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MBE Favorites Videos

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With our MBE Favorites Series, you have the option to purchase all 7 MBE Favorites (to cover a total of 35  MBE “favorites”) or you can purchase whichever subjects you struggle with. Each MBE Favorite video is between approximately 20 and 30 minutes long and covers 5 MBE questions. Each comes with a downloadable set of instructions, a downloadable answer key, and a link to a video (which you will have immediate access to).


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1 review for MBE Favorites Videos

  1. Bar Exam Taker

    JD Advising.❤?? I Passed the MD Bar Exam. As a second time test taker, I just want to personally thank you for the services that you provide. The MBE favorites workshop and MEE one sheets really helped me. Also, one of your representatives told us that it would be best to create a memorization sheet to help bar takers retain information during a webinar. That was solid advice. I did a memorization sheet every single day. I found your MEE predictions to be very useful and spot on and the “mock bar study schedule” to be helpful as well. I took the bar in July 2018 and received a 257, I passed the Feb. 2020 bar with a 278! You’re the best thank you.

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