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Want to pass the Michigan Bar Exam?

Our book is a must-have!

how to pass the michigan bar exam book

Pass the Michigan Bar Exam

Conquer the essay and MBE portion of the bar exam!

The book, How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam, is written by Ashley Heidemann who received a score of 182 on the Michigan Bar Exam. She teaches a highly regarded course on the Michigan Bar Exam, and has a staff of private bar exam tutors and course instructors that have helped several students pass the Michigan Bar Exam and bar exams nationwide. The Third Edition of this book includes updated one-sheets, additional past essay exams and model answers, an expanded MBE guide, and a new chapter by Sarah Garrison about the application process. Note: if you attend the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law then do not buy the book through this website, as your school may offer it for free or a reduced price!

NOTE: the last Michigan Bar Exam will be July 2022, so anyone taking the bar exam in Michigan starting February 2023 should refer to our UBE materials!

What is in the Michigan Bar Exam book?


You will get 24 one-sheets that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan Bar Exam essay subjects into one sheet, each. These one-sheets provide an invaluable, concise overview for each of the Michigan bar exam essay subjects. It is incredible how much overlap there is between what is on the one-sheets and what is tested on the essay exam.

MBE Strategies

Our MBE guide is now a part of our Michigan Bar Exam book! We have a large section of our book dedicated to reviewing MBE strategies for MBE questions. We go through common mistakes that students make when approaching a subject, as well as how to avoid them. (Note: it is the same as the MBE guide on our website, so do not purchase the MBE guide if you purchase this book!)

Invaluable Essay Guidance

We offer a step-by-step guide for writing high-scoring Michigan Bar Exam essays. This guide reveals how to structure your Michigan bar exam essay answers and how to think like an essay grader. We reveal vital tips on what to do and what not to do when you are answering an essay question. We have reviewed thousands of Michigan bar exam essays and know what graders like to see!

Secrets for Studying Smart

Our book contains secrets for studying smart for the Michigan Bar Exam. These strategies have helped many students spend their time effectively when studying for the bar exam. We include information on how to study, what to focus on—and, equally important, what not to focus on. We tell you how to pass the Michigan bar exam in the most efficient, least-stressful way!

Application Guidance

Our Third Edition has a brand new guide on the Michigan bar exam application process. This guide was written by Sarah Garrison from UDM law school and is extremely informative. It goes through a step-by-step process on how to apply to be a part of the Michigan Bar and it answers common questions students have. We recommend every law student get this book before they apply for the Michigan Bar!

Past Graded Essay Questions

You will get essay questions, model answers, as well as actual graded student answers for exams from July 2014 Michigan essay exam to July 2018. This is a sampler of exams so not every exam is included. We also include our commentary on the student answers to show you what students did well and what you can do to write even better essay answers.

Pass the Michigan Bar Exam today!

“Thank you for publishing that wonderful book! After failing before, I finally passed. And as I left the exam after the first day I thought to myself “if I pass, it is because of those one page JD Advising sheets!” I am a single, working mom who is very committed to her kids; it’s simply not possible for me to cram like other bar examinees. Those one page sheets made it manageable. You helped me prioritize my limited time. I just literally could not memorize everything Barbri expected (where does one with limited time even start when they stress we should know everything!?!?) but I could memorize those sheets. Also, your tips on how to structure the essays were immensely helpful. Even the basics about the exam and other study programs were really eye-opening. Thank you so much. You changed my life!!”

-Michigan Bar Exam Taker

Purchase the Third Edition of our book here!