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Bar Exam Results July 2021

When Will the July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam Results Be Released?

Update: Michigan bar exam results are out! You can read more here! You can look up results on the Michigan BLE page here!

Wondering when the July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam Results will be released? We are too! The Michigan Board of Law Examiners states that Michigan Bar Exam results are released mid-November but in reality, they usually are released earlier than that. However, we suspect there will be some delays in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam will be administered remotely. You can read more about the changes to the Michigan Bar Exam here. Below, you can see the past release dates for the July Michigan Bar Exam results.

When Will July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam Results Be Released?

Past release dates for July Michigan Bar Exam results:

  • July 2021: results released online Wednesday, October 27, 2021, around 4:12 p.m. (about 60% passed, waiting for official list)
  • July 2020: results released online Tuesday, 10/27/20 around 3:00 p.m.; list of certified passers posted Friday, 11/6/20 (723 applicants—68% passed)
  • July 2019: results released online Thursday, 10/31/19 around 11 a.m.; list of certified passers post date is unknown (641 applicants—61% passed)
  • July 2018: results released online Wednesday, 10/17/18 around 4:15 p.m.; list of certified passers posted Monday, 10/29/18 (678 applicants—67% passed)
  • July 2017: results released online Tuesday, 10/17/17 at 4:40 p.m.; results posted significantly after that (about 10 days) (680 applicants—73% passed) 
  • July 2016: results released online Friday, 10/14/16; results posted on Tuesday 10/25/16 (695 total applicants—66% passed)
  • July 2015: results released online Thursday, 10/21/15; results posted on Wednesday 10/30/15 (811 total applicants—62% passed)
  • July 2014: results released online Thursday, 11/6/14; results posted on  Wednesday 11/12/14 (953 total applicants—65% passed)
  • July 2013: results mailed Thursday, 10/24/13; results posted Tuesday 10/29/13 (1007 total applicants—62% passed)
  • July 2012: results mailed on Thursday, 10/25/12; results posted Monday 10/29/12 (967 total applicants—57% passed)
  • July 2011: results mailed Wednesday, 10/12/11; results posted Monday 10/17/11 (888 total applicants—76% passed)
  • July 2010: results mailed Wednesday, 10/13/10; results posted Monday 10/18/10 (782 total applicants—80% passed)
  • July 2009: results mailed Tuesday, 10/27/09; results posted Wednesday 10/28/09 (800 total applicants—85% passed)
  • July 2008: results mailed Friday, 10/31/08; results posted Wednesday 11/5/08 (879 total applicants—74% passed)
  • July 2007: results mailed Wednesday, 10/31/07; results posted Monday 11/5/07 (848 total applicants—80% passed)

We predict the release date will be late October (possibly Thursday, October 28, 2021–update, we were off by one day! It was on Wednesday, October 27!). It is possible the remote exam could cause some delays, as the July 2020 exam took a week or two longer than the other exams. And, the July 2020 exam had only essays—July 2021 includes essays and multiple-choice. 

Will the July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam results be posted online?

Yes, the Michigan Board of Law Examiner’s states on their website that results will be posted by seat number on the day that results are mailed. (In case you are wondering where they reveal that results are released, they make an announcement right here on the home page of their website.) Note: This is the seat you were actually sitting in—which may be different than the seat you were originally assigned. NOTE: you will still have a seat number for the online exam!

If you do not remember your seat number, you may have to wait for the results to be mailed. Last year they did not release this information to applicants who did not write down their seat number.

What time of day are the Michigan Bar Exam results posted online?

In the past, results have been posted as early as 2:30. For the February 2017 administration, they were posted later—around 4:08 PM. For July 2017, they were posted at 4:40. And for February 2018 and February 2019, they were posted after 4:00 PM as well. Anywhere between 12:00 and 4:50 is normal but we suspect they will be posted later than 4:00 PM. There is no reason the time should change in light of COVID-19.

Will I be able to find my July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam results by my seat number if I don’t have Character and Fitness clearance?

Most likely. For the last eight bar exams, the Michigan Board of Law Examiners (BLE) released the seat numbers of everyone who passed the bar exam—including those who had not yet passed the MPRE or Character and Fitness.  If they do the same thing this time, you will be able to find out whether you passed as soon as results are posted, regardless of if you are still waiting for Character and Fitness clearance.

I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to constantly refresh the BLE website. Can you just tell me when the July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam results are released?

Yes! Please send us your email or your phone number if you want to know first! We are usually among the very first to know when Michigan releases bar exam results and we are happy to text you or email you when they are out!

When results are out, we will send a short email or text to you announcing that results are out. We will not share your information with anyone. In addition, we will not sign you up for our newsletter or anything else unless you want to be signed up! We will simply send a short notification when results are out then leave you alone!

Text: If you’d like to receive a notification via text message, please text KNOWFIRSTJ to 77222 and follow the instructions! 

Note: If you choose to be contacted via text message, we will send you an “opt in” text message so that you can opt in to receive results via text message. Then we will text you as soon as the results are out! 

Email: If you’d like to receive notification via email, please complete this form: 

If you happen to find out results before we do, feel free to text us (248-228-5547) and we will notify everyone else.

I’m Worried I Failed! Can I Reserve a Spot for Tutoring or a Course? 

Yes. Contact us at info@jdadvising.com or 248-228-5547 to reserve your spot for any of the following. We offer:

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  • A Michigan Bar Exam appeal. These are much harder to win now and whether you would be eligible would depend entirely on your score and the content of your essays. We are proud to have written ALL of the passing appeals in the state of Michigan for the July 2018 administration. If you would like to reserve a spot for an appeal, contact us here.

A few notes if you choose to reserve your spot for any of the above:

  • First, you are not required to use the spot if you temporarily reserve the spot. It will merely be held for you until results are released. (Note: if you hold a spot for our On Demand Michigan Bar Exam Course, we will preserve any current discounts for you even if it has expired by the time you get your results.)
  • Just because you reserve a spot (as your plan B!)  does not mean you will jinx yourself! In fact, most of our students who reserve a with us end up not needing it (even though they are convinced they failed!). Why is this? It is because feelings do not correlate with results! This is is why—even if you are absolutely convinced you failed—you may have indeed passed! Please see this post about how to deal with worrying about bar exam results before they are released!  You are also welcome to contact us here if you find you cannot stop worrying!

I’m bored. What else should I do while I’m waiting for results?

If you are waiting for results:

  • Plan a nice post-bar exam vacation (or “bar moon” as some call it). Anywhere. Being in an “in-between” stage of your life can feel awful in some ways, but in other ways, it gives you an excuse to take a break!
  • Figure out a plan of attack for if you fail and if you pass. We have some stellar ideas on “The Art of Waiting for Bar Exam Results.”
  • We have some work-related articles here that discuss how to start your own business, how to start your own law firm, polishing up your LinkedIn profile, etc. These are especially useful if you are looking to put yourself in the best position to get a job while waiting for bar exam results.

If you failed the bar exam:

If you passed the bar exam:

Good luck waiting for bar exam results!

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