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MBE Favorites

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Our MBE favorites series was invented by the JD Advising founder who scored a 180 on the MBE. In this series, we cover a total of 35 questions (five MBE questions per subject). Our goal is to cover MBE issues that we have seen tested repeatedly throughout the years. We have studied the tested MBE questions from 1991 through 2019, when the most recent set of questions was released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). We have seen some issues tested (and retested) again and again, oftentimes in very similar ways.

American Bar Association Law Student Division
National Black Law Students Association
Ivy League Law Schools
The Am Law 200
Philadelphia Delta Law Fraternity International
Avobe the Law
Law School Transparency
The National Jurist

Why choose the MBE Favorites?

A Smart Approach

Our MBE Favorites lecture covers MBE issues that we see tested repeatedly in actual, released MBE questions.

Recent, Real, Bar Exam Questions

All of these MBE favorite questions that we cover come from the 210 questions released by the NCBE in 2019.

An Overview of Favorite Questions

For each subject, we cover five (5) questions that demonstrate some of the NCBE’s favorite issues to test. After each question is a description of the rule and an answer explanation.

A Convenient Approach

This series is prerecorded and available instantly upon checkout. It takes a little under three (3) hours to watch. There also is a handout.

Taught by Bar Exam Experts

Our bar exam expert and Lead Course Instructor and Tutor, Meagan Jabbori, is the teacher of the MBE Favorites series.

The Best Chance of Passing the Bar

Our efficient MBE approach teaches you highly tested MBE issues using recent, released, bar exam questions!


  • > Cost: The price is $349.99 for all seven subjects (35 questions covered). Each individual subject is $49.99 and comes with 5 questions and a video that is between 20-30 minutes long.) You also have the option to purchase our MBE Guide and the most recently released 210 NCBE questions!
  • > Material: We will review five of the MBE questions from each of the seven MBE subjects (35 questions covered total) together. We will send you a PDF with a review of these questions. You can see a PDF sample of the first three questions in the Civil Procedure MBE Favorites handout here.
  • > Length: The MBE Favorites lecture is prerecorded and approximately three hours long. (You can also pick and choose subjects. Each subject comes with five MBE questions and the video is between 20-30 minutes.)
  • > Preparation: You do not have to prepare but some students find it helpful to answer the 35 questions in the packet prior to attending the lecture. (Note: 35 questions come from the NCBE 210 questions by subject.)

Note: We revoke access to the videos after the bar exam, but if you would like to review them again in the future, simply contact us. We are happy to renew your access free of charge!


Study smart for the MBE!

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