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Excel on your law school exams!

how to answer law school exam questions

Excel on your law school exams

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Want to excel on your law school exams? Want to feel confident that you are studying the right way? Sign up for our one-on-one law school exam prep sessions. We will show you exactly what you need to be doing to prepare for your final exams. We tell you what you need to focus on, and what you should forget about. Furthermore, we teach a time-tested strategy for answering exam questions and give you the opportunity to practice a series of exam questions. It can be useful to students at any time during their exam prep period, but the earlier you sign up, the better off you will be.

With JD Advising, you will learn:

The Best Strategy

A time-tested strategy and techniques for answering exam questions. This is the same strategy that was used by the #1 student!

Exam Writing Tips

We tell you what to say and what not to say on your final exam. We will provide feedback on your answers so you know you are on track.

Study Period Advice

We tell you to make the most of your study period right before exams, including what to study and how to create a study plan.

Outlining Tips

We help you create your law school outlines, learn your outlines, and what to do if you don’t have time to outline.

Exam Feedback

We provide feedback on practice exams so you feel confident about your knowledge and skills when you walk into your law school exam.

The Best Chance of Excelling

We work with students at all tiers of law schools, including top law schools, to help them excel on their law school final exams!

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“I am glad that I used JD Advising for my 1L final prep. Heather was very thorough and detail-oriented. She would look over my practice exam answers and identify logical leaps in my analysis. She was also able to guide me through analogizing the exam question with or distinguishing the exam question from the precedents that I read in class. As a first-semester law student who did not really know how to answer exam questions, I certainly benefited from Heather’s tutoring sessions.”

-Successful Law Student

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