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Managing Bar Exam Preparation

Managing Bar Exam Preparation During The Holidays

Managing bar preparation can be a challenge during the summer months, however, preparing during the holiday season is extra unique. With all of the excitement surrounding the holidays, studying for the bar exam may seem impossible. You have family to see, shopping to do, and many other obligations that could potentially interfere with a study schedule. Not to worry, all hope isn’t lost. We’re sure these tips on how to navigate bar prep during the holidays will help you study successfully. Here are some tips for managing bar exam preparation during the holidays.

Managing Bar Exam Preparation During The Holidays

It’s All About Balance

Students preparing for the February administration of the bar exam feel like they must carefully strategize their studying over the holidays. Many students thing that it’s either abandon studying completely and fully enjoy the holidays or fully embrace studying and ignore the holidays. We want to emphasize that balance is the key. Chances are if you’re going to fully embrace the holidays, you’re going to feel guilty for not studying. Similarly, choosing to fully embrace studying will likely leave you feeling guilty for not partaking in the holidays.

The good news is that you don’t need to feel guilty about anything! Plan and schedule family gatherings, days off, and other events ahead of time. That way, you know exactly what to expect heading into the holiday season and can plan your schedule studying accordingly. While we’re sure that unexpected events may occur, there’s no need for alarm. Simply adjust your schedule. The goal is to provide yourself with enough study time and enough time to enjoy the holidays.

Enjoy Yourself

If you’re going to be studying, the holidays really aren’t a bad time to be doing so. There’s hot cocoa on tap, snow outside, and plenty of baked goods. So, when you’re not studying, fully take advantage of the holidays! Bake cookies, catch up with friends and family, and watch your favorite holiday movies. These are all things to look forward to when you’re deep into a set of tough MBE questions. The holidays are about spreading happiness and joy, so don’t deprive yourself of that just because you have to study.

There’s Time For Improvement

Studying during the holidays for the February exam is important.  That being said, there is still plenty of time between December and February to improve your performance in time for the bar exam. The holidays really shouldn’t be the time where you’re at your best performance. In preparing for the February Bar Exam, you should feel most confident in the weeks (and month) immediately preceding the test.

The holidays should be a time where you begin studying for the February Bar Exam. If you’re a repeat taker, that means laying down foundational knowledge, reviewing your prior exam performance, and identifying weaknesses. If you’re a first-time examinee preparing for the February Bar Exam, your bar prep course likely has you covered. Whether it’s JD Advising’s bar prep course or another course, be sure to check the course schedule right away so you can make the appropriate adjustments!

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