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take a break before starting bar prepWhy You Should Take a Break Before you Start Bar Prep!

If you are feeling anxious about the bar exam, you may be tempted to go right from completing law school final exam to starting bar prep. There certainly are advantages to starting bar prep early (and you can still do that). But there is also an advantage to scheduling at least some time — a week or even just a weekend — to unwind.

What should you do on your break? 

When you are planning your break before you start bar prep, here are the following things you should consider doing on your break:

  • Cleaning! There is something very nice about cleaning out all of your law-school related books and items! You can organize them, put them in storage, donate them, or whatever. It is an especially good idea to clean off your desk/study area if you are studying from home.
  • Hang out with family and friends. You can still make time to hang out with your family and friends during bar prep, but it is also nice to do this before you begin. It will be easier to give them your undivided attention and you won’t feel as anxious about taking a break.
  • Celebrate. Completing law school is a huge accomplishment. Take time to celebrate this achievement before embarking on your journey to get licensed!

Taking some time to step away from your books will have a few advantages: 

  • It will motivate you and energize you
  • It will be easier to focus
  • It will be easier to dive into the test material with a fresh mind
  • You will feel less like you are “missing out” on real life (e.g., seeing family or hanging out with friends) if you make time for this on your break.
  • If you take time to clean and organize, you will start bar prep with a clean slate which can make it less overwhelming.

Good luck as you start on your bar prep journey!

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