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Law School Application Assistance


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JD Advising Law School Application Assistance

Maximize your chances of getting into your dream law school!

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The law school application process can be overwhelming. JD Advising is here to help. We provide tailored and specialized support to candidates at every step of the process, from writing your personal statement to choosing your references, and even interviewing. Our team members are experts in each phase of the law school admissions process, making us perfectly suited to help you achieve your goal of being admitted to your dream law school.

American Bar Association Law Student Division
National Black Law Students Association
Ivy League Law Schools
The Am Law 200
Philadelphia Delta Law Fraternity International
Avobe the Law
Law School Transparency
The National Jurist

What are our most popular options?

Starter Package

Acquire direct access to our admissions experts who will walk you through the application process from beginning to end and answer any questions relating to school selection, application timelines, career changes, reapplying to law school or transferring.

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Resume Review

Uncover new ways to polish, style, and format your resume and help it stand out from the rest with our comprehensive line-by-line edits. We closely review style and substance so that you can maximize your chances of impressing future employers.

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Personal Statement Review

Receive line-by-line feedback on substance, flow, writing style, grammar and punctuation to ensure that your personal statement is effectively highlighting the perspective, value and experience you bring to a school and the legal profession!

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Law School Addendum Review

Learn how to navigate sensitive topics relating to past criminal or academic discipline without hurting your chances for admission by conveying your narrative in an effective and tactful manner.

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Diversity/Optional Essay Review

Secure feedback on how to structure, organize, and draft of any law school application essay, including diversity essays and optional essays. Ensure your law school application is as polished as possible.

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Tailor Your Own Package

Looking for something else? Put together a package of application assistance services to meet your exact needs! Just let us know what you are interested in and we will provide exactly what you are looking for.

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A few important points

Here are a few important things to note about our law school application assistance program.

  • > We help applicants at any point in the admissions process, whether you’re just beginning to think about going to law school, are ready to apply now, or thinking of transferring to a new program.
  • > Every package is tailored to your needs.
  • > You work one-on-one with a law school admissions expert.
  • > Every package comes with a 15-phone consultation with your admissions expert.
  • > All work is returned within 48 hours of submission.
  • > Admissions experts are available for follow-up questions about work done and the next steps in your application process.
  • FAQ

    What kind of feedback do you provide on essays and resumes?

    We take a macro and micro approach to editing each document. In doing so, we provide line-by-line feedback on all of your work, along with suggestions on overall tone, flow, and format.

    How many edits come with each package?

    Every package comes with at least one edit. Additional edits are available with higher-level packages.

    Can I add on another edit after I purchase my first package?

    Yes. If you’d like to upgrade to a second or third edit, you will only be charged the difference between those packages (Package #1 to #2 or Package #2 to #3) rather than the price of an entirely new package.

    Will I work with multiple admissions consults on different parts of my application?

    No. You’ll be working one-on-one with an admissions expert who will remain with you throughout the entire application process. Your advisor expert will not switch based on availability. Law schools review applications in a holistic manner and we believe the same approach should be taken to your application preparation. You will only be assigned to one admissions expert for all of your needs to ensure that all of your application documents are comprehensive, consistent, and complementary to one another.

    Do I need the 15-minute consultation?

    The purpose of the 15-minute consultation is to get to know you better as a law school candidate, answer any questions you may have and further explain the feedback provided to you. You can choose to have the 15-minute call before you get started, after a review is finished, anytime during the writing and review process, or not at all. Some clients consult with their admissions expert at the very beginning of their work together in order to strategize next steps and guide the direction of an essay before it’s finished. Other clients already have their essay complete and utilize the 15-mintue call to discuss changes made and details of how to polish their application further.

    I don’t live local to JD Advising, can you still help me?

    Yes. All of our prelaw application assistance work is done over the phone or email.

    How do you make the changes?

    We edit your document directly in Microsoft Word using track changes. You can then go through it and accept/reject each edit and comment. We will discuss these changes with you via email or over the phone if there are any questions.

    Can I receive work back before the 48-hour period if I have an immediate deadline?

    We work on your timeline! If you’re working against a fast-approaching deadline, we’ll make every effort to have it back to you as soon as possible.

    When is the best time to get application assistance services?

    We can help you anytime! For those that are just considering a career in law, we can help you navigate what you need to do to prepare. For this, you’d want to reach out to us about two years before you plan to apply to adequately prepare for the LSAT and your other application components.

    What kinds of applicants do you work with?

    Our clients are as varied as the law school application pool. We’ve worked with everyone from first-generation college students who are completely unfamiliar with the process to applicants who come from a long family lineage of lawyers!

    We’ve worked with former professors, athletes, professional musicians, and those with no prior work experience at all. Some of our clients are entering law school right after undergrad (sometimes even graduating in May and starting law school later that month!). Others have decades of academic and professional experience having completed multiple master’s degrees and Ph.D. programs!

    What schools do your clients go to?

    Our #1 goal is to help an applicant get admitted to their dream school. Sometimes this includes a top 14 law school in the country and other times it’s a local school offering a full-tuition scholarship for all three years. Other times, it’s both! Our clients have gone on to elite universities across the country, big and small. 

If you plan to apply to law school in the next year, we suggest reaching out 1-3 months (or more if possible) before you plan to apply. This allows you ample time to brainstorm, write, edit, and polish multiple essays and documents without being rushed.


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"My experience with JD Advising was phenomenal. I was on a time crunch to get my applications in and had my personal statement reviewed and edited within days of finding out about JD Advising. Not only was the service timely, but the comments were immensely constructive and easy to understand. I also really appreciated the personalized attention I received, with one on one phone calls that allowed me to ask questions and discuss the feedback. I wish I would have found out about you earlier so that I could have taken advantage of the other pre-law services you offer! Thank you for all your help, I feel so much more confident in my application now.

-- University of Michigan, 2019

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