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Essay Feedback

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We specialize in providing bar exam essay feedback and review. JD Advising employs bar exam tutors who have read thousands of bar exam essays. We also have a law firm which has an extremely high success rate in appealing failed bar exam essays scores. We know what graders like to see, and what they don’t like to see!  We specialize in assisting students with the Uniform Bar Exam, the Multistate Essay Exam, the Multistate Performance Test, the California Bar Exam, and the Michigan Bar Exam.

We provide feedback promptly after receiving your e-mail. Again, we also tell you how to improve. Note that we also offer a 30-minute phone call, to be scheduled at the convenience of both yourself and the grader so that we can answer any questions and reiterate advice and tips for improvement.

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2 reviews for Essay Feedback

  1. Peter Kawinski

    When I first took the Michigan Bar Exam I had missed it by so many points. It was not only clear that I had so much work to do, but also that I needed structure and guidance in my bar prep. I signed with Jd Advising upon hearing great reviews and testimonials from law school peers as well as re-takers. I signed to do the full course with Meagan. It was the best decision I have ever made!!!!! I improved so much with my essays. The Jd course taught me how to write an essay in a way that catches the eyes of the grader and maximize chances of more points. They helped me develop some new writing habits like underlining key buzz words. My scores had improved substantially. I was getting scores ranging from 7-10, instead of 2-5, like I would in the beginning. It was due to the essays that we were required to do as well as the feedback. However, I still struggled with the other half of the exam when I went back to retake it- the MBE!!! I remained with Jd advising and we worked hard at getting my mbe score up. It took a couple more tries, but by utilizing Jd Advisings prep books and Adaptibar, my score came a long way from my first time. I once got 103,109, 115. Now I got my score to a125, paired with a 145 essay score. I am truly grateful for Jd Advising and the supportive team that you have working with you. They are your support, which is what you need during bar prep regardless. They do NOT judge you or make you feel like not passing the bar was the worst thing you could do. They are truly there for you and work with you according to your needs. The only sad part now is that I won’t get to work with the fine team at Jd Advising ever, but I will ALWAYS be grateful that they helped me pass the bar exam!! I would recommend Jd advising to anyone struggling with bar prep or just in law school. Lastly, I just want to thank Klaudia, Meagan, Rosie, Hannah, Heather my tutor, Nick, and of course the bar exam OG…….Ms. Ashley Heidemman!!! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. This review was only the LEAST I could do!!!!!!

  2. Ian

    I used Barbri the first go round and came up one point short for my jurisdiction. The second time around I decided I would focus on my essay writing to ensure I got the score I needed. I had Alexandra N. as my JD Advising essay tutor. And over the course of the three essays and MPT my confidence grew. The feedback was better than Barbri’s essay feedback. I ended up passing the BAR easily the second time. My essay score was greatly improved, if you have the extra money I would definitely add this feedback counseling to your essential BAR studies.

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