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Top 5 Advantages of taking JD Advising over a Standard Commercial Course 

Many prospective students have been asking us about the advantages of taking JD Advising over a commercial course. They wonder how we have such a high pass rate or why more law schools and law firms are sending students and associates to us instead of sending them to a standard commercial course.

Here, we cover the top five advantages of taking JD Advising over a commercial course. 

Advantage #1: Personalized feedback – we keep track of you

We make sure you are on track to pass the bar exam. We keep track of every student who signs up for one of our premium courses through a variety of methods:

  • We assign and grade essays every single week (depending on the course you sign up for, you will receive 2-5 essays/PTs graded per week as well as a final exam. This is significantly more than many commercial courses assign and grade!)
  • We give quizzes to track your progress with memorization. We grade them and cover them in class.
  • We check in with you regularly to see how you are doing.
  • We answer questions you have via email or during class.

Because of this, we are able to tell you if you are on track or if you are falling behind. If you are doing great, you will have an extra confidence boost walking into the exam. If you are falling behind, we will make sure we touch base with you early on so we can get you exactly what you need to stay on track.  Note: commercial courses often have some method of tracking students but it is often not as personalized. Please check with any other course you are considering to see what they offer you!

Advantage #2: Our outlines and materials are superior

Our JD Advising outlines and materials are superior. Our outlines are precisely tailored to what is tested. We go through the last 20+ years worth of bar exams to make sure that the issues tested appear in our outlines. We also tell you what is highly tested – and what is not – so you know where to focus your studying. Students say our outlines are worth their weight in gold.

Lastly, our outlines are geared toward all kinds of learners. We use plenty of colors. We have helpful charts, diagrams, and mnemonics. Our outlines are manageable and memorable.

We also give you memorization tips so you can start your outline memorization early on.

In addition to superior outlines, we also have superior practice materials — which we discuss next.

Advantage #3: We give you released bar exam questions

We give students real bar exam questions. Many commercial courses write their own multistate bar exam questions and give these to you as the primary question bank to practice from. However, these questions are not nearly as good as the questions written by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). The NCBE is the organization that writes the bar exam so it is much better to use their actual official bar exam questions! We distribute released MBE questions and released essay questions.

Students that take a commercial course often complain that the real MBE looked nothing like the practice questions. Our students do not have that experience!

Advantage #4: We have live courses (with prerecorded options) and the ability to ask questions

Many commercial courses are prerecorded. And with many, you do not have the ability to ask questions in a meaningful way (i.e., you generally cannot ask the professor questions and if you email a question, based on what we have heard, many courses are slow to respond or do not respond at all). If you are considering a different commercial course, check with them to see what their policy is. We are saying this based on what we have heard and our personal experience.

We, on the other hand, encourage questions. We have live course options (though you have the ability to watch the recorded version or sign up for an On Demand course if you are unable to attend the live class). You can ask questions during or after class if you are in our premium course. Further, we allow premium course students to email questions and receive timely and meaningful responses. We do this because we want to make sure your questions are answered and we do not want you to have to waste your valuable study time trying to research something that is pertinent to the bar exam–we would rather answer these questions for you to help save you time!

Advantage #5: Instruction by bar exam experts!

Many courses hire professors to teach their bar exam courses. While some of the professors are fantastic, the problem is that professors tend to not know very much about the bar exam! They are not bar exam experts. They are experts in their field of research.  A lot of times, we find, bar exam course lectures do not focus on the highly tested topics (and some omit highly tested topics altogether!).

JD Advising courses, on the other hand, are taught by bar exam experts. We live and breathe the bar exam! We study every single bar exam that is released (from 1995 and on!). We write bar exam appeals. We constantly blog about the bar exam. We tell you what is likely to be tested and what is not based on our years of studying the bar exam. Our bar exam instructors have passed bar exams in New York, California, New Jersey, Washington, and Michigan and have received top scores.

We pride ourselves on offering a course that is personalized to you and has the highest quality instruction and materials.

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