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Michigan Bar Exam Course Testimonials

Read our recent Michigan bar exam course testimonials here!

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Hear what our students are saying!

Being an LL.M student who was granted a waiver to take the MI Bar Exam, passing the bar exam was important to me more than anything else. Having taken the MPRE course offered by JD advising and passed it, I trusted their material. From the day I contacted JD Advising for MI Bar prep course till now, I always had a positive experience with everyone who works there. They are always helpful and supportive. Rosie is my to-go person and she is always available to answer any questions and help me with anything I need.

I signed up for the in-person extended course. The materials were to the point and had every detail that is required to pass the bar exam. Essay weekly homework and weekly tests were really helpful to get all the practice for the essays, which was fruitful to get me an essay score of 159. For MBE, I highly recommend MBE QBank. The app was super easy to get practice in phone as well as in laptop. I followed the legal pad method and found that my scores were increasing towards the exam. Finally, I passed the MI Bar exam with a score of 143.

I have to thank this person. Ashley! She is one of the sweetest people I have met in my life. She genuinely cared for my success and has helped me to stay positive throughout the bar prep. She is a true inspiration for hard work as well as smart work. I would also like to thank Heather who made sure that I was on schedule and always kept track of my progress. I am truly thankful and grateful to each and everyone who has supported me on this journey. Thank you very much!

- February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

Just wanted to send you this email to share my good news in regard to the Bar Exam. After missing the July exam by one point, I’m happy to say that I passed February 2020. I saw a huge jump in my MBE (130 to 148) and in essays (139 to 158). I truly believe that the concise outlines and real MBE questions made a huge difference this time around. I just want to thank you for all you and your team has done for me.

- February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

The JD Advising bar exam course is both worth the time and money! I tried Barbri before and it was very overwhelming. JDA’s course is easy to follow and it includes a detailed plan for weekly essay and MBE practice. The most helpful for me as repeat exam taker were the quizzes and the stimulated essay exams. My July 2019 scores were MBE 118 and Essay 68. My passing scores in February 2020 were MBE 122 and Essay 116 (161 converted!)!! The proof is in the numbers! The materials and outlines are very well written and straightforward! More importantly, the instructors for lectures were amazing! They provide many additional examples when explaining the law which helped with my learning style. The instructors were patient, helpful and always available for questions. I highly recommend this course especially for repeat takers. It not only prepares you for the bar exam, but it also gives you the confidence to walk into the exam feeling prepared. Thank you JD Advising!

- February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

I want to thank Meagan and Rosie personally for their help on my Bar Exam journey. This full Michigan Bar Exam course contains the most straight forward and concise outlines, lectures and materials. The team at JDA is well versed in everything Bar Exam related, and you can tell from the moment you start working with them. As busy as the team is, they still make time to individually check-in with every student and provide feedback on everything you turn in.

The lectures are short, not extremely long and draining like Barbri lectures. The outlines contain everything you have to know, and that’s it. You don’t feel overloaded and overwhelmed with unnecessary material. There is feedback for essays, practice graded essay exams, and a QBank with all the released previous MBE questions. This program seriously puts you in the best possible position to pass this exam. It feels more like a course that’s tailored for you individually rather than a blanket commercial course that treats everyone the same regardless of focusing on strengths and weaknesses.

JDA points out the most highly tested points in every subject, and the Michigan BLE likes to retest many of these laws repeatedly, so it is well worth the time to study the outlines the way JDA sets them up. The team does all the work for you by giving you outlines that are perfect for straight forward well managed studying. You don’t feel overwhelmed and unconfident studying for or taking the bar exam on the day of. Thank you to JDA for giving me the best possible experience during this journey, and a special thanks to Rosie and Meagan for your continued help and support. It makes all the difference. 10/10 would recommend.

- Fatima Hammoud, Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

I wanted to thank you (and your bar prep program) for helping me (finally!) pass the Michigan bar exam!

This was the fifth time I took the exam and I decided before the exam that regardless of the outcome, I was not going to take the bar again.

The MBE has always been my weak section; I’ve always struggled with multiple choice, especially when more than one answer appears to be right. My MBE scores have consistently been in the mid-120s (110, 125, 124, 126). I’m also pretty sure that I have some form of test anxiety brought on by the pressures of the bar exam.

Knowing this, I decided that for this exam, I was going to really going to focus hard on the essays since I knew this was an area that I felt I could really improve (113, 130, 137, 136). I used your on-demand service, your MBE one-sheets, and attended the MI Essay Seminar. Rather than watching all the lectures, I really focused on trying to fill-in the blanks of the outlines, focused on the essay portion of the How to Pass the MI bar exam book, and reviewed what felt like every single essay question and answer. Part of what I found really helpful was the student models that were provided in the book; it really helped me focus on what I needed to and didn’t need to include in my answer. I’ve always been told that I’m a very clear & concise writer, but the model answers helped me see that while I would get to the heart of the issue, I really needed to make sure that I was laying out all the law as well. I think in previous exams I left points on the table because while I knew the correct answer, I wasn’t clearly outlining how I got there. Instead of A=D, this time I made sure to show that A+B+C=D.

While this approach was not beneficial to my MBE score (I received a 121), it really paid off in my essay score. After scaling, my converted essay score was 167 and I received 7s or above on 11 essays, including six 10s! I passed the bar exam with a total score of 144.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this approach to most people, but it worked for me based on my previous exam experience. I credit the JD advising materials for helping me to achieve this essay score. If I had anything negative to say, it would be that I wasn’t sure if I could actually write in the books provided because they had to be returned, so I did a lot of work on scratch paper. Maybe that could be made more clear? If it was written down somewhere I definitely missed it!

Again, I would like to thank you for helping to pass the bar exam; it still doesn’t seem quite real! I really appreciate all the effort put into your materials and the presentation of your bar prep in a straightforward way.

- February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

The bar exam is one of the most stressful times of a law student or attorney’s life. Study for the bar fills a person with a great deal of anxiety but I can honestly say that JD Advising helps a great deal in alleviating that stress. The bar prep course by JD is incredibly well organized and allows you to get a grasp on even the most difficult material. Aside from being structured perfectly the instructors are seriously MVPs, they are there for every step and there to answer all of your questions. As long as you do your part, you will do fine. Best decision I made was taking JD!

- February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

I learned about JD Advising my first week of law school and knew it was the right prep course for me. The outlines, class instructions and practice essays are specifically tailored for the Michigan Bar Exam and the practice essay exam simulated the first half of the essay exam perfectly.

Also, the practice multiple-choice questions were an excellent help in preparing for that part of the bar exam. The material is easy to follow, the in-class instruction was great and the memorization techniques were extremely helpful.

Not only does JD Advising provide study material, it also helps with day-of preparation and really helped calm my nerves on the day of the exam.

I was able to pass the bar exam on the first attempt and there is no doubt in my mind that JD Advising was on top of the list of reasons why I was able to do that.

- Daniel, July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

The bar exam is a monster of a test, and if there is any prep company that knows how to tackle it, it’s JD Advising. Every person that works for JD Advising has unmatched skill and experience, and knows what it takes to pass. The courses are organized in a way that provide the highest quality teaching instruction, best written material available, and tips on how to conquer test day(s). As if that is not enough, JD Advising continues to be the top choice on the market because of its effort in finding innovative ways to teach the courses, and by keeping their materials as up-to-date as possible. They are not your regular, cookie-cutter bar prep company. For anyone that asks for a recommendation, JD Advising is my #1 response.

- Jewel Haji, July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

There is no doubt that the bar exam will be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. I was very pleased with JD Advising’s products and services while studying for the July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam. The materials were condensed, clear, and concise. The in-class instruction was very helpful in understanding the material and navigating the outlines. If I had any questions, they were answered in a timely fashion. Everyone at JD Advising is friendly, encouraging, and there to support you with your bar exam success. I could not have asked for a better bar studying experience.

- Lindsay, July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

Preparing for the bar exam can be an extremely stressful, anxious experience.

However, JD Advising’s course changes this narrative. You are prepared so extensively in this course by taking simulated practice essay exams and working through timed multiple choice questions every week, that you feel as if you are taking the bar exam long before you actually do.

When the time comes to sit for the bar exam, the routine takes over as soon as the timer begins and your mind is calm and clear.

JD Advising provides incredible outlines, access to vital study materials, real-time lectures, and enthusiastic support – all playing integral parts in assisting you in preparing for the most important exam of your legal career.

- Amelia. July 2019 Michigan Bar Exam Course Student

I definitely found this course helpful. I took the bar exam with a commercial course the first time and failed by 4 points. I felt as if I didn’t have much structure or organization when I studied the first time around. J.D Advising’s exam approach completely changed things around for me. The lectures provided helpful tips when studying and attacking MBE questions. The outlines were absolutely AMAZING. They were easy to follow and got straight to the point. In addition, the course provided weekly assignments so students were constantly kept busy. I would highly recommend this course to others, whether taking the exam for the first time or repeat takers. After taking the course, my overall score improved by 19 total points. I scored extremely high the second time around and could not have done it without JD. My score prior to taking the course was a 131 and after completing the score was 150. My essay score was 163! My essay score alone improved more than 20 points after completing the course.

- February 2019 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I am SO grateful that I chose JD Advising for my bar prep course. The first time I took the MI bar exam was in July 2018 with Barbri as my bar prep course and did not pass. Commercial courses may work for a lot of people but I got so overwhelmed with all of the Barbri materials because there were several different outlines for every topic so I ditched Barbri about halfway through. The only reason why I chose Barbri was because everyone else did and it was cheaper than JD Advising (JDA).

However, JDA is COMPLETELY WORTH THE MONEY. I took the next bar exam (Feb 2019) using JDA and passed! My overall score improved by 25 points from my first attempt at the bar!!

JDA provides one clear, concise, color-coordinated outline for each subject. What I would’ve had to learn from 3 separate books from Barbri, I learned from 1 short outline from JDA. The materials are phenomenal and the most important part of bar prep. Additionally, the instructors are amazing! Meghan is really positive and optimistic and provides the rationale for each rule which really makes the rules stick in your mind. The graded essays, practice exams, and organized clear schedule that is provided with JDA is unmatched and I wish I took JDA the first time around. Also, commercial courses do not give you released past exams, JDA does. I am so happy that I gave the bar another shot with JDA.

- July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I just wanted to send a note saying thank you for all your help in preparing for the Michigan February Bar Exam! Not only did I pass, but I passed with a score of 170. My essay score was 176 and MBE score was 165. I am certain that a ton of credit is owed to everyone at JDA. The materials that you provided were absolutely outstanding and fit right in with my learning style. Also, I honestly can’t say enough good things about the instruction I received. I truly felt like you helped me have the perfect studying schedule and plan. Beyond all of that, everyone there was so nice and was genuinely interested in helping the students be prepared as possible. I just wanted you all to know that I had a great experience, and I am very thankful for everything you did.

- July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

As a second time taker, the first time I used Themis/Barbri and the traditional Bar Prep course, I definitely put pressure on myself to make sure to pass this time. I could not be more happy with the course. The outlines were to the point, worded perfectly, and did not contain any “useless” information (for example the standard bar review course included significant time and videos on commercial paper which hasn’t been tested in a long time). Meagan is honestly amazing. I talked with her almost every day (probably annoying her) with questions and concerns, and she was fantastic and always made time for me and other students. If she, with her precise lectures and what seemed liked infinite knowledge, had been a professor in Law School I would have understood the information 1000% more. The course that Ashley has designed is perfect, and instead of the long 12-14 hour days I put in the first time, I was able to be precise with studying and able to have sleep and relax without feeling the need to study till 10 p.m. You NEVER feel like you are wasting time with JD. There are no videos that stretch hours and even days. Instead, it is hands-on learning of the info through memorization and practice. It is a perfect system, that made me wish I would have used JD the first time I took the exam.

My essay score went up nearly 30 points from the first time I took the exam (and I was on 3 points from passing overall), which is clear proof that I was more prepared this time around. Throughout both sections, multiple-choice and essays, I came across nothing that wasn’t at all familiar to me, and nothing blindsided me. Even a quirky Torts question, on a new topic, was not challenging as the outline perfectly laid out for me what I needed to learn during my memorization. JD made me feel comfortable taking the exam, something I can say I did not feel the first time as I was clueless about 2 of the first 3 essays, which came out of hundreds of hours of videos and studying, that made me feel like my time was wasted. Trust me, nothing is better on a test like the bar exam than looking at a question and saying right away “I know the answer to the question”. That is the confidence JD gave me.

My law school best friend recommended JD to me, after passing the February 2018 Bar and I am sooooo glad she did. One of my closest friends is taking the February 2019 Bar Exam, and using JD. I made sure she knew that JD was the way to go and that there would be no doubt she would succeed on her first try with Ashley and Meagan’s program and help. Another two friends of mine that I recommended JD too, are using the program for the July 2019 Bar. I remain active at my law school, and I have no problem telling everyone that JD Advising is the way to go.

- July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

The best part about taking your course was not only did I score this comfortably above passing but going into the test, I had confidence that this would be the result. I essentially went on autopilot, and I wasn’t worried afterward that I didn’t pass. I didn’t realize we’d get individual essay scores and this looks exactly as I was self-scoring myself and being scored by your grader. The 5 was a response where I completely made up the law but was still able to get a decent score. I received two 10’s, four 9’s and six 8’s on my essays! So thanks again!

I passed the July Bar Exam and want to thank all the folks at JD Advising. I tried to express my gratitude throughout the process, but at the end of it all we look at the results. My essay scores improved ten points. Your materials, assignments, and positive-but-constructive feedback had a lot to do with that.

I found the materials to be the strength of the JD Advising program. Ashley knows the law inside and out, and I particularly found her materials on the Michigan subjects to be outstanding!

During one of my final review classes before the July ’18 Bar Exam, we went over a real property question dealing with tenants by the entirety. It turned out the identical question appeared on the bar! As soon as I read the fact pattern I had an immediate sigh of relief. I ended up scoring very high on that essay!

Quickly into studying for the bar, I realized my best strategy was to pick up points on the essays. The JD Advising Michigan Essay Advantage course helped me maximize that goal, and ended up pushing me past the threshold!

- July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

As with any law student, preparing to sit for the bar can be one of the most stressful and nerve wracking times of your life; I can attest to this due to the fact that I have recently completed the Bar exam process. Wow, that felt good to say. For me, choosing the proper Bar exam review course was something I knew I had to choose correctly. Thankfully, JD Advising was the Bar review course that was suggested to me by a fellow classmate. This proved to be one of the best suggestions of my law school career.

From the onset, I was impressed with JD Advising because they started there Bar review course more then a month before any other Bar review courses. I needed all the extra studying time I could get. Furthermore, the Bar exam outlines that JD Advising provides are non-intimidating and user friendly. Although the outlines are not as lengthy as other Bar review courses, I found that the format of the Bar exam material through JD Advising was precise, efficient, and all encompassing,

Moreover, and most importantly, JD Advising provides students with a team that works with you and is constantly adjusting to each student’s individual strengths and weakness. There were several times during my Bar exam review process where I conveyed to the JD Advising team of my need to focus on specific areas which I was having difficulty with.

In response to my personal points of confusion, JD Advising provided me with custom made strategies and assignments which enabled me to solidify these areas of confusion and difficulty. In many respects, I would compare the JD Advising Bar review course to a person that goes to the gym with a personal trainer. Just as with a personal trainer, the client receives constant feedback and encouragement, so too, with JD Advising, the student’s receive constant feedback and priceless encouragement.

JD Advising provided me with all the necessary tools I needed to pass the Michigan Bar exam. Thankfully, the tools worked. I passed!

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I would like to sincerely offer my thanks for the time you took to offer feedback for the mock essay exam given at Wayne State this past weekend. I have found your advice to be invaluable, especially when compared to the Themis program I used during initial preparation. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I took the practice exam through JD Advising based on the recommendation of a classmate myself. I consider the materials and advice that you provide to Wayne students as the most useful tools I’ve used in preparing to answer the questions on the actual exam.

I feel very confident about the essay portion of the 2017 exam and your one-sheets and essay prep was incredible.

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I signed up to JD Advising after I used them for the MPRE and was beyond happy with their services. I was in the night course, which consisted of three days a week of lecture, outlines, homework assignments, and grading of all essays for each week. This course was different from commercial courses that all of my friends used for multiple reasons.

First, the class starts about a month before the commercial courses so you are spending more days on each subject, which helps with burning out over being overloaded with tons of information. Second, you get homework assignments of MBE and essays questions, which are submitted each week and graded with feedback, in comparison to just a few essays that are graded over a few months. You are also doing essay questions from the very beginning to the end. This way, you get an opportunity to really improve each week with all the feedback you get.

Third, the whole class is very structured. You know what you should be doing each day, and it is attainable, rather than some of the commercial courses that bombard you with unattainable goals that are not structured, that leave you feeling overwhelmed and putting in countless hours of over studying rather than studying smart! Also worth noting is that all the lectures are in person, in a small groups setting where you feel comfortable to raise your hand and ask a question.

Fourth, the OUTLINES are unbelievable! I learned pretty much all of law school in three months! The outlines range from 30-45 pages depending on the subject. Each outline is so easy to understand and it breaks everything down for you. The property outline in particular had an entire section of just pictures, which really helped me learn what I needed to know.

Fifth, the most important part of JD Advising, is the staff! I can personally attest that the staff at JD Advising is the best part of the class. Everyone knows Ashley is kind and brilliant but there is an entire staff, that is just as amazing. Meagan, Ambika, Nick, and Klaudia have all become family to me. There is not a minute that I didn’t have a phone call or email immediately answered. This includes evenings, weekends, and even holidays.

Whether it was about an MBE question or just a cry session, there was always someone to talk to. The entire staff is there for you and they genuinely care about your success. When I was on my way to Lansing to take the bar, I even got emails of encouragement.

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I had trouble in law school so I felt that I needed a more structured program with tons of support. JD Advising is exactly what I needed and I would recommend them to anyone who is taking the MPRE, the bar, or even just starting law school. I actually wish I knew about them sooner because I believe I would have scored high enough for a full scholarship with their help for the LSAT.

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I owe it ALL to JD Advising. I took the least amount of doctrinal/bar prep classes in law school and I was a procrastinator. After using a commercial course to study for property, contracts, and criminal law/procedure, I knew I needed something different to get me on track to pass. I could not stand the inefficiency of the commercial course. I needed a bar prep course that would help me study smarter, not harder, and JD Advising was it.

JD Advising’s outline were succinct and color-coordinated, with the differences in Michigan law highlighted. I learned with every lecture and homework assignment JD Advising asked us to do. I never felt like anything they assigned was a waste of time, unlike in the commercial course. I did almost everything JD Advising told me (I got behind on MBE practice) and got well above what I needed to pass. I did not use any supplemental material.

Not only did JD Advising get me substantively ready for the bar exam, but they prepared me mentally and physically. They made the actual bar exam days seem familiar because of their multiple practice essay exams and MBE practice days. With weekly homework plus practice exams, we did over 100 practices essays and we received feedback on every single one. In fact, JD Advising got me so familiar with the Michigan bar exam, I predicted what scores I would get after each day of the bar exam and my predictions compared closely to my score report.

JD Advising is expensive but well worth the money. Even if you cannot afford their full course, take a seminar or find free resources and advice on their blog.

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I can absolutely say that without JD Advising I would not have passed the Michigan Bar on the first time.

I want to give some context to that statement. I wasn’t a stellar law student. I struggled in the most basic of courses the first year. I had a lot of family issues occur during the three years of law school so my studies were always secondary. With that being said, I had confidence issues and had an extreme fear of failing out, and ultimately not being able to pass the bar. My second year summer I planned to take the MPRE. I failed the exam by 2 points. I was devastated and frantic. I thought that this path wasn’t cut out for me. I knew I needed to find some way to receive in person instruction because that is my best learning method. An online tutorial doesn’t work for the way my brain is wired. I searched for an MPRE in class course and I found one with JD Advising. I signed up immediately for their two day course. I was taught the material in manageable and digestible chunks. I took the MPRE and passed by 23 points. After that I knew that this was the place I needed to do my bar studying in order to be successful.

I enrolled in the full Michigan bar prep extended course –four days a week for two hours a day. The course covered every single area of law both for the MBE and the Michigan Essay portion. Meagan was my instructor and she kept us on target and focused. I was ready to put in the work but I needed the guidance. Every day we would work from an outline book for an area of law and would be instructed in class for two hours. We would usually end the class period with a few practice essays or multiple choice. It is important to note this course ONLY operates off previously released bar essay questions, and previously released NCBE MBE questions. We NEVER utilized mimicked questions. Every week we had homework which consisted of 10-15 essays a week and 50-60 multiple choice questions. JD Advising had us on a schedule that never for one moment had me feel like I didn’t know what to do. I was always working and understanding what I was to accomplish next. They provide you the tools to be successful, it is up to you to utilize them and do the work. JD Advising provided weekly timed testing scenarios for both essays and multiple choice. This was crucial for my success since the day of the exam we had an extremely long test, and the timed practices we did in class had me prepared. Additionally, Meagan was always available by email and in person for questions. You also receive a one-on-one tutoring session that caters towards whatever area you would like to focus on.

The bottom line is if you are like me and are convinced that law school wasn’t for you and the bar exam seems like a monster –take this course. You will feel like you are supported and will begin to be confident in your abilities to pass this exam. Don’t waste your time taking a commercial prep course because it won’t be catered towards your learning style. JD Advising will work with you personally and will give you the attention that you need to pass this test.

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

Using J.D. Advising was the BEST decision I have ever made in the entirety of my academic career. I know that may sound dramatic, but I really, truly mean it.

I used J.D. Advising for both my MPRE prep and Bar Exam prep, and I am very proud to be able to say that I passed BOTH exams on my first try!

For people who expect to pass both exams on their first try, that accomplishment might not seem that monumental or special, however, I did not do well in law school. I barely read, never outlined, and rarely studied. Failing the Bar was a very real concern for me, and I knew that failing was a very likely outcome if I kept up my habits (or lack therefore of) that I practiced during law school. With that being said, I attribute my bar passage on my first attempt ALL to J.D. Advising!

I learned more during my Bar Prep course with J.D. Advising than I did during three years of law school, and that is because J.D. Advising not only teaches you Bar Exam material but they teach you HOW to study for the Bar Exam.

In terms of the materials they offer, J.D. Advising’s material truly is second to none. All of my friends studying for the Bar with other companies were lugging around huge, heavy books filled with unnecessary and often times old material. My friends that were studying with other companies had to rely on their outlines from law school while studying for the bar. I did none of that. I exclusively relied on my material from J.D. Advising when studying for the bar. I never had to research law for myself to make sure it was correct or up to date. J.D. Advising’s Bar Prep material is the gold standard in the land of Bar Prep. The material is straight to the point and only includes what you need to know in the most succinct and informative way. J.D. Advising is all about studying SMARTER and not HARDER, and they apply that mentality to all that they do.

Not only is J.D. Advising’s course material the best, but J.D. Advising’s instructors and tutors are the best too! Meagan taught my class and she exudes a knowledge of all things bar related. She never failed to have an answer to a question and always made sure to double and triple check her answers to make sure that us students were learning the correct law. J.D. Advising offers a personalized experience that no commercial company can compare to. From in class sessions to literally hundreds of graded essays with valuable feedback to individual conferences, there is no better Bar Prep than J.D. Advising.

I could actually go on and on about how great J.D. Advising is, but you’re probably tired by now of reading my testimonial. Point blank, if you want to pass the bar, you need J.D. Advising. If I could pass the bar on my first time given my law school experience, you can too. Using J.D. Advising was the BEST decision I made for MPRE/ Bar Prep, and it will be the best decision you make too!

- July 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Taker

It is important to me to acknowledge and thank those who supported me through this oftentimes pride swallowing experience. I need to, at a very minimum, properly thank you for your kind heart, your supportive words, and your unmatched materials and course structure. Ashley, without your program I am absolutely certain I would have continued to take and fail the exam until the end of days. What you have built and what your team does on a daily basis truly does change lives in ways you can never fully know. I can honestly say that you are the first person I have ever met who is truly the absolute very best at thing she does. You and your team have given me back my future that I honestly had begun to believe was lost. I Thank you. My daughters thank you. All the best to you and your family. Oh my God I passed!!! Ha!

I took the bar exam twice with Barbri and did 100% of the work. I knew Barbri wasn’t working for me and I needed to do something different which is why I invested in JD Advising for my third attempt. That was the best decision I ever made. I used both the Essay course as well as private MBE tutoring. I passed the bar exam on my third attempt after using JD Advising.

The outlines were far more concise and focused on highly tested topics. Each outline covered tested topics on the Michigan Bar Exam without being overwhelming. Barbri’s outlines were quite daunting and put a lot of focus on topics that are rarely or never tested. Additionally, Barbri had a convoluted way of explaining even the simplest of topics. JD Advising outlines do an excellent job of breaking down the topics and subtopics without unnecessary information.

In addition to the exceptional outlines, JD Advising has an exceptional staff that have dedicated their careers to studying the patterns of the bar exam in order to provide the best instruction possible. Ashley and Meagan are fantastic instructors. Each of them has a different teaching style; however, both are equally effective. They both use a combination of repetition, examples, and different ways of explaining topics so that each individual student retains the information provided. Having a smaller class allows for a more tailored approach to each student rather than just one way of relaying the information. My one on one tutoring instructor was Lena and working with her allowed me to ask questions about things that I was having trouble understanding which is something I couldn’t do with Barbri. The one on one sessions were beneficial because I got to choose how the session was structured. Lena did not talk at me, she talked with me. She helped me break down topics that I wasn’t understanding and provided real life examples so I could make connections and really absorb the information.

The essay course and the private MBE tutoring offered individualized grading which helped me hone in on the mistakes I was making while writing essays. The feedback was always constructive and allowed me to significantly improve my score on the bar exam. JD Advising sees its students as individuals who learn in different ways and that is how its course was developed. It is not a generic course that simply lists all the information. Instead, JD Advising researches statistics on highly tested topics and develops its program based on patterns which is what makes it so effective. I would highly recommend this service to anyone taking the bar exam.

-Third-time Michigan Bar Exam Taker

Ashley is worth her weight in gold. If you take her Michigan Bar Exam Course, put in the work, and follow her schedule, I can pretty much guarantee that you will pass the Michigan Bar Exam. I increased my score by 20 points!

The first time I took the bar exam, I used a commercial review course, sitting through hours and hours of lectures and trying to keep up with their overwhelming personal study plan. I thought that if I just trusted the process, it will all come together in the end. It never did, and I did not pass the bar exam the first time around.

The first time I heard of Ashley and JD Advising, she was presenting a seminar at my law school for those of us who did not pass. She said she “loved” the bar exam. I thought, “Anyone who says they ‘love’ the bar exam, I have to have them in my life.” Taking Ashley’s course was the best decision I ever made. I never missed a class, did about 90% of the assignments, and studied at least eight hours a day – every day.

The first time I took the bar exam, my highest score on the essays was a seven. After taking Ashley’s course, I received several 10’s, 9’s, and 8’s. She teaches you how to rack up the points on the essays. The commercial courses teach the subjects the way you learned them in law school. The bar exam is a different beast. There is a difference between law school exams and the bar exam, and that is what separates Ashley’s course from commercial review courses. Ashley teaches the subjects in the way the Board of Law Examiners tests them. For example, when I took the bar exam, they tested three subjects that they rarely test. However, because I was “JD Advising Prepared,” those where my highest scores. In fact, everyone who was in enrolled in Ashley’s class when I took it was prepared and passed that bar exam – 100% passage rate.

Ashley is the best – hands down!

- Second-time Michigan Bar Exam Taker

When I failed the bar exam, I was completely and utterly devastated. I utilized a commercial bar prep course the first time around, which obviously did not adequately prepare me. The material that the course provided was overwhelming. Watching lectures, going from one subject to another daily, all the while, trying to do essays AND MBE questions had me frantic. I do not believe that taking a commercial bar course is for everyone, especially someone like me who needs to completely comprehend and absorb a subject before moving on to the next.

I had previously heard of Ashley from other students who had tutored with her and raved about her work. I knew she was the person to call. The same day I found out I failed, I contacted Ashley. She was so understanding, encouraging, and helpful.

I signed up for her course immediately. What I came to discover immediately about the course was that everything is concise, easy to follow, and efficient. Ashley provided us with only the relevant information and highly tested issues pertinent to the bar exam. She also would administer quizzes and essays weekly, which helped immensely. Ashley was always available was when I had questions or difficulties. I would e-mail her constantly and her responses were always prompt and helpful.

I did not have to read extraneous material like I did with the commercial bar course. I did not have to spend as many hours as I did previously studying for the bar exam because I was understanding and absorbing the law much more clearly with her curriculum. I did not feel stressed or worried because she was always available to explain and go over issues.

I cannot recommend Ashley enough. Not only is she a great tutor, but she has become a great friend of mine. Failing the bar is probably one of the most disheartening experiences to occur to a law student. However, Ashley’s positivity and enthusiasm truly helped me get through this difficult period. She helped me to realize that this failure was just a roadblock to success. I am proud to say that I increased my score 29 points and received a 160 on the bar exam. I am so thankful for meeting Ashley. She is the best at what she does!

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

Signing up for the JD Advising Bar course was one of the best decisions I made to help me pass the Michigan Bar Exam. The first time I took the Bar I used one of those generic Bar prep courses. To them it didn’t matter if I passed or failed, I was only a number. I knew I needed someone who cared that I passed and took the time to teach me the way to achieve that goal. Ashley and Meagan truly care whether or not you pass and are always there to help. On top of that, Ashley and Meagan are two of the nicest people you will meet. With their help, I was able to turn a 115 essay score into a 150! I can proudly say I am now an attorney and no longer need to worry about taking the Michigan Bar Exam. I only wish I would have signed up for the JD Advising course the first time.

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

The first time I sat for the Bar I used a commercial study course and felt that I wasn’t feeling properly focused. Rather, the scope of their course was so broad and intimidating that I was so lost. When it actually came to taking the exam I felt completely unprepared and it was as if the questions were in a completely different language. I failed on my first attempt and was devastated. All those gallons of coffee and countless hours studying seemed wasted.

After some time to reflect and through conversations with colleagues, friends and family, I decided to retake the Bar but knew that I needed the proper ammunition to attack it. I knew of Ashley through her book “How To Pass the Michigan Bar,” and signed up for her Bar prep class. Ashley, as it turns out, is an incredibly amazing Bar exam guru. Her class filtered out all the extraneous info I received in my commercial course and gave me exactly what I needed. As a result, I was able to continue working full-time and raised my score by 19 points.

When I sat for the Bar after taking Ashley’s class, every question presented was familiar and I knew exactly how to confidently answer all of them. Hiring Ashley and her colleagues at JD Advising was hands down the best decision I made preparing for the Michigan Bar. As a true testament to Ashley’s abilities and effect, our class of all repeat takers had a 100% pass rate. I highly recommend Ashley and her team to anyone with their Bar prep – her results speak to her ability and success.

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

We invest three years of our lives into law school to have the opportunity to sit for the bar exam, make it count. I failed the July 2015 bar exam after using a commercial course to study. I am not blaming my failure on the commercial course, but after taking Ashley’s essay course for the February 2016 bar exam, I was so much more confident. Ashley has honed in on the Michigan bar exam in a remarkable way, through comprehensive outlines, study schedules, and quizzes. Ashley combines her knowledge of the Michigan bar exam with passion and positivity. I improved my score by 16 points. I highly recommend Ashley’s course to anyone taking the Michigan bar exam.

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I have nothing but good things to say about the JD Advising program! I only wish it was around in 2008 when I first took the exam ;-)

I can’t say enough about the Michigan Bar Exam course, as well as the private tutoring provided by Ashley and Meagan. This was my fourth attempt at the Bar Exam and I was very nervous. I had a full time job and was in my last semester of graduate school (I know, I had entirely too much going on!) The first thing Ashley did was help me create a realistic study schedule. She encouraged me to start early and reduce my hours and course load. Since time management was key, the course outlines were great. The outlines contained the commonly-tested law, so I didn’t waste time studying law that likely wouldn’t be tested. Unlike commercial courses, the Michigan distinctions were presented along with the common law so that I could learn MBE subjects and Michigan specific law for the essay portion of the exam more efficiently.

I also took advantage of private tutoring sessions for my “weak” subject areas. It was so helpful to spend the extra time with Ashley or Meagan to go over materials or practice extra essays to build my confidence. As a re-taker, I’ve never felt more comfortable with the materials. I actually went into the exam excited and confident! My score improved by 12 points. My timing issues, which had been a problem during previous exams also improved tremendously!

It was a difficult three months, but during that time Ashley and her staff were my tutors, friends, therapists, and everything in between. I knew that I could text, email or call at any time and someone would respond with an answer and the encouragement to keep studying.

I could not have made a better choice in bar exam prep and tutoring!

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

I could not possibly recommend Ashley and her staff at JD Advising more highly! As a repeat bar-taker and someone that missed passing by three points, I was searching for a tutoring service that could take me over the edge. I knew that I understood the law, but that my approach to the essay portion of the exam needed tweaking in order to maximize points. Ashley’s course not only assisted me in that regard, but also increased my knowledge of the law a great deal in many subjects.

The study materials that I was provided with were unrivaled! They were well organized, concise, and easy to follow. I greatly appreciated the fact that I was not studying and piecing together information from a number of different sources.

The cerebral and formulaic manner in which the course taught me to answer essay questions made attacking them incredibly simplistic. It assisted me in not overthinking things and purely relying on the law and my analysis. Ashley truly understands what the graders are looking for and the best way by which to present it to them.

In addition – should you retain her services – you will never have to fear that you are not completely updated on current Michigan law, which is something that is often overlooked by other services. This is a very important factor and will set you apart from others when it comes to Michigan-specific questions.

The class sessions and essay feedback were absolutely priceless. The weekly assignments established a level of accountability that other services simply lack. The personal interaction and instruction I received was truly worth every penny. The JD Advising staff was accessible to me around the clock and a joy to work with.

There is no denying that studying for the bar exam is an arduous and burdensome task. However, my experience with JD Advising truly eased the pain and made the best out of a difficult situation. Ashley and her staff are more than fantastic tutors. On top of the superior materials and instruction, I received a limitless amount of support and encouragement. All of these factors culminated in me passing the Michigan Bar Exam and ultimately increasing my score by 14 points. JD Advising provided me with more than just the slight edge I was looking for. I wholeheartedly endorse Ashley as a person and instructor!

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

Signing up for the JD Advising Bar course was one of the best decisions I made to help me pass the Michigan Bar Exam. The first time I took the Bar I used one of those generic Bar prep courses. To them it didn’t matter if I passed or failed, I was only a number. I knew I needed someone who cared that I passed and took the time to teach me the way to achieve that goal. Ashley and Meagan truly care whether or not you pass and are always there to help. On top of that, Ashley and Meagan are two of the nicest people you will meet. With their help, I was able to turn a 115 essay score into a 150! I can proudly say I am now an attorney and no longer need to worry about taking the Michigan Bar Exam. I only wish I would have signed up for the JD Advising course the first time.

- Michigan Bar Exam Taker

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