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Bar Exam Tutoring Testimonials

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I highly recommend JD Advising and their tutoring services for the bar exam. I started bar prep a little bit late and was not doing well on practice tests. About a month before the exam, I reached out to JD Advising about tutoring. They set me up with a time with Ambika immediately. We focused on the topics I was confused about and went over the nuisances that the bar exam tests. She was able to explain to me what the bar exam looks for in their answers. One session cleared up all of my confusion. The first session went so well that I even booked a second session to work on another subject area I struggled with. Thanks to JD Advising, I felt more prepared and I even scored a 302 on the UBE exam on my first try! Thank you Ambika and JD Advising! - Feb 2021 Oregon UBE Taker

I recently found out that I passed the bar exam on my fifth try and I am so grateful to Meagan and JD Advising for helping me finally get over the hump! The first two times I took the bar exam, I relied heavily on a popular “big box” bar prep company. On my third try, I realized that I probably needed a more individualized approach. Although I was able to find a tutor to help me with the written portion, the tutor I attempted to hire for the MBE fell through so I had to self-study. While studying on my own, I came across JD Advising’s MBE Guide and found it extremely helpful. The guide did a great job of breaking down the most testing subjects and was very easy to follow. After failing the bar exam for a third time, I decided to sign up for MBE tutoring with JD Advising. I initially worked with Heather on one subject and she did a great job of explaining topics to me that I had struggled with in law school. When I decided that I wanted to work with JD Advising for the 7 other MBE subjects as well, I was paired with Meagan. Meagan is awesome! She really walked me through the topics I was having trouble with and helped me solidify my knowledge on the subjects that I knew but needed to become more confident in. She was able to give me real-world examples which helped me remember nuances much better. In addition to helping me with the MBE subject matter, Meagan also gave me tips on strategy for both the MBE and the written portions of the exam. She was always available to answer my questions and gave me encouragement along the way. Just like the MBE Guide, I found the outline provided by JD Advising to be very straight-forward and not as confusing as some other commercial outlines I had purchased. Although I ended up failing the exam again on my fourth try, my overall score improved by 25 points and I only missed passing by 8 points. Thanks to JD Advising, I believed for the first time that passing was possible for me. I worked with Meagan again for my hardest subject as I prepared for my fifth try. I continued to study using the techniques Meagan taught me and I was able to pass my exam with 14 points to spare! I wish I had found JD Advising much sooner but I am glad that I found them when I did!  - February 2021 UBE Examinee

If I knew then what I know now, I would have went straight to JD Advising instead of taking those other commercial courses to prepare for the bar exam! Thanks to Ambika I finally passed — on my fifth attempt.

I had previously used commercial courses, but the outlines were long, dense and overwhelming, so I had trouble understanding and memorizing everything I needed to know. The numerous video lectures also didn’t match my learning style and left me little time to tackle the myriad other tasks that were scheduled each day. After three failed bar exams using these courses, I realized that I needed a tutor to help me understand what I was doing wrong. I tried a particular tutor and while it was helpful, the result was the same as before: another failed exam. At that point, I turned to JD Advising because I had used its free MPRE materials to pass the MPRE. I specifically asked about its tutoring services, and I liked what I heard, so I took the plunge. It was a bit pricey, but it was well worth the money.

What makes JD Advising so great? First, its outlines are simply the best! I cannot overstate this. There is an outline for each MBE and MEE subject, and each outline emphasizes the highly tested areas in plain language with plenty of visuals to further enhance understanding. Each outline also includes mini outlines and numerous references to scenarios that have popped up on previous exams. Instead of giving you every bit of law that might possibly pop up on the exam, JD Advising focuses instead on what is tested the most and lets you know when material has never been tested or hasn’t been tested for a long time.

Second, Ambika was an awesome tutor! She created a study plan that was ideal for a married father of two daughters who works full time and doesn’t have all day to study. She knew the material inside and out, and offered numerous tips on things that tend to trip up test-takers. Her thorough feedback helped me to improve my essays and become more proficient at answering MBE questions. Most importantly, Ambika was patient, friendly and answered all of my many questions. She celebrated with me when I did things well and encouraged me when things didn’t go well, but she also knew when I needed a kick in the rear!

I will always be grateful to Ambika and JD Advising for helping me to successfully close this chapter of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ambika to anyone who wants to pass the bar exam and achieve their dreams! -Feb 2021 Hawaii Exam Taker

The day that I failed the bar exam in October of 2020, my mom somehow found JD Advising online. She sat on her phone and read through testimonial after testimonial for Ambika and told me that she would help me pay for it and that that's who she thought I should tutor with. After reading through the major leaps and bounds those who had tutored with Ambika made, I was sold. Especially knowing that I needed a leap to pass the Colorado bar exam.

My total UBE score the first time around was 258. And I felt pretty crippled by the fact that I did not even do well enough to pass in any UBE states. I did not score great on either the MBE or the written portion, scoring a 130.10 on the MBE and a 127.40 on the written portion. I was historically a terrible test taker, but believed that by getting through well over 75% of my bar prep course (which markets a high bar passage rate for those who complete at least 75%) and the grace of God I would pass. I was wrong. When I sat for the bar in July, I had given up on Property, I was pretty confused about Con Law, and could not keep many of the Civil Procedure rules straight. I was also terrible with timing and the entire exam seemed foreign to me. The real MBE looked very different from the MBE practice exams on my bar prep course, and even the essays were oddly worded. I felt like a fish out of water, and clearly I was.

When studying for the second time, I relied heavily on the tips, pointers, and resources I received from Ambika. I knew I had to study differently this time around, and thank God for JD Advising because I studied differently and in the right way. I did 4 tutoring sessions total with Ambika focused on Property, Con Law, Civ Pro, and Evidence. After my first property session I started feeling like maybe I could pass the exam. Ambika helped me understand a subject I had given up on all the way back in 1L, and through her kind and patient tutoring, the JD Advising outlines, and one-sheets I learned the subject of Property. Each subject that followed was the same, and not only did Ambika help me with the subjects that I paid for, but she also helped me with other areas I had questions on. There were a number of trick questions in multiple subjects that I had simply given up on before, and with Ambika's help carefully breaking down questions and their answer choices and having me learn and try them on my own in practice with her, I figured these questions out.

With my writing, Ambika was able to break down my essays and point out the key tips that would get me extra points even before getting into the rules and the writing. After learning a good structure from her, and with knowing the law much better this time around my writing score improved immensely. Finally, one of Ambika's best suggestions was for me to get Adaptibar. The questions on my bar prep course were still so different from actual bar exam questions. When I sat for the bar the second time, I felt calm and prepared. Even though I was anxious in the months leading up the results, I knew I did better leaving the bar exam this time around.

I improved an entire 27 points the second time around, going up from a 258 my first time to a 285 my second time around. My MBE went up to a 142.70 and my written portion went up to a 141.90, making it possible for me to practice law in all UBE states with my new score. Ambika is kind, patient, brilliant, knows the material inside and out, and is the best tutor I have ever had. I would highly recommend Ambika and JD Advising to anyone studying for the bar exam. - Feb 2021 Colorado UBE Taker

I have recently passed the CA Bar. This was my second attempt taking the exam and I have felt better prepared this time all thanks to JD Advising.

There are a few reasons why I would recommend JD Advising.

First, the attitude - Ashely and the rest of the crew are simply awesome! Their explanations are great, easy to understand and follow. Also, it seems like Ashely had experienced every tort issue herself, directly or indirectly, which adds color to the lessons in the form of hilarious stories :)

Second, the material - the outlines are great, they provide great explanations, and are filled only with the necessary details.

Third, the plan - the instructors don't sugarcoat their plan, they explain plain and simple that in order to succeed one must memorize the outlines, all of the outlines, not a short version of them. Though it is hard to digest and to do, it was the main reason why I was successful in passing the bar this time.

Lastly, a personal touch - JD Advising is relatively new and smaller than its competitors. But, they provide more personal communication with their students. I felt like they cared about me, and they were there when I needed them. In the beginning, I was hesitant to spend a relatively large amount of money on another bar prep program, as opposed to take a known previous program for less, but it was worth every penny. I couldn't recommend JD Advising more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - February 2021 California Examinee


First and foremost, I want to address Meagan Jabbori’s excellence in what most students seek in determining which bar exam tutor to work with in preparing for the most significant exam of a lawyer’s life - understanding the structure of the bar exam and improving one’s score. Simply - Meagan Jabbori helped me improve my UBE score by a remarkable 51 points. Yes, 51 points. After years of academia, I can confidently say that Meagan was by far the best instructor I have ever had. Her command of the law and mastery of the bar exam is unmatched. The bar exam requires strategy and precision, both of which Meagan taught me in a clear and methodical way for the MBE, MEE, and MPT. Understanding what you need to focus on is paramount as it is easy to get stuck on areas of law or parts of the exam that are less significant than others. Meagan helped me do just that. Preparing for the bar exam requires a personalized schedule, something one won’t have access to in a “big box” bar course, which I engaged prior to working with Meagan to no avail. This schedule needs to be amended countless times as the exam date nears. Meagan worked tirelessly to help me maintain a structured schedule. Amongst help from Meagan in every other way, this structure greatly contributed to my success. JD Advising’s materials are also exceptional. Meagan knows them inside and out. They are second nature to her. You can expect quick responses and accurate, efficient answers to your questions without second-guessing a drop of advice. I am beyond grateful to have found and worked with Meagan. She is patient, kind, thorough, and brilliant. Without the slightest of reservations, I could not possibly recommend her to a greater extent. Thank you, Meagan - I could not have done this without you! - February 2020 NY UBE Taker
I HIGHLY recommend Heather Buck and JD Advising for bar preparation assistance. I was lucky enough to have my law school introduce me to JD Advising and assist with the cost (and I highly recommend that everyone reach out to their law school for similar assistance). I took the October 2020 bar in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and just a few months after unexpectedly losing a parent. I initially dreaded the thought of bar prep and had no interest in beginning the journey. I did not begin to enjoy studying until my sessions with Heather. She is so darn AWESOME. Working with Heather was the best part of my bar prep journey. I truly looked forward to our sessions – believe it or not, they were actually fun. Heather was thoughtful in preparing for sessions, attentive to my needs, and made really difficult concepts understandable. She helped with MBE, MEE, and MPT preparation and gave me the skills I need to succeed – not busy work. I was blown away by her knowledge and how easy it was to work with her. No question was ever too dumb and we reviewed things I had a hard time with over and over until I got it. My confidence increased and I actually felt more prepared as time went on. I passed the bar exam on my first try with a score high enough to pass in any UBE jurisdiction. I sent Heather a personal thank you on the day that I passed the bar (before even telling my best friends and some family members) and applauded her for the incredible work that she does. The bar exam – like many other things in the field of law – is often a barrier to entry for graduates, especially graduates of color. But people like Heather go above and beyond to ensure that all students have the tools necessary to jump over that last hurdle on the first attempt. And that is priceless. I’d like to wrap up by encouraging anyone who is on the fence to go for it! It is worth every penny. After investing tons of time and money in law school, it’d be silly not to invest fully in your bar prep. To succeed on the first try is such a wonderful feeling. There is nothing like having one-on-one help for the bar and I truly believe it is the secret to passing on the first try. Go for it and good luck! - October 2020 UBE Examinee

I had the amazing opportunity to take tutoring sessions with Ambika for a number of UBE subjects, including Real Property and Wills & Trusts. I failed by 4 points initially (with a score of 262), and as I was a repeat taker, I had pressure/anxiety to sit for the bar exam again. However, as a result of the incredibly helpful and well-organized tutoring sessions with Ambika, I passed the NY Bar exam with a score of 278. It is a huge jump from the score I initially received, and it qualifies me to be licensed in 35 UBE jurisdictions. I am really grateful for the excellent job Ambika did to help me identify my weaknesses and strengths quickly and to guide me through the challenges I was encountering. Ambika carefully reviewed my essays and MPTs from the previous exam and gave me invaluable feedback about how I could improve my score. Ambika was well-prepared for each tutoring session with me, and not a second of our time was wasted. We would cover every critical subtopic for a targeted subject. She even took the time to look over a few additional essays for me and broke down the issues that were most likely to be tested on the February 2020 exam (and most of them did show up on the exam!). Also, when I told Ambika that I was using Adaptibar for MBE practice, she explained how to best use that platform so that I could focus on the most highly tested subtopics. The amount and the quality of support you receive from Ambika are the best and make you feel valued. Besides, I have to confess that JD Advising has the best materials I have ever seen. The outlines cover exactly what you need to pass the bar exam. The thing I especially liked about the outlines is that they link rules to the specific MEE Essays that were tested, and this makes reviewing the rules super easy. I would recommend Ambika, and in general, JD Advising for anyone who is either the first-time taker (so you do not fail) or a repeat taker (so you do not repeat it)! - February 2020 UBE Examinee


I hope all is well. I just wanted to reach out to you and give you a big THANK YOU!!! The MBE course and your helpful hints helped to increase my MBE score by 10 points and I am EXTREMELY happy to announce that I passed the SC bar exam!! I have told ALL of my fellow bar takers who were not successful and has an issue with the MBE to take your course! Again I thank you so much for all of your help and for answering all of my pesky little questions. Your program ROCKS!!!!! - February 2020 UBE Taker

I would highly recommend Jonathan and JD Advising. I was a third time bar taker working full-time and at the end of my rope. I desperately needed help to raise my MBE scores so I signed up for the private tutoring. Jonathan was so patient in answering all my questions and providing me with a strategy for studying so that I could manage working full-time and studying. After my first session I noticed a dramatic improvement in my understanding of the law and my MBE scores started improving dramatically. The outlines provided by JD Advising were outstanding and made such a difference in helping me understand and remember the law. Working with Jonathan and JD Advising was the best decision I ever made! I would highly recommend the private tutoring and Johnathan as a tutor. THANK YOU JD Advising!  -February 2020 Michigan examinee

This was my first time taking the Bar Exam. I graduated from Detroit Mercy Law School in May 2020. I was a student representative for Barbri, and thus received a Barbri Bar Review Course for 100% off. However, knowing the difficulty of this exam, I decided to “get it right” the first time and enrolled in the JD Advising On Demand Course. I was thoroughly satisfied with the On Demand course, but given the changes to the Bar Exam in Michigan this year, I sought private sessions with Megan Jabbori to focus on my essay writing skills.

Evidently, the course and the sessions were worth every penny as I was able to pass the Michigan Bar Exam with a score of 156. Notably, I received three 10s, three 9s, and two 8s on my score report. Megan Jabbori was especially helpful in preparing me to receive the high scores on my essay section. She was very up front with regard to how essays are scored, she helped explain concepts that I needed a to give a little more attention to, and the sessions were very tailored to my individual needs.

Overall, I would highly recommend my friends to go with JD Advising for their Bar Exam Review course. The outlines were second-to-none, especially in Michigan, and the analysis provided on frequency of topics tested were very helpful in my preparation for the exam. - July 2020 Michigan Examinee

After failing the July 2019 NY Bar Exam, a friend recommended I use JD Advising for private tutoring sessions. After only minutes into my first tutoring session with Ambika, it was evident that she was going to be a tremendous help. Ambika not only helped me understand the substantive law but also provided me with various “tips and tricks” that were important to my success on both the essays and the MBE. She also made my studying efficient by explaining what topics within each area of the law were the more heavily tested topics. Ambika was also extremely accommodating with respect to my schedule, and always promptly responded to my email questions (of which there were many!). The results speak for themselves: the first time I sat for the bar exam, in July 2019, I scored a failing 256. The second time I sat for the bar exam, in February 2020, and after working with Ambika, I scored a 297 (an increase of 41 points!) My score is beyond passing in every UBE jurisdiction. I would highly recommend working with Ambika to both first-time and repeat bar exam takers. I couldn’t have done this without her. - February 2020 NY Bar Exam Examinee

Ryan helped me with my approach. My essay scores are what made the difference between passing and not. My February 2020 score in fact was a 284!! A 34 point jump from the July 2018 score.

I genuinely believe that the reason I got the scores I did is that I stuck to the strategies we talked about. applied your strategies with staying organized and starting from the basics and working my way into more in-depth analysis. The best thing about this score is that it’s good for admission in any UBE jurisdiction, which, quite frankly, is something I did not expect to accomplish even with the help of a tutor. - February 2020 UBE Taker

I just wanted to say 'thank you.' I've taken the bar exam 4.5 times (the 1/2 is for the time I sat for just the MBE) with my first bar exam (in VA July 2017) being a 106 MBE | 108 Essay (...yea, I know - I have crippling test anxiety my law school multiple-choice tests were horrible). Last Friday, I passed with a 282 Written Component Scaled Score: 149.69999999999999 | MBE Scaled Score: 132 | UBE Scaled Score: 282 (see email below).

*This is a long story* but I first looked into your company in late May of 2018, after I failed the Virginia bar exam for the second time (108 MBE|150.1 Essay -  a 134 total | 140 is passing in VA). I had to resign from my firm job and get a legal job that didn't require a license. My weakness was (and still is) the MBE.

After my third failure - this time in DC (121.9 MBE | 135.6 MPT/MEE = 258), I decided to bank my passing MEE/MPT score (which DC allows) and retake just the MBE in July of 2019. I'd ordered JD Advising One-Sheets (just one week before the bar, smh) so I was familiar with the company and decided to hire a JD Advising tutor - and got paired with Jeff.

I would like to take a moment to praise Jeff. He was the first person to tell me that I was capable of raising my MBE score. Before him, I was told that my scores were too low to overcome and that I should just give up. Jeff went through questions with me and really helped me figure out my weaknesses. He encouraged me and told me that it was clear that I knew the law but was overthinking my responses. I went into the MBE feeling like I was actually capable.

But...I still didn't pass and only got a 124.9 on my July 2019 MBE.

In December of 2019, I decided to sit for both days of the exam...again. But this time I decided to tackle things differently. Emotionally and strategically. I have worked full time during every bar prep but the 1st (and then I only stopped working 1 month before the 2017 exam). I told no one at work - they still don't know. But I woke up at 6am and studied until 9:30am and ubered to work by 10am (sometimes 10:30, tbh). I did MBE questions on my lunch break and practiced essays covertly at work and at night. Weekends I was a shut-in and did nothing but bar prep - even when I got really sick at the beginning of February with a nasty upper respiratory infection.

I ordered your One sheets in Feb 2019 - but only a week before the 3rd exam. This time, I used your One sheets for the whole of my essay prep and memorized them to the best of my ability. I used BarMax to answer even more MBE questions this time, while using my notes from my sessions with Jeff as my guide. I took off just the two days of the exam, and went back to work on Thursday.

Fast forward to last Friday, and I passed! Needless to say I was...and am SHOCKED. I went from a 106 to a 132 MBE. That might not be an impressive score, but I'm blown away. The bar prep process can be rather cookie cutter and figuring out what went wrong can take time for me. I made a lot of mistakes. I wanted to rely on my writing abilities because I've never been great at multiple-choice.

This profession prides itself on brilliance and first-time perfection, so I get that my story is shameful and ridiculous to a lot of people. Some may think I'm lazy or too stupid and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I still feel a lot of shame about it.

My old boss said the bar exam is like a bad boyfriend who makes you feel horrible about yourself. The more you fail, the more you identify as a failure. Unlearning that was another process all together...and this email is already too long! If I'm honest, without unlearning that mindset I would have never passed.

But I wanted to tell you all of this so my 'thank you' has context. JD Advising has been invaluable to me and I just wanted to say that. Your one sheets gave focus to my rambling (like now, lol!) writing. Barmax is great for barebones outlines but I sent for my JD Advising outlines from last summer and used them for clarity in both by MBE and essay prep. Your MPT blog guidance was essential and I used it to structure the practice MPTs I made myself do every other week using BarMax materials.

Jeff is awesome! He is incredibly knowledgeable and competent, he is no BS while being encouraging and pushing his students. I used the notes from our sessions and I could not have improved without them.

Thank you for creating this excellent company. I have (it feels like) bought EVERY bar product in existence and hired another tutor before Jeff (who didn't have much hope for my MBE improving).In the end, it was a combination of addressing my crippling test anxiety, failure mentality, studying right for me and really great help and resources. - February 2020 UBE Taker

When I received California Bar results last November and found out that I did not pass, I was devastated. After doing some research, I came across JD Advising. From the initial consultation, they were extremely compassionate and addressed every one of my concerns. I was then connected with Ambika, who sat down with me and discussed my score report in detail. She not only discussed strategies and suggestions for the next exam, but also provided detailed feedback on my bar essays, which I found to be invaluable. Throughout the study period, Ambika made sure to touch base regularly and answer my questions or address any concerns. With her help and the JD Advising California One Sheets (which I also highly recommend), I was able to pass the California Bar exam on my second try even though the overall pass rate was only 26.8%. Thank you Ambika and JD Advising, I cannot thank you enough! - February 2020 California Examinee

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with JD Advising’s materials, staff, and entire program.

JD Advising’s outlines are the best of any I saw or used during bar prep. The material is condensed into a format that isn’t overwhelming, but still covers every single piece of law necessary to succeed on the bar exam. They are structured in a way to help you actually absorb the information, and you never feel like you’re studying useless material. The outlines are filled with real examples from past exams, and helpful mnemonic devices to aid in memorization! The outlines also show you when and how many times each subject has been tested, so you can spend your valuable time wisely. Another important tool was the MBE QBank, which had a plethora of practice MBE questions. They were all real bar exam questions, which was such great practice compared to other bar reviews that use questions they create on their own.

The one-on-one essay tutoring sessions were incredibly helpful and informative. I was able to ask any questions I had about the material, go through major topics and key points, and work on real problems that had been tested on past exams. These sessions really helped narrow down important, highly-tested areas of the law. When the sessions were over, I always felt comfortable with the subject we went over and confident in my preparation moving forward.

My tutor was always available to answer questions via email about any topic I was studying after our sessions! Her essay feedback was extremely helpful and definitely made a huge difference in the scores I was getting during essay practice. She was not only knowledgeable about the subject matter, but really cared about how my preparation was going. She supported and encouraged me throughout the entire process!

I honestly can’t recommend JD Advising enough. The program is unmatched and worth every penny. I was a second time bar exam taker when I came to JD Advising. My overall bar exam score went up from a 126 to a 143. My essay score alone went from a scaled score of 123 to a 152. The first time I took the bar exam I didn’t get a 10 on any of the essays, but the second time I scored a 10 on multiple essays. I only wish I would have done JD Advising before I took the bar exam the first time around! - February 2020 Michigan bar Exam Taker

Meagan is quite possibly one of the best teachers that I have had during my entire academic career. I had Meagan as a tutor for a “high stakes” MPRE exam. Initially, I had planned on self-studying and then taking a session to review with her the week prior to the exam. As the exam approached, I took a practice exam and I scored very poorly. Meagan was able to fit me in during her schedule (at this point I only had a week or two before the exam and my score was lower than I wanted). Meagan took the time to really understand which learning technique worked best for me and she created a study schedule for me. We worked together for 3 sessions and Meagan was able to take me from a near passing (almost failing) score to a passing score in just 2 sessions. With her tutoring and counseling (building up my confidence) I was able to walk in and out of the exam with a sense of relief. When I found out my score a few weeks later, I learned my score was high enough to be transferred to any jurisdiction.

I also had the pleasure having Meagan as a teacher in the UBE course. I have never had a teacher who was able to explain some of the most complicated law that was tested on the exam in such a simple and straightforward way. As someone who has taken the bar more than once, Meagan’s style of teaching made the course easy to follow, interesting and lively. Even after barely having the confidence to study for the exam again after failing (and after barely having the energy to study after work day at a grueling NYC-finance job) I actually looked forward to her sessions. I looked forward to them because her session were upbeat, lively, and easy to understand. Most of all, her patience is unparalleled. She answered student questions during class and throughout the course in a clear and thoughtful manner. Meagan’s personality allows you to feel comfortable asking questions and she never makes you feel like it was a silly question to ask. She is very smart and knows the law incredibly well – so when you ask a question or confuse issues, she knows exactly what area to guide you towards and will tell you exactly what you need to memorize or review.

Beyond being able to explain the law seamlessly, Meagan is also skilled at creating a study plan tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Meagan helps you attack the exam from several aspects – understanding the law, prioritizing with the time that you have, what to do the days leading up to the exam, and the day of the exam.

I am so thankful for JD Advising and for connecting me with Meagan. She truly has a skill and patience for teaching. I can’t recommend her enough! - February 2020 UBE Taker

I passed the bar with the help of JD Advising! In Feb 2020, I was a repeat taker in Michigan. I failed the July 2019 bar by 5 points (cumulative score). After taking JD Advising in the summer, I knew I needed more personalized help to pass. I focused on my weakest bar subjects with only 2 tutoring sessions . Heather broke the outlines down piece by piece. She answered any questions that I had. She even answered questions for subjects that I did not request to be apart of my tutoring session. Due to the guidance of JD Advising, my essay score improved by 28 points!!!!!!!! I am a lawyer today because of the great instruction of JD Advising. - February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Passer

I highly recommend working with Ambika and the JD Advising team. Their outlines are fantastic and exactly what you need to prepare for the bar exam: concise, to the point, without unnecessary explanations. I used another course in the beginning and felt overwhelmed with the volume of outlines and the unrealistic study schedule. JD Advising provides you with just one booklet of material per topic that is sufficient to prepare you both for the MBE and/or the MEE portion of the exam. For the areas that I felt I needed more help with, I worked with Ambika who’s fantastic at patiently breaking down complicated concepts until you feel confident about that topic. She’s also accessible via email and answers questions as needed. For me, Ambika was more than a tutor. Throughout the process, she became a genuine friend. I was able to call her when I felt overwhelmed and she always patiently listened and genuinely tried to make me feel positive again. Working with Ambika, I saw a substantial difference in my scores after each tutorial session. Ambika also provided me with a realistic and flexible study plan tailored to my needs and weaknesses/strengths. She’s incredibly professional, caring, and knows the bar exam and the topics inside out. My score increased by 38 points! I can’t say enough good words about working with Ambika!! I’m very happy that I chose to work with Ambika and JD Advising and I highly recommend them to anyone preparing for the bar exam. - February 2020 UBE Passer
I have taken the Bar Exam twice because I didn’t pass the first time. Matt’s tutoring focused on building my confidence that I knew the material. He gave me techniques to help break down my “overthinking” and “making the question harder than it was.” We worked specifically on two of my weakest subjects. Matt gave me nice encouragement and was patient with me. I would recommend him to everyone who needs a tutor for the UBE. The JD outlines were easy to follow and great for memorization. I used a lot of the phrasing of the rule statements in those outlines when writing my essay answers. Specifically, I liked the Real Property outline and the drawing of how the easements work. It added a more visual learning experience than my bar prep did. Overall, my scores improved drastically. I scored a 256 on the UBE my first go around, and needed a 276 to pass. I ended up scoring a 281 this time. My essays were my saving grace because I could better issue spot after working with Matt. - February 2020 UBE Taker

I highly recommend JD Advising for UBE bar prep! As a first time taker, I knew I wanted a bar prep experience that went beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of the big box bar prep companies. Having had such a positive, personalized experience with Ambika, as my JD Advising legal writing tutor during law school and as my MPRE tutor, I decided to sign up for the JD Advising Premium Plus UBE prep course (which included 14 hours of one-on-one tutoring with Ambika). Although a big investment, I reasoned that investing upfront would reduce my odds of becoming a repeat taker as I would have a highly personalized experience, ongoing accessibility and accountability with my instructors and focus the bulk of my study on highly tested subjects most likely to be tested on the February 2020 exam.

JD Advising’s prep course offered tri-weekly small, online group lectures covering each subject in-depth with the opportunity to ask questions as the material was presented. Each week, the course instructors also verbally and visually worked through MEE and/or MBE questions in real-time which helped me develop a consistent strategy and approach to each and every question. Instructors also spent ample time on MPT strategies, emphasizing the opportunities to increase your overall UBE score which are often neglected.

I can’t thank Ambika enough for her support and encouragement during such an intense process. I am so grateful to her for her instruction! She made a tough process a lot easier to handle. She helped me figure out which topics and issues to focus on and clearly and promptly answered any questions that I was unsure on in every subject. In addition, she helped me created an efficient study plan and cheered me up when I got discouraged. I appreciate her so much!

Although the assignments and pace were both rigorous and demanding, my hard work paid off and I passed the February 2020 examination with an MBE score of 144 and a written score of 156.9 for a total score of 301 – which is passing score in every UBE jurisdiction! Thank you Ambika, Rosie, and everyone at JD Advising for your instruction and support! You guys are terrific! - February 2020 UBE Taker

I would highly recommend JD Advising to anyone taking the bar exam- far superior to the commercial review courses. I only wish I had found them my first time around! My scores were always about eight-ten points shy of passing, but my MBE score needed improvement. I did one private tutoring session with James and it really gave me the confidence and push I needed. The outline was so manageable and leaps and bounds better than any material Barbri provided. James answered all my questions and went through the outline with me in a way that helped me hone in on what was most important. He also provided little tips for memorizing certain tests. James graded and provided feedback on two essays which was very helpful.

Even though I only did one session/subject, I was able to use what I learned and apply it to other subjects to study smarter, not harder. This was crucial as I had an infant and could not devote endless hours to studying. With the help of JD Advising and James, my MBE score went up 23 points and I now have a passing UBE score in every UBE jurisdiction! - February 2020 UBE Examinee

The team and tools provided by JD Advising (JDA) offer the very best opportunity to pass the bar exam. I sat for four bar exams (NC & FL) prior to signing on with JDA. My highest MBE was a 136 and my essay responses were deficient. MY UBE score after working with JDA’s Jonathan Jones was a 281 (134.3 MEE/MPT & 146.6 MBE). Jonathan dispelled my belief that my previous lack of success was due to poor test-taking skills and assured me that if I followed the JDA method and schedule I would improve and likely pass. Previously, I had used Barbri and Kaplan and found their grading lacking in sustenance to help me improve. In contrast, Jonathan would encourage me to read through the JDA outlines, memorize the highly tested subsections, and then write an essay response. The JDA outlines were so intuitive and easy to read because of the highlighting of important areas. I know the pain and disappointment of not passing the bar exam. Walking out of the final day of the exam after working with JDA, I was confident I had passed; the only question was by how much. My goal in writing this review is to help you, a future attorney, bypass all the obstacles to success by reassuring you that if you are reading this review you have found the right resource in JD Advising. - February 2020 UBE Examinee

With Ambika’s help, I passed the first time that I took the uniform bar exam this February 2020. I desired bar tutoring, because I failed to gain a solid grasp of legal concepts throughout law school. In law school, my grades were poor, and I struggled with personal issues at the time which impeded my learning of the law. I’ve had many tutors in the past for various reasons, and without a doubt, Ambika is one of the best, for many reasons.

A few include: 1) Prioritization and Focus. Ambika was able to strategically hone-in on priority testing areas, enabling me to use my time and energies wisely on areas that would most certainly be tested to likely-tested areas. She would steer me away from areas where I may have unnecessarily spent useful time in studying, if it was unlikely to show up on the exam. Undoubtedly, her ability to strategize and direct me in study methods proved invaluable to acing the bar.

2) Sheer Knowledge. Ambika knew the JD Advantage materials almost verbatim. Her breadth and depth of knowledge about the UBE, subject matter being tested, how to write effective essays to the MEEs, and even knowing what the MBE questions were testing without preparation helped use our time most efficiently. I could ask most any substantive bar-related question and have the confidence that Ambika could assist. Ambika could anticipate my complex questions, she could target my problem areas before I could explain where I was failing, and her explanations led to the direct and immediate improvement of my scores. I would see an increase in MBE performance from 35% to 75% in each subject after most sessions.

3) “Charades” with bar exam rules. Aka “guess what I am trying to say (in reference to legal concepts).” Oftentimes, I would remember only a certain phrase or part of a rule while performing the MBE and attempting to explain my reasoned answers – with Ambika’s wealth of knowledge, she would be able to guess correctly what I was trying to refer to – even if I did not know which subject matter (for instance, Torts or Crim) I was referring to, or what rule. Her depth of knowledge assisted greatly when I would apply a piece of knowledge I had read, perhaps incorrectly. Ambika could “fill in the gaps” to my knowledge, understand how I interpreted the rule, how I applied it, how to correct an application or understanding of the rule. She could then show me the page where the rule was located, in one of the 7 outlines.

4) Ability to Triage. Because I was managing several personal issues, Ambika was able to triage the most important bar elements to focus on. Ambika anticipated most of the MEE subjects to be tested. She also provided PTs which showed up on the upcoming exam. During beginning practice sessions, I scored between 35-45% for most subjects on the MBE, had a difficult time with memorizing rules for the MEEs, and could not complete most of the timed PTs and MEE. But with Ambika’s tips and techniques, I passed the UBE for 30 U.S. jurisdictions on the first try.

All of the above reasons and more, are reasons I would highly-recommend Ambika as the most exemplary bar tutor.

I enjoyed JD Advising’s resources because the outline material and cheat sheets, which I used throughout bar prep, focused only on the most essential material that a test taker needs to know. The cheat sheets were also organized and color-blocked in an easy-to-skim and memorize way. I would absolutely recommend JD Advising’s services to friends who can afford the service because Ambika is a top-notch instructor at the top of her game. - February 2020 UBE Taker


I took the bar exam in Washington where the curve is notoriously steep. I studied with the blue box company and completed 98% of the assignments.  Nevertheless, I failed multiple times - by a long shot; I was basically in the bottom 10% of examinees for both the multiple-choice and the written portions.

The blue box overwhelmed me with boxes of dense content and endless assignments; I'll never forget the delivery man dropping off those heavy books in two boxes.  Additionally, their sample answers were cumbersome and nearly impossible to replicate.  Because of the overwhelming amount of content and endless assignments, it was challenging to see the ‘big picture.’

I contacted JD Advising after my second attempt because I was essentially in the bottom 10% of examinees.

I set up private tutoring sessions with Meagan. Meagan helped identify areas of weakness and we came up with a solid study plan to get my biggest bang for my buck.  As JD Advising says, ‘not every area of the law is treated equally.’ Meagan helped tailor sessions that were aligned with my study style.  We analyzed what went wrong, what went right and refined a study plan that worked for me.

JD Advising helped simplify the content in ways that resonated with my unique learning style (mostly auditory with some visual). The one-sheets and the other diagrams on the subject outlines were so helpful because they are straight-forward. I read content aloud with the rules, and it helped reinforce the necessary elements.  I attribute these study materials in helping me achieve MBE scores in the top 15% for torts and evidence.

I’m happy to report that I passed with 21 points to spare - a 291. This score is high enough to transfer my UBE score in every UBE jurisdiction!

My MBE increased +12-points from Feb., with a 21-point increase pre-JD Advising. My written portion is where I really excelled: compared to Feb., I increased by 21-points.  Compared to pre-JD Advising, there is a 41-point increase. In total, this was a 33-point increase from February and a 62-point overall increase from where I started with the blue box company.

If you are having trouble, save yourself the grief and spend the money to get help.  Meagan was not just a tutor; she helped me gain confidence and overcome the psychological aspect of this exam (If you’ve failed multiple times, you will know exactly what this means).

I consider Meagan a lifelong friend, and I hold the JD Advising team very dear to my heart. I would recommend JD Advising to anyone who wants to beat the bar exam – especially those who have unique learning styles & those who need clear and concise materials.

My only regret is not contacting JD Advising sooner. -July 2019 UBE Examinee

As a full time working lawyer and family father the bar exam was a huge challenge. Fortunately, I had my tutor Meagan Jabbori on my side. She helped me develop a strategic plan, how to most efficiently tackle the vast amount of material to learn. Furthermore, her insight to as how to approach both essay and MPT part of the exam in an outcome-oriented manner was incredibly valuable. The weekly meeting gave me full comfort as to where I stand, and Meagen identified meticulously my weak spots and had me work on them. Without Meagan Jabbori help, I can bluntly say, that I would not have passed the bar exam. It is with my full conviction that I recommend JD Advising to anyone he seeks target-oriented tutoring and general support for the bar exam.  - February 2019 UBE Taker

I took the bar exam three times. The third time, thanks to Ambika’s help, I scored 268. I met with her for three sessions and my score increased by 8 points. UBE tutoring is definitely what made a difference for me. When I took the bar previously, I failed by few points each time, even with a good MBE score. The third time, I worked on my weaknesses with Ambika, and got customized advice which were really helpful. I highly recommend working with Ambika! She is professional and keeps track of your progress. -February 2019 UBE Taker, passed on third attempt
I found the outlines to be immensely helpful and way more digestible than the large Barbri books I had. I also really appreciated Heather's help. She was so approachable and I felt like I could ask her any question without feeling dumb. She had practical advice for memorization and was easily accessible even on days when we didn't have sessions. She was also provided great emotional support--and I can't understate how helpful that was. I would recommend JD Advising to any student studying for the bar. - July 2019 UBE Taker

I absolutely cannot thank everyone at JD Advising enough for preparing me for the the February 2019 bar exam. I only wish I had found out about JD advising and invested wisely in my bar prep earlier.

When I reached out to JD advising, I had already failed the bar exam four times. I had tried a big box bar review course; completed 100% of the lectures handouts and more than a 1,000 MBE questions. However, I still felt unprepared. I also spent an additional 3,000 dollars for one-on-one tutoring with another bar review course, but my scores were dismal and I felt cheated. I had given up hope until a friend recommended JD Advising.

With Heather and JD advising, I did not waste time on lecture video after lecture video. I spent quality hours learning the material and identifying what I misunderstood. Each of our sessions occurred via Skype, which made our sessions together more productive. Heather’s tips and methods of explaining the topics I thought I understood were invaluable. She gave me great feedback on my essays, prepared me with homework sheets weekly to keep me on task, and even talked me off the ledge when I was in panic mode.

The outlines were phenomenal. The time and effort JD Advising has put into their outlines is unparalleled and it shows. JD Advising coupled with AdaptiBar’s online MBE questions, helped me pass the Alabama bar exam on the 5th try and a score increase of more than 30 points. Thank you again for helping my dreams come true! February 2019 UBE taker, as a fifth-time UBE taker

I am so grateful to JD Advising and the one on one tutoring. I was incredibly nervous to come back and take the UBE the second time around because I found the bar exhausting. And my first-time failure was not by a little but was with gusto, so I was terrified that what I was attempting wasn't just an obstacle, but a mountain. I am grateful because the JD Advising website was easy to navigate, there was great communication prior to my tutor start date, and tutoring was ah-mazing. It was great to have accountability in my weekly sessions and to focus on the subjects that I needed to know and understand strategies I could use for all subjects. Everything was so transferrable and useful. I ended up improving my score a full 30 points. And I know for sure I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. Thank you JD Advising, thank you Ambika. If you have any doubts about tutoring, DO NOT HESITATE. Best investment I made in my bar prep hands down. -February 2019 UBE Taker

This morning New York State released the results and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just really want to thank you for being my tutor and taking time to answer my questions and grading my essays and providing feedback.

I also am really thankful to JD advising for the fantastic outlines, I felt the most prepared this time due to the substance of the outlines. When I was answering MBE question a lot of them I recognized because I remembered my outlines.

I could not have done it without your help. February 2019 UBE taker

JD Advising provided me the structure and framework that I needed to pass the New York Bar Exam. The curriculum was complete and thorough - specifically targeted at tackling the questions at hand and preparing you for the test. Studying for the bar requires a great deal of discipline and JD Advising was an incredible resource for those who are willing to pursue the challenge. Most specifically, I'm grateful for my personalized instruction from Ambika Mehta. She is brilliant and kind beyond measure and if you're lucky enough to reserve her as a tutor, you'll be happy you did. I sat for the New York Bar exam for the first time and passed with a score of 296, which is considered a passing score in every UBE jurisdiction. -February 2019 UBE Taker

I cannot thank Meagan and all of the staff at JD Advising enough! During my first attempt at studying and taking the bar exam, I used a popular commercial course and felt completely overwhelmed and unproductive the entire time. Even though I had taken the entire summer off to study, I felt that I couldn't pack all of the information in. Everyone told me this was normal, and I was brushed aside when I attempted to contact the commercial course's customer service and tutoring departments.

After discovering I failed the bar exam in July 2017, I contacted JD Advising immediately. Meagan responded within minutes to discuss my next steps and offer any guidance possible. After talking with Meagan for a few weeks and discussing my scores, I knew that I wanted to hire her as a tutor. I decided to take the bar exam again in February 2018 and immediately started MBE tutoring with Meagan. She provided me with much more manageable and useful outlines. I also signed up for Meagan's MI Essay Course. Since I was retaking the bar exam while working full-time, I wanted all the help I could get. Meagan worked with me remotely and we were able to FaceTime during our tutoring sessions and I was video-conferenced into the essay classes.

I cannot describe how happy I was to find out that I had passed the Michigan Bar Exam the second time around! I know that there is no way I would have been able to on my own without the accountability and focus Meagan's tutoring and essay course gave me. I only wish that I would have used JD Advising's services the first time around, it was absolutely worth the price! Throughout the entire process, the whole staff at JD Advising was professional, quick to respond, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the bar exam. I would definitely recommend Meagan to anyone who feels like they are struggling with a commercial course or who has previously failed the bar exam.

Meagan is not just a private tutor….she is my coach! –– Last November I was skeptical I could really find the time and energy to study for the bar while working full time as a foreign licensed attorney in NYC.  For one reason or another, I was denying myself the opportunity to sit for the bar. One thing was clear to me though – a traditional bar review would not work for me (or my wife and two daughters =]).  I decided to give it a try with a private tutor despite my doubts about its effectiveness.  I came across with one of Ashely’s best-tips post and saw some hope….next thing I was texting them.  Klaudia quickly called and pair me up with my tutor – Meagan.   The first session went great.  Due to work obligations, however, I got overwhelmed by the second session. Meagan was patient enough to listen and adjust the format of my sessions in a way that I felt I was getting the most out of her precious time.  Since then every session became enjoyable.  Meagan was simply a fantastic tutor – passionate about what she does, committed to helping you pass, and patient enough to work every detail and ensure you had a good understanding of the law – overall making an obvious stressful journey enjoyable.  But please, be aware! Meagan has lots of tips that really work! No kidding! Be prepared to benefit from her essay grading too. Plus the materials JD Advising provides you are well structured and their tables will make your life easier. I kept studying those charts while sleeping and on exam day were a great resource to come up with the right answer.

It goes without saying that you need to put the (hard) work in to benefit the most out of private tutoring.  With JD Advising, though, you are half-way through as their materials ensure you feel confident that you are focusing on really what you need to know – no more, no less.   BTW – it feels great that while you are killing yourself studying, trying to see good results while you practice, you get a gang walking with your a), b), c), d) choice… The entire JD Advising team was great! Nick made sure I got my materials on time, and some essays were graded by other tutors so that I could benefit from their input – remember your tutor is not going to be your bar exam grader – so you get basically at least two for the price of one.

After having spent 108 days preparing for the exam, literally putting aside all fun activities and spending just a few minutes of quality time with my daughters per day, I do not regret any minute of it.  The simple reason is that Meagan managed to make the process entirely manageable, goal reachable and most importantly she facilitated all the necessary tools to reach the confidence needed to see exam day just as another test – even through adversity – like realizing you missed the deadline to register your laptop for being distracted working... just another disguised blessing in the process.  With Meagan’s tips I managed to finish all essays and MPTs in good shape, and do great on MBE exam. Go figure - she might be proud!

To any candidate doubtful to private tutoring – stop worrying and get excited – this is a really superior resource worth every penny – stop thinking as to how much more money private tutoring will cost you and start getting excited of all the good opportunities that are waiting for you.

Once again – Thank you, Coach!  - February 2018 - UBE Taker

I passed the NY bar in February 2018 after having failed the July bar. The first time I sat for the exam, I used a traditional prep course and scored a 261. For February, I used JD Advising's UBE outlines and one-on-one online tutoring with Ambika and scored a 292.

My greatest challenge in prepping for February was balancing studying and working full-time at my firm, so my number one priority was efficiency. I found the UBE outlines from JD Advising to be concise, well-organized, and most importantly, efficient! The outlines contained charts and diagrams that I would have loved to seen in my traditional prep course books the first time. The main difference in materials was that the traditional prep course contained all the text and material I needed to know, but it didn't present it in a useful way. JD Advising's outlines are surprisingly short in page count, but the information is all there and it's consolidated in a way that makes sense and is actually useful for the exam. The best way I can describe them is like this - you know when you made an outline for law school finals and you went through all your class notes and reading notes to outline? And the end product was this wonderful, concise 20 page outline that made sense to you in the end but wouldn't have had you not gone through all your material? The outlines were like that for me, except that someone else had already done the work.

As great as the outlines were, I know that my scores in the MBE portion would not have gone up as much as they did without Ambika's help. The outlines gave me the substantive knowledge but working through MBE questions with Ambika is what made it stick. She was able to pick up on my weaker areas and help me figure out why I couldn't understand certain concepts. I think that was vital to my improvement. Based on my scores from the July exam, I had an idea of where I struggled, but I didn't know how to tackle them. I could read answer explanations to practice questions by myself and think I understood the concepts, but Ambika would ask follow-ups to the questions that would make me realize I hadn't connected all the dots yet. This extra step is what made it come together for me.

I would definitely recommend JD Advising as a bar prep course. With the help of Ambika, the UBE outlines, and the MEE one-pager notes, I think I had all the tools I needed to prepare. I wish I had chosen this over the traditional prep course my first time taking the bar. I was wary of choosing the program because people at my firm all used the same prep course, and I didn't want to be the outlier. If you're in a similar situation, I really encourage you to give JD Advising a chance! - February 2018 UBE taker, increased score from a 261 to a 292

I found JD Advsing in YouTube and when I hear Ashley’s unique approach to the UBE I realized this was the best program for second takers like me.  Ambika was my rock. She was there for me the whole time, the best tutor I have ever had, so knowledgeable and patient. Ambika’s advices were to the point and exactly what I needed to pass the UBE. I would not have made it without her. It was my second time and last! I passed and thanks to JD Advising. The outlines are right to the point and the assignments were in issues actually tested so the whole program is accurate and what you really need to pass. I recommend 100%. - February 2018 UBE Taker, passed on second attempt  

I had attempted the bar exam twice before and was running out of options. I was having issues with timing on essays and getting passed the MBE. I met for one on one tutoring for the MBE with Meagan which I found to be very helpful when it came to strategies. The one on one feedback was priceless and really helped with all the nuances the bar exam throws at you. I would highly recommend Meagan and JD Advising. - February 2018 bar exam student

The first time I took the bar exam, I got a 115 on the writing portion which was the sole reason I did not pass. Knowing that I needed to improve, I decided to sign up for JD Advising’s tutoring services. Ambika completely changed how I organized my essays/MPTs. She explained to me how to structure my essays to make it as clear as possible to the bar examiners which was a direct impact on my score increasing. In addition, I would highly recommend the MEE one-sheets. With the MEE one-sheets, you know exactly where to prioritize your time based on previous examinations (a benefit you do not get with commercial courses). In the end, I scored a 141 (a 26 point increase) on the writing portion and passed the exam! I cannot thank JD Advising enough!!!

My tutor's name was Ambika and I worked with her for both the MPRE (my fourth attempt) and the Colorado Bar (second attempt). I passed both with her help! She is very chill and very understanding of the struggles that come with bar prep and test anxiety. I tried to be super honest with her when I was slacking or when I was overwhelmed so that she could guide me. She was good about telling me what the bare minimum I had to do to stay on track was, and good at motivating me to do more when I needed it. She's also looked at my study plan that I made for myself and told what to change. The most important thing was that I knew she was there for me when I needed help but she gave me space to make the study process my own. JD Advising was always very responsive, professional, and supportive. Thank you JD ADVISING!- February 2018 UBE taker, as a second-time UBE taker

This was the second time taking the bar exam for me. Score overall increase about 30+ points. I passed by 20 points. Tutoring helped me learn what I didn’t know and help me strategize for studying and for the exam day. It helped me build confidence and knowledge. It was more interactive than Barbri and it helped keep me on track during studying. It was convenient and accessible. I was able to ask questions and find the areas I needed to work in most. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with building test studying strategy and those who struggle testing and have anxiety on test day and during prep. I am a first generation college student and there are a lot of gaps in what I should know in terms of preparation or dealing with anxiety during tests. I also have a disability and English is not my first language. I always excelled in academics despite this, but it can be a huge disadvantage when every question is so crucial and the curve is so tight. Meagan was a great tutor—I enjoyed the sessions and learned so much about the way I learn and what I didn’t know for the test. The outlines were also very very helpful. Barbri was not helpful for me, it didn’t apply to my learning style. I barely missed it the first time around and was really disappointed and scared that i would fail again, but I passed and was able to keep my job and move on with my career. I couldn’t have done it without JD Advising. - February 2018 UBE Taker, Increased score from a 257 to a 292

After spending month preparing for the Bar, my scoring on practice MBE’s and essay questions were well below passing. Out of options and time, I turned to JD Advising during my final month of Bar preparation in hopes of bringing up my scores to passing. Working with Meagan was the key to my success. Meagan was extremely patient and helped me work systematically to address where I was falling short, what corrections needed to be made, and how I should be tailoring my studying to maximize the time I had remaining. Meagan was extremely responsive throughout the entire process, and her essay edits helped me score nearly 10 points above passing. I can’t thank Meagan and the whole JD Advising team for helping me pass and I could not recommend JD Advising enough to anyone who is preparing for the Bar! - July 2017 Michigan bar taker 

I failed the Michigan bar exam on my first attempt. I was extremely discouraged because I did everything that Barbri told me to do. I did the required exercises  and studied massive amounts of material. I felt as if all my hard work was for nothing. I doubted that I could ever pass the bar exam.

Fortunately, I found JD Advising and began tutoring sessions with Meagan. She simplified the material in a way that made it easier to understand. The information was condensed and focused on highly tested areas of law. Every assignment had a purpose of getting me closer to my end goal of passing the bar exam. Meagan taught me strategies to approach the MBE questions.

Come test day, I felt prepared for the bar exam. I am proud to say that I passed the bar exam on the second attempt and improved my MBE score by 24 points. This would not have been possible without JD Advising and Meagan. – February 2017 Michigan bar exam taker

I received my Bar results this past week: I passed!  I have exchanged texts with Ambika and I also left her a voicemail thanking her for her tutoring and getting me over the hump to pass the DC Bar.  I just wanted to formally say thank you for your services.  Ambika is legit – a very competent and effective tutor.  She was very professional and very effective with our tutoring sessions.  Ambika really made it simple and tactically guided me through the MPTs and MEEs so I could get enough points to pass.  I think I remember her saying that no one she tutored ever failed the MPT/MEE portion and her streak is still alive – I passed! – February 2016 Bar Exam Taker

I cannot thank Meagan enough for all of her help and encouragement throughout the process of studying for the bar exam for the second time and giving me that extra “push across the finish line” so to speak. I only wish I would have gone with the JD Advising class the first time around. I took the July 2016 Michigan bar exam and failed it by twelve points.  While not insurmountable, I was discouraged.

Like most of my classmates I took BarBri the first time around.  I also began working part time at my new job right after graduation, which meant I was trying to juggle studying for the bar and starting my legal career simultaneously. I struggled to keep up with the structure and pace of the BarBri course and, outside of a few of the instructors offering their emails for follow up questions, there was no opportunity to ask questions or clarify concepts.  You basically had to go through the BarBri outlines (which are probably way too detailed…more on that later) on your own, and which often differed greatly in structure from the lecture handouts prepared by the individual BarBri lecturers.

I would highly recommend any of JD Advising’s programs (they have a number of options, ranging from a full in person lecture style class to private tutoring that can be done remotely over Skype, google hangouts, etc) to anyone, but especially for those who are also working during their bar prep experience.

Because of my work schedule, I knew taking BarBri again would not be helpful and, after hearing great recommendations from some of my former classmates about Ashley’s programs (especially the outlines!), I decided to enroll in a few of the private tutoring programs.  Further, because I live two and a half hours from JD Advising’s headquarters in Birmingham, I had to be able to do the sessions remotely.  This was not a problem at all and I was soon set up with Meagan Jabbori who created a schedule for our sessions as well as a study and assignment schedule based on my personal needs and work schedule.

Each session was an opportunity to go through JD Advising’s amazing outlines with Meagan, who knew which points of law were “highly tested” and also allowed us to focus on areas that I knew were weaknesses for me the first time around.  There were times where I could almost literally see the points that I had missed on the July exam adding up.  If I ever had questions pop up between our sessions Meagan was only a quick email away.

The other great benefit of the program was the sheer number of practice essays that I was able to have graded by Meagan and other members of JD Advising.  I would estimate that I had anywhere from four to seven essays for each subject area graded by Meagan. To compare, I think BarBri grades like ten essays total.  Their process of self-grading, followed by Meagan’s comments, allowed me to see the areas I needed to work on from a number of different perspectives and gave me new insight into successful bar exam essay writing that is simply not possible with a traditional bar prep company.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the outlines that Ashley has created are amazing.  In most cases they are shorter than the ones you receive from BarBri, but do a great job of focusing on the really important areas of law.  I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the length of some of the outlines but soon realized that all the information I needed to construct good essays and answer MBE questions was there.  Because of this the information seemed much less daunting and I was able to focus on the points of law that matter the most.

Thank you to Meagan for being such a great teacher and confidence builder, and to both Meagan and Ashley for running such a successful prep course.  After going through the course I felt much more confident on the test days and ended up improving my score by fourteen points.  They are the best resource for anyone tackling the bar exam. – February 2017 Michigan bar exam taker

Stumbling upon, and using JD Advising for the February 2017 UBE exam was a blessing.  Unlike the big name bar prep companies JD Advising made a schedule that was unique for me, and Ashley’s MBE subject outlines were gold mines (some of her examples showed up on the exam) explained in a common sense way.  Also, having a personal, experienced tutor (Ambika was great!) go over the areas that are not as clear made sure my studying was not wasting time.  The MEE outlines explained the HEAVILY tested subjects in a clear and understandable way.  Needless to say, I felt better prepared and more confident after using JD Advising and would recommend it over the other big name bar prep companies. - February 2017 UBE taker

When I found out I had failed the Michigan bar the first time (July 2016), I felt absolutely defeated. My self-confidence took a huge hit, and after a few minutes of frantically scanning and re-scanning those online results for my seat number, I knew who I needed to call. I dialed Ashley Heidemann’s number, and I could not be happier or more grateful for what she did for me. She was kind and encouraging the first time we spoke, and I knew that she would be the one to help me through the bar the second time around. She asked all the right questions and patiently walked me through my options. She also gave me a ton of free advice about whether to appeal, since I was only five points off. She determined that I needed help with the MBE since my essay grades were good. Within a couple of weeks I was signed up for the seven private tutoring sessions for the MBE.

On the first day I met my tutor Meagan and I knew we’d work great together. She is so patient and such a wonderful teacher. She perfectly balanced my needs with the program they had designed, so that I was in control of the material we discussed every session. She was also an excellent listener and confidence booster during those hard days when I felt I was ready to quit.

I should also add that their outlines are the best I have ever seen. I had taken Kaplan the first time and I remember feeling lost through their long-winded online lectures, trying to fill in their confusing outlines. My experience was nothing like that with JD Advising’s outlines. They’re succinct yet precise, and written in plain English, with plenty of examples to highlight the concepts explained.

I passed the bar exam on my second try because of the decision I made to call Ashley and the help and support she and Meagan provided me. I would recommend their services to anyone trying to study “smart” for the bar exam. They do their research and know what’s heavily tested and provide their students with all the tools they need to pass the bar. And even more importantly, they care about every single one of their students (which is something you just can’t say about commercial courses, whose lectures are taped across the country).

Thank you so much Meagan and Ashley. You’re amazing!! – February 2017 Michigan bar exam taker

Thank you so much to JD Advising!  After sitting for the Alabama bar exam twice and coming up short I made the decision to change the way I studied on the third attempt. Thankfully, I found JD Advising through a web search.  I contacted Ashley via email and she answered all of my questions and after hearing her plan and what they had to offer, I had a renewed hope that it may be possible to pass this after all. Ashley worked with my budget and we created a specialized plan to focus on my weakest subjects. The one-on-one study sessions with Ambika were amazing!  Having the ability to ask questions and focus on my weaker topics increased my confidence and increased my score! The outlines were the best I have ever used.  They are focused on what you need to know!  They are thorough, but not impossible! My score increased by 12 points after using JD Advising outlines and working with Ambika!  The more telling fact is that the subjects that I studied with JD Advising were my highest scoring subjects of all my MBE subjects!  I truly believe that I passed because I studied with JD Advising.  My only regret is that I did not use them on the first attempt! Thanks so much to Ambika!  I couldn’t have done it without you! - February 2017 UBE taker

While studying for the July bar, I knew that using a traditional bar prep course wasn’t working for me, but I was afraid to deviate from the course because everyone I knew told me that sticking with it was the only way to pass. I could tell that the long video lectures and the practice homework problems weren’t helping me, and I was so focused on keeping up with the course that I wasn’t truly learning the material. My biggest concern with retaking the bar in February was that I didn’t have enough time: if I couldn’t pass the bar when all I did was study in the summer, how on earth could I pass it while I was working full time? Meagan taught me how to study smarter. The outlines and one-on-one tutoring sessions were more targeted than the bar prep course lectures, and instead of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, the information started to click. Meagan helped me plan out each week so I could make the most of the few hours a day I had to study. She was also a key source of emotional support: I would have days where I felt incredibly anxious and overwhelmed by the process, but I could always email Meagan if I needed to vent and she would help me regain my focus. I was amazed at how quickly I saw improvement in practice problems and essay questions (which Meagan reviewed and graded for me every week), but I was even more amazed at how much better it felt to actually be studying the material instead of struggling to keep up with the workload. I walked into the February bar feeling much calmer and much more prepared, and that is because I was so much better prepared! I knew some of my essay questions were 9s or 10s because Meagan and I had reviewed the topics in depth. I knew my MBE score was much higher because the questions on the exam were similar to the previously released MBE questions I practiced with. Without Meagan and Ashley guiding me through the process, I would not have felt nearly as comfortable and prepared. I am so glad I chose their tutoring program for February. Meagan and Ashley are passionate about helping students pass the bar exam, and that passion helped ultimately drive me to success on the February 2017 exam. – February 2017 Michigan bar exam taker

I absolutely cannot thank everyone at JD Advising enough for arming and empowering me to walk in and conquer the February 2017 bar exam. When I reached out to Ashley, I had just found out that I had failed the July 2016 Illinois bar exam…by 8 points. For months, all I could envision was the 258 that received. I needed a 266. I was absolutely devastated and could not even fathom studying for this monster of an exam again (and by myself this time since all my friends had passed and moved on with life). Ashley was so positive and encouraging and I knew from our first conversation that I wanted to work with her and her team to redeem myself after such a traumatic experience.

The first time I took the exam, I took a big box bar review course, but throughout the process I just KNEW things weren’t clicking. I finished about 93% of the course and still felt unprepared. However, when I worked with Ambika as my JD Advising tutor, she was so down to earth, knowledgable and encouraging. My biggest hurdle was conquering the MBE. For some reason I really struggled with multiple choice questions. But the outlines JD Advising provided were succinct, straight to the point, and extremely user friendly. I appreciated the charts, practice problems, colored text, and frequency of topics tested listed in the back. These outlines in addition to Ambika’s suggestion to use Adaptibar, which used only real previously released bar exam questions, made a world of a difference in my scores. I saw steady improvement and finally started thinking like the examiners like Ambika encouraged me to. Although I only had a couple of one-on-one sessions, Ambika checked in on me and promptly responded to each and every email up until the exam in February. After working with JD Advising, I finally felt like this exam was not only doable, but that I WOULD pass without a doubt. It can be emotionally scarring failing the bar exam, but having a support team of knowledgable and caring individuals like Ashley and Ambika can really remove the sting. I continue to recommend the program to anyone I know who is preparing to take the bar exam. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. - February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam Taker 

I reached out to JD Advising a few weeks from test day. I was enrolled in a Barbri class and was freaking out as I felt extremely overwhelmed with the amount of material Babri was throwing at me. I thought that a private tutor might at minimum help put my mind at ease, and so I did some research and contacted a few companies/private tutors. At first, the cost of private tutoring was a bit of a deterrent but I felt that I had a lot to lose, including a job contingent upon passing the bar, and the benefit of gaining an edge to pass the exam on my first try greatly outweighed the financial cost of doing so.

The team at JD advising soon put any doubts I had regarding private tutoring to rest. Ashley got back to me within ten minutes of my first email, immediately narrowing down what exactly I needed help with. She then set me up with Meagan, and together we created a custom study plan which worked so well that I abandoned Barbri completely with just over 50% of the course completed. I started off with one session on one MBE subject and liked it so much that I ended up taking sessions for all of the MBE subjects with Megan. Meagan was a fantastic tutor and I credit much of my bar exam success to her. I loved the way my custom study plan allowed me to brush briefly over areas I felt comfortable while also able to slow down and focus on areas I had more trouble with. Everything was done at a pace that was comfortable to me, and unlike Barbri there was no rushing through sessions. JD Advising also supplied fantastic outlines that were simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. On top of that, the outlines highlighted how often certain topics were tested on the bar exam which allowed me to focus on highly tested areas within the subject.

In the end, Meagan was a mentor and a friend in addition to a tutor. She not only helped me study for the exam, but was there to offer both personal and professional advice that put me in the right mindset to take the exam, which is itself a mental game. I would wholeheartedly recommend JD Advising to anyone; had I known about them earlier, I would have never registered for Barbri in the first place. Thanks to JD Advising, I did pass the bar on my first attempt and I currently recommend them to all of my friends, both those taking the exam for the first time as well as those repeating the exam. -First-time taker, DC Bar Exam

Words are not enough to express my sincere Gratitude to JD Advising for my success on the July 2016 Michigan bar exam. Ashely, Meagan and Tish helped me realize my dream after 3 long difficult years. Like most, I enrolled in barbri my first year of law school. Barbri and the other commercial bar reviewers pride themselves in success, but I beg to differ. The barbri method may work for some but for me it was a complete waste of my time and money. I felt lost in every online lecture, and learned nothing from those thick text books. I failed the bar on my first try with a 109. I went on to fail 2 more exams using the barbri method.

As a repeated bar exam taker, I would say the journey is much tougher than a first timer. I suffered from depression, lost opportunities and financial hardships.

When I looked up Ashley online and read about her services, I immediately had hope of finally passing. Ashley reviewed my past exams and was clear about what I needed to do to pass. She was very passionate about helping me and making sure my 4th time would be my last time. After extensive private tutoring, my scores increased by 20points on my 4th try. I missed the passing score by 7points. Despite being disappointed, I was happy about my significant 20 point jump. This gave me hope to go for it for it again and get those 7 points on my 5th try. Ashley and Meagan each worked with me and gave me so much attention. They helped me work through my weakest area, the MBE. We talked over every problem in detail and they each trained me to master the MBE. As a result, I PASSED the July 2016 exam with a 20point increase on my MBE and a 15point increase on the essay portion. I could go on and on about the magic that is JD Advising. If your preparing to take the bar for the 1st time or 5th time, I highly recommend you DONT hesitate to call Ashley. Trust me when I say it’s worth every penny!!! She and her staff will give you the detailed attention you need. They are passionate about helping everyone pass. Ashley and Meagan were always available to answer questions 24/hrs 7 days a week. Do not waste your precious time or money with commercial bar review courses. You will regret it. Call or email JD Advising now. I promise you won’t regret it. As a result, My dreams for becoming an attorney have been realized.

Thank you Ashley and the JD Advising team. -Bar Exam Taker

The first time I took the bar exam was the most defeated I have ever felt in my life. Working with the Barbri review course should have put me in a position to succeed, however, it put in a position to ultimately fail. The theory behind this commercial review course is that if you complete 75% of the work you should be able to pass the State bar. The problem with this theory is that you attempt to just complete as much work as possible and end up settling for quantity. You begin to tell yourself it is better to do more work rather than to understand the material. With this approach, I spent my evenings listening to three hour lectures that in no way were beneficial to passing the state bar. Further, the process of studying with Barbri is so flawed because it does not hone in strongly enough on your essay writing. Simply writing 20 – 25 essays for the bar exam is not enough practice in become comfortable with the 20 minute 15 around treachery that is the essay portion of the state bar.

The result, a 115 on the state bar of Michigan. My essays were a 113 and the MBE was a 117. I wanted to give up. There was no way to pull my essay score up. I studied 91% of Barbri, how on earth could I pull a score up when I “studied” so much material.  The solution, Ashley Heidemenn; the result, a 153 on the essay portion of the bar exam the, which was a 40-point curved score increase.

Ashley Heidemenn and Meagan Jaborri live for this test and for that they drew out a stronger idea of what is tested on the state bar. The two have covered so much Michigan based essay testing concepts that it is virtually impossible to not pull up your essays by 15 – 20 points. The review course they created draws out a curriculum that has you write up to 90 essays timed and untimed.  What makes this so beneficial is that Ashley and her staff grades and critiques every answer, and every paragraph. Working under Meagan and having her critique every essay I wrote eventually got me into the habit of writing a very strong essay in 20 minutes. That is what you pay for! You pay for Ashley and Meagan to grade these essays so that you can learn how to write it perfectly on game day. Barbri grades under 10 essays for you. Grading ten essays is simply not enough to habitually come into a twenty minute “point picker upper” performance.

From a performance perspective, it does not make sense to go anywhere else. A 20 percent increase on the essay portion of the bar is proof enough. Having a team of individuals critiquing your work for two months puts you into the strongest position to pass bar.

Further, working with Ashley and Meagan pulled my MBE score up 11 points. The curriculum given to you assigns actual passed MBE questions. The edge here is that you come into a habit of answering concepts the examiners have tested on versus commercial review course created questions. While the 11-point increase was not as wonderful as the 40-point essay increase, it still was a factor in ultimately accomplishing the lifelong goal set by me as a child; ATTORNEY!

Between the Essay and MBE average score I pulled my overall score up from a 115 to a 140; a 25-point increase. Thank you to Ashley and everyone who helped me! – Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I graduated from law school in 2014 and took, as most of my friends did, a commercial bar review course. I ended up failing my first bar exam with a score of 117. Being discouraged I took a year and half off from the bar examination until contacting Ashley at JD Advising LLC. It’s worth noting that I have a rather extreme case of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and generally have a difficult time becoming interested in bland subjects like real property and civil procedure. Her program is tirelessly planned and can be modified based on the needs of her current student. While JD Advising offers different program structures based upon each individual, Ashley and I decided that I would benefit the most studying in one-on-one sessions. After working with Ashley and retaking the bar exam I raised my score from a 117 to a 150.

Studying for the Bar Exam is one of the most miserable and challenging journeys I have gone through; however, Ashley helped me build the confidence to walk into the testing room knowing I would pass. Ashley’s outlines are thorough, succinct, and visually pleasing. Even for a person, as mentioned before with extreme ADHD, Ashley’s course materials were not overwhelming. Ashley, and the rest of the JD Advising team were amazing, by the end of the studying process I didn’t just have a bar exam tutor, I had a friend.

I simply cannot say enough about JD advising. Ashley and Meagan and the rest of the team were all unbelievable. While I spent most of my time with Ashley, the entire team was personally invested in helping me pass the bar exam. I firmly believe that without Ashley and the JD Advising team, there would have been no way I would have earned 33 more points on my second and final exam.

I would recommend the services JD Advising offers to anyone, if you are willing to do what she instructs and put the work in, she will put the work in as well, and YOU WILL pass the Bar Examination.

Thank you Ashley and the JD Advising team!  – Michigan Bar Exam Taker

The absolute worst feeling in the whole wide world is failing the bar exam. Spending three years in law school with everyone telling you that you must take Barbri or Kaplan in order to pass the bar exam was all that I knew but looking back now it was my biggest mistake.

I wish I had known what I know now and I want other people to know this: there are other options, better options, then Barbri or Kaplan and that better option is Ashley! The reason I failed the bar exam on the first try was for many reasons but mainly Barbri does not give you the individualized attention that you really need to succeed and they do not focus on what is really tested. Going to Ashley changed the way I thought about the bar exam. Her outlines that she provides you with are concise and to the point. She tells you what has been tested in years pass and how often it has been tested. This allowed me to really focus on those specific topics instead of the thousands of topics that Barbri tells you that you need to know that have never even been tested!!

Ashley created individualized study plans for me each week. She assigned me readings, multiple choice, and essays each week. I would send her my essays (sometimes even more than she assigned me) and I would get a detailed response of what I did right and what I did wrong immediately. On top of that she taught me how to self grade my essays. This allowed me to learn from my mistakes and not make the same mistakes again. My essay scores increased significantly and I scored 7’s or higher on 13/15 of my essays (getting the highest scores on my worst topics!). I increased my essay score by a total of 21 points and my MBE score by a total of 10 points!

Ashley was available 24/7 to answer all of my questions, listen to my worries, and a shoulder to lean on when I doubted myself. I honestly and truly believe that if it wasn’t for her I would not have passed the bar exam. I would not have increased my score by 16 total points. She is honestly fantastic and I would recommend her over any bar prep class. –Michigan Bar Exam Taker, Passed on the Third Try 

There are very few moments in my life where I can, without a doubt, say, “that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”  Hiring Ashley as a Michigan Bar Exam tutor is definitely a top “best decision I’ve ever made” moment.  Ashley was a great resource to have.  I took the Michigan Bar Exam in February 2015 – It was my first time taking any Bar Exam.  In order to cover my bases, I also paid for Barbri classes.  About one month into Barbri, I noticed that the information I was receiving was not helping me excel in my essay writing or MBE selection.  I stopped using their materials, and focused solely on the information and feedback I was receiving from Ashley.  It paid off big time!  Ashley got me writing essays in under 18 minutes per question, and helped me identify what main issues the graders were looking for.  Additionally, as I sat down in the bar exam, 8/15 essay topics were never even addressed by Barbri.   Most students wait until they have failed the first time to try a tutor out – My advice is to USE HER FIRST.  If she can help me pass on the first go-around, she definitely can do the same for you!

Ashley was more than a tutor.  She served as therapist in times of doubt, and a friend when you needed to hear the truth about your weaknesses.  Because of her I passed the Bar on the first try.  The best decision you can ever make when preparing for the Michigan Bar Exam is to hire Ashley – your stresses and anxiety will be diminished greatly.  I cannot recommend her enough, and have sung her praises innumerable times; even before receiving my score! -Bar Exam Taker, Passed on the First Try 

I took the bar exam for the first time in July of 2014, and used a Kaplan “in-class” course to prepare. I unfortunately did not pass. I contacted Ashley soon after receiving my results, and while I was of course initially disappointed with myself for failing, she immediately instilled confidence in me with her enthusiasm and knowledge.

During the Kaplan course, I assumed I knew the material because I filled out the outlines and did the practice questions each day. However, during practice exams and during the real thing, it became abundantly clear I only had a cursory understanding of the topics, and had no real plan of action for the multiple choice section. The emphasis seemed to be quantity rather than quality, and I felt that I did not have enough time to review and actually learn the topics.

Ashley provided me with the structure and attention to detail that I needed to succeed.  Her outlines are clear, well-organized, and specifically highlight frequently tested topics within the subjects. Unlike the Kaplan course, Ashley ensured I fully understood each topic before moving on, through multiple essays and in person review. We did not move on from topics until I had memorized them. She was available through e-mail and phone whenever a question arose, and her support and honesty never waned. Moreover, Ashley reviewed and graded practice essays throughout the week, providing in-depth analysis for my strengths and weaknesses.

I am positive I would not have passed without Ashley’s help. I was close the first time, but her guidance and attention gave me the push I needed. Her methods for both the MBE and essay portions made the bar exam far less daunting. I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough. - Michigan Bar Exam Second Time Taker,  Increased Score by 19 points.

Studying for the Michigan Bar Exam was intimidating for me, especially taking it for the first time.  I made wanted to be extra careful and paid for one of the bar study courses, but ultimately found it to be lacking.  Thankfully, Ashley was there and offered much more than anyone else could.  She was so helpful in everything that she did and somehow always managed to make me a priority.  I would have never passed on my first attempt if it weren’t for her unique insights into how the Michigan Bar Exam is administered.  She knows all of the tricks and tips to help you not only study, but really understand and be prepared for the great undertaking that is the bar exam.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is studying for the Michigan Bar Exam.  You honestly will not find a better resource than her. - Bar Exam Taker, Passed on the First Try 

As a high-achieving law student from a top 30 school, failing the Michigan Bar Exam was a devastating and unexpected blow. Faced with studying all over again but this time while working full time with a two-hour daily commute, I was not sure that I would be successful.

Then I called Ashley. She was immediately encouraging, and sincerely so. Rather than just take my money, she carefully evaluated whether we would work well together and whether she could be helpful. Concerned about customizing my study experience, Ashley asked detailed questions about how I had studied for the bar exam previously and what might have gone wrong.

I have never met anyone who knows as much about the bar exam as Ashley does. She has studied all the previous administrations, and has edited her materials to reflect what is actually tested. Her materials are clear, concise, and well-organized. She is also always available to answer questions, and patient enough to go through an area of confusion as many times as necessary.

Ashley is invested in her students’ success and truly cares about their learning. No matter your situation – whether a first-time taker or a repeat taker, whether a recent graduate or a full-time worker – Ashley will tailor your study plan to suit your needs. She will be there for you when you need answers or support.

Ultimately, it was my responsibility to do the work necessary to pass the exam – but thanks to Ashley’s dedication, I was successful the second time. My score jumped 17 points, including a 19-point essay score increase. I could not have done it without her and I highly recommend Ashley as a tutor. Forgo the generic national bar prep courses and invest your time and money in a study plan that will give you the best chance of passing an increasingly difficult bar exam. - Michigan Bar Exam Second Time Taker, Increased Score by 17 Points. 

I was a second time taker of the Michigan Bar Exam in February, 2015. While working with Ashley, she was incredibly flexible with my work/study schedule and provided me with the skills to improve my score by 21 POINTS! Her program is specially tailored to the Michigan Bar Exam, and unlike other commercial bar prep classes, she gave me exactly what I needed to be successful on this grueling exam, without the extra “fluff” found in other materials. I would encourage anyone who is studying for the Michigan Bar Exam to work with Ashley as I am certain that without her course, I wouldn’t have obtained the passing score that I did. The bar exam (in any state) has its tricks and nuances that sometimes may be the difference between passing and failing if not well-covered during your preparation. Ashley’s course not only points out your deficiencies, but focuses on strengthening them so by the time the exam dates roll around, you are confident and encounter far less surprises. Thanks, Ashley!”  Michigan Bar Exam Second Time Taker, Increased Score by 21 Points. 

It is interesting how something you do by chance can have a profound effect on your life without you realizing it at the time.

I was searching for some information about the Michigan Bar, and stumbled upon Ashley’s website. Intrigued, I read through her site and wrote down her name and number. This was almost a year before I planned on taking the bar exam.

When I neared graduation and was contemplating a plan of attack for the bar, I contacted Ashley and met her in person. It took me about 5 minutes to decide that she was my best hope for passing the bar on my first attempt.

After the first lesson, I knew my decision was right; she was able to assess my strengths and weaknesses, and then plot a course I could follow to success. It was a lot of work—essays were always my weak point in school, but with her help, I was able learn to write essays that could get me the points I needed. She also helped me gain the skills to confidently answer MBE questions, where before I felt that many of my answers were just wild guesses. The difference is in knowing how to confidently pick the best answer by knowing the law.

In the end it paid off. I passed the bar exam on my first try. Yes I put in the work, everyone has to do that, but Ashley made the difference!

I’m glad I took the time to save her name and number, and remembered to call her. – Christopher J. Petrides (Successful 1st time Bar Examinee)

Ashley was one of the most supportive people I have met. As a bar exam repeater, I found myself confused, sad and lost. She was always willing to answer my many questions and would email back very quickly. When it came down to studying for the bar exam again, I knew I could count on her expertise. Her review course was concise and clear. The information she provided was essential to my success in the essay portion on the exam. I followed her advice in formatting and structure and increased by essay score enough for me to pass the bar exam. Her review course gave me peace of mind and the confidence I needed to know, that I could pass. Her passion, kindness and knowledge are immense. Attendee of Seminar. Increased MBE by 13 and Essay by 4 (raw points)

The difference between Ashley’s bar prep course and all other bar prep companies is in the structure of the programs themselves. One way to describe my experience is by comparing it to purchasing a suit. When you are contemplating purchasing a new suit, you essentially have two options: you can purchase one from a department store based on your size or you can purchase one from a specialty store and tailor it to your body.

All other bar prep companies are your general department stores – they provide you with a suit, but the suit isn’t tailored and, therefore, it isn’t flattering. However, the specialty store provides you with a tailored suit that flatters your body exactly where you want it.

Ashley’s tutoring is equivalent to a tailored suit. She focuses on your weaknesses and helps make them your strengths. She answers all questions, grades any essays and ensures that you understand the subjects extremely well. Above all, her outlines are exactly on point. If you speak to anyone studying for the bar, their number one complaint is that they don’t have enough time to finish everything and as a result, fall behind. This results in subjects being skipped and questions left incomplete.  When time is limited, a focused outline is exactly what you need to cover all of the tested topics.  If I had continued to study the outlines my bar prep company assigned me to, I would have never been able to get through all twenty-six topics. Instead, I made a conscious decision to stop following the schedule set by my bar prep company and followed Ashley’s tailored plan for me.  After receiving my score, I am so glad that I did.

In addition to seeing my score, the confidence I gained while studying with Ashley made my entire bar-taking experience infinitely better. Prior to taking the exam, I felt calm, confident and ready. I knew exactly which points I wanted to address and how much time I had to do it. I had established techniques to quickly answer each question and cover all of the necessary points.  The knowledge and confidence I gained from studying with Ashley helped alleviate any anxiety I had prior to the exam, and allowed me to focus on what needed to be done.  It was truly the best investment I could make towards preparing for the bar. Bar Exam Taker, Passed on the First Try.

You don’t know what the best study habits, material, or practice is to prepare for the BAR exam, until it is too late. As for me, being a second time taker, it was even trickier because I did not know exactly what I did right or what I did wrong the first time. Working with Ashley helped me get the extra 14 points I needed for a passing score. Between her explanations of the law and her study material, I was able to pass. She helped me the whole way with her comprehensive study plan. She always had an upbeat attitude and was always accessible. I can honestly say Ashley was the deciding factor to my successful BAR preparation. Bar Exam Taker, Increased Score 14 points. 

Ashley is amazing! I could not have passed the bar without her. She kept me organized, focused, and motivated throughout the studying process. What I found most helpful were the weekly schedule she created because it was the only way I could have gotten through all of the material. Her outlines were a lifesaver— she did all of the work for me so all I had to do was focus on studying the material rather than organizing the massive amount of material barbri provides. She was prompt at responding to emails, phone calls, and texts. I was a second time taker and my score went up by 18 points.

Ps– In addition to being brilliant, Ashley is also incredibly nice! I looked forward to our sessions every week. Michigan Bar Exam Taker, Increased Score by 18 points

Ashley was an integral part in my success with the February 2014 bar exam. I had a very unique situation, being that not only was I a second time taker, but also had waited a year and a half to retake, was working full time, and was unable to take any time off to study. Ashley took the time to meet with me, assess my strengths and weaknesses, and tailor a program that fit my crazy schedule. Ashley’s incredible knowledge of the law and the bar exam itself give her a unique ability to create success for any situation. Her strategy kept me on track, held me accountable, and let me know on a regular basis where I stood and where I needed to improve. My second attempt was more than just successful, I increased my score by 17 points and passed with flying colors. Michigan Bar Exam Taker, Increased Score  by 17 points. 

Ashley was nothing short of a life-saver. She was everything I thought a tutor should have been and MORE. Ashley held my hand and taught me how I learned best. She then tailored her lessons and extra activities to me based on my learning style. If I did not understand something, she made sure to break it down for me in a different way until I did have a solid understanding. Ashley constantly tested me on the material to be sure I was digesting it correctly. She never left me alone to my own devices and understanding. She was available morning, noon and night and ALWAYS called or emailed right back. As a second-time taker with more than a year and a half in between my two exams, I was terrified and very skeptical of my chances for success. Ashley not only gave me the confidence I needed during preparation, but more importantly she helped me increase my essay score by 17 points. On top of her amazing skills, she’s a sweet and lovely person whom anybody would be lucky to have as a friend and tutor. – Victoria M.Michigan Bar Exam Taker, Increased Score by 17 points. 


Imagine failing the bar exam over and over again despite having taken a commercial bar prep course. Imagine having to hide from your law school friends, colleagues and all those in the legal world. Imagine having to live in the shadows all because you didn’t pass the bar. Well…that was me until I was blessed enough to meet Ashley Heidemann. She taught me how to think, how to study the right way with the right material and how to actively believe in myself. She worked with me, in person, according to a perfectly designed study schedule, provided me with phone and email support and never hesitated to warn me about the dangers of thinking, “I know that topic, I don’t need to review it.”

Ashley’s tailor-made tutoring method and easy to understand study notes taught me specifically what I needed to know to pass this exam. She was there for me every step of the way, and believed in my success so much that I began to believe in myself too. She not only tested me on the MBE subjects, but made sure that I understood the importance and grading scale significance of the essay material as well. We worked together to ensure that I had a solid understanding of the material needed to pass this exam and she was ALWAYS available for anything that I needed. I found her to be one of the nicest and most intelligent people I have ever met. She has an extensive knowledge of the law and has a special way of explaining complex legal principles that makes them easy to understand.

After studying with Ashley, I am proud to say that I passed with a much higher score and my life has changed in ways I had never imagined. If passing the bar and becoming an Attorney is really what you want to do with your life, invest in yourself and contact Ashley to find out if she will help you. - K.S.,

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Ashley. The most difficult part about taking the bar exam a second time was rebuilding the endurance and motivation that pushed me to the finish line the first time around. With Ashley’s help, I had a study program that was tailored to my individual needs, and I was able to stay focused to the end. My study plan had structure and was a complete change from the way I had studied in the past–which is what I needed to help me pass. Without Ashley, I would have repeated the same mistakes I made on my first time around. Ashley was a major part of my success and gave me the strength and confidence that I needed to succeed. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone taking the Michigan bar exam. – J.Y. second time taker, Increased score by 26 points

After taking the bar exam 3 times and failing, I was losing all hope of ever becoming a lawyer. When it came to taking the exam for the fourth time, I was determined that it was going to be my final time to take it. I did not go at it alone. I retained the services of Ashley. Ashley is brilliant beyond her years. Ashley has a love for the law that becomes contagious to the student. She is an outstanding person, a brilliant lawyer, and a phenomenal tutor. Ashley assesses you as a student by finding your strong points and your weak points and building on both so that when you get to the exam you feel like you have mastered the law. Ashley empowers you as a student because she wants you to learn the law not only for the exam but for your practice.

Ashley is very flexible with scheduling sessions. She will bend over backwards to meet your individual needs for this exam. I cannot stress enough about how much easier studying is with Ashley. Ashley provides you with specific techniques to tackle the exam. You are guaranteed a high score if you follow her tips. She provides you with a study schedule that is specifically targeted to your strengths and weaknesses. You need to do the work to see the end result, the end result being that you pass this exam. And you will if Ashley is your tutor. When I found out that I had passed I felt that i could get through anything. I was and still am grateful for Ashley's help and services. I could not have done it without her. There is no better feeling than conquering something that you feel will never come through for you. The day I found out that I passed was a day I truly will never forget and I owe it all to Ashley. - A.A., Passed on the Fourth Time with a score of 140 

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