off guard.

2. If Possible, Take a Mock Exam

Unless you’ve used Examplify in the past, the program may look strange at first. We recommend taking a practice exam in advance to get familiar with the system. If you know the format of your exam, you should try to take a mock exam in each of those formats (essay, short answer, multiple-choice).

3. Carefully Follow Instructions

Above all, make sure you carefully follow instructions on test day. Most importantly, start and turn in the exam at the correct times. If your professor has a word limit, make sure you don’t go over. You can use Examplify to check your word count by clicking the paper symbol next to the character count. If you’re wondering how long a particular piece of your answer is, you can highlight it then click the paper symbol to find out.

4. Use the Tools Available on Examplify

Depending on the type of question, the answer choice field will look different. For essay questions, Examplify offers a few tools to help you stay on track while you write. By clicking the blue square in the upper right corner, you can maximize the answer text field. You can also change the font size and type to make writing easier. Your professor may also choose to enable options to copy and paste text or use the spell check feature.

5. If You Have a Technical Issue, Don’t Panic

With emotions running high, it is easy to get stressed out during an exam. If you run into a technical issue with Examplify, do not panic. Follow your school’s procedure for reporting an issue and rest assured that your issue will be resolved. Be sure to look this up in advance! Don’t wait until there’s a problem to have to figure out how to solve it. Always have a backup plan ready and it will help make you more confident going into exam day!

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