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Testimonials for Speeches and Other Services

I am convinced that the materials and services you provide got me through the bar exam. I am a true “non-traditional student”. I was 50 when I sat for the bar. Although I did well in law school, I soon learned that preparing for the bar was a whole different thing. Having a full-time job and two young children meant much less time to prepare and study – I had to be as efficient as possible. That is where JD Advising came in. A friend recommended your book, and from there I started to become familiar with your website. Your book greatly helped me to focus on what was most important. I had such little time that I chose to follow your advice exclusively on what subjects to focus on and what questions were likely to come up for them. You were spot-on, and your “one-sheets” were indispensable! After the bar I continued to visit your site for the “what now?” advice. I also signed up for your service that notified exam takers that the results had been posted – so much better than checking myself all throughout the day. After getting the good news I revisited your site to learn about swearing-in ceremonies and other helpful information for new lawyers. So, thank you so much for putting together such an awesome source to get future lawyers through the bar and beyond. I’m convinced it made a huge difference for me.

-Bar Exam Taker

Thank you for all your help at bar prep study events at Wayne Law. You were always willing and happy to help me and I appreciate your hard work. I’m happy to tell you that I passed the bar ! I think I would have had a difficult time passing without your help and study materials so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do for law students like me.

-Bar Exam Taker

I am literally shaking as I type this….. I PASSED!!! And I need to tell you something… I missed July 2015 exam by 10 points. I was working so much I was terrified and felt I was unsure if I had put in the right time and effort. I attended your free lecture at Cooley and literally used your guideline/handout as my last ditch study guide because I am HORRIBLE at outlining and prepping. I FEEL IT SAVED MY EXAM. THANK YOU, and I owe you a drink at some point!

-Bar Exam Taker