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Social Distancing Activity: Law School Word Search!

With everyone being encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing, we know that boredom may quickly set in for some.  As a fun activity, even for those who aren’t part of the legal community, we put together a law school themed word search!  You can complete it as you feel like it, or time yourself and then challenge your friends to beat your time.

We have a couple other puzzles in the works for you!  If you enjoy our puzzles and would like to have more, please let us know in the comments, via social media, or by contacting us!  We hope this provides you with some entertainment during these strange times.

If you are intrigued by the idea of puzzles as a bar exam memorization technique, we will be offering several different memorization puzzles to our On Demand full course students.  You can learn more about our On Demand bar exam course options here.

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Sign up for our JD Advising Early Bar Prep campaign. We go over early bar prep tips in five minutes a day! It is a great way to get ahead while practicing social distancing and we also include some fun activities like this one.

Looking for the answer key? 

You can find the answers to the law school word search below. Just click “SHOW ANSWER KEY.”

law school word search early bar prep



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    This was a great way to utilize time. I welcome more. Thanks!

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