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Passing UBE Scores by State

Updated on September 30, 2018 

Passing UBE Scores by State: In jurisdictions that administer the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), passing scores can vary. Thus, we’ve broken passing scores directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners, organized alphabetically. So, read below to see where your state ranks!

Passing UBE Scores by State

You will see below that some states (like Maine and Massachusetts) are undetermined. Then the passing scores range from 260 to 284 (and anywhere in between). Below, we list the passing scores by state alphabetically.

Alabama: 260

Alaska: 280

Arizona: 273

Colorado: 276

Connecticut: 266

Idaho: 272

Illinois: 266

Iowa: 266

Kansas: 266

Maine: 276

Maryland: 266

Massachusetts: 270

Minnesota: 260

Missouri: 260

Montana: 266

Nebraska: 270

New Hampshire: 270

New Jersey: 266

New Mexico: 260

New York: 266

North Carolina: 270

North Dakota: 260

Ohio: TBD (beginning July 2020)

Oregon: 274

Rhode Island: 276

South Carolina: 266

Tennessee: 270

Texas: TBD (starting February 2021)

Utah: 270

Vermont: 270

Washington: 270

Washington D.C.: 266

West Virginia: 270

Wyoming: 270

U.S. Virgin Islands: 266

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