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failed the uniform bar exam, failed the ube, jd advising guide failed the ubeNext Steps on Your Journey

Now that you have read through this guide on what to do if you failed the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), hopefully, you have a better idea of why you failed the Uniform Bar Exam the last time, and what you can do to pass it the next time!

We also hope you are walking away with a concrete plan of attack for the next administration, and a renewed sense of confidence and motivation.

We would love to stay in touch with you throughout your journey. We have a variety of Uniform Bar Exam services that we offer at the bottom of this post. We specialize in helping repeat takers pass the Uniform Bar Exam. But, we know that bar exam preparation is expensive. So, we have listed some of our free bar exam resources below first.

Free Bar Exam Resources

We also offer a variety of excellent free bar exam resources. These include free guides (which you can find in the Free Resources tab above). We also have several additional free resources which you should review at your convenience. Some that get particularly great reviews are:

Looking for a Personal Consultation? 

If you want help dissecting your score report and coming up with a plan for the next administration, please feel free to sign up for a one-on-one consultation with one of our bar exam experts here. We specialize in helping students pass the bar exam and we have helped hundreds of students come up with successful bar exam study plans. We are happy to help you, too!

Looking for a full-service UBE course? 

We have a fantastic pass rate from our full-service UBE course. Read some very recent testimonials below:

UBE Score 308

I have no words to express how grateful I am towards JD advising (JDA). Here is my story:

I took the Bar exam for the first time in July 2018. I chose a big commercial Bar prep program because everyone kept saying that they were the best and that they had to be the best considering all the years they had been preparing students to take the Bar exam. I have no doubt that they are very competent and well prepared, but I don’t believe it being The Best for everyone.

I think my biggest mistake was believing that the Bar exam was just a competency test so that I just needed to do a “C job” on it. While that may be true, that is not the right approach to study! I was the kind of student that would not walk into an exam room without studying everything beforehand, I never did homework without first reading everything I needed to read/know. I still failed the Bar in my first attempt.

I then understood that I had not taken the right approach: Believing that I just needed to get a C, reading and trying to learn by heart a thousand pages, answering multiple choice questions under time conditions right away.

At first I thought that I just needed a personal tutor. I found a tutor through an article in a well known website. Long story short, the tutor told me that she couldn’t help me because she thought that I had almost no chance of passing as a foreign student.

I felt devastated and I almost believed it except that I knew, deep down, that I could do this.

I did some research online and I found many other Bar prep programs. I started to call and quote them all. I made a chart highlighting the differences in terms of the program and the prices too. I ended up with a legal paper size chart comparing all of them. JDA stood out for me because:

* they never judged me because I had failed it once already

* they never discouraged me to take the exam again

* they never insisted that their program was really the best out there

They were just honest. They just explained the program concisely, without rushing it (like one of those sales calls). I just thought to myself: if this is how they take the time to explain the program itself, this must be how they take the time to teach me the law, and I was right!

The outlines were very concise and to the point. Meagan and Ambika (live instructors) explain everything using simple words and examples. They share the tips they used themselves to memorize. They do the homework for you: they figure out the nuances of the law that you must understand and learn.

JDA also has a “questions inbox” so you can send your questions as you study. I personally flagged (using color tabs) all my questions and I annotated the answers or clarifications once I had their answer. That system worked out perfectly for me because I was able to ask a question right away, while I was memorizing my outlines. They get back to you within 24hrs so you don’t forget what you’ve asked.

The practice exercises that you get with this program is intense. Basically, every week you have 5 or more essays to do and at least 2 to submit for grading. Practice REALLY does make the difference, and please believe when they say that practicing MPTs is also very important. When you practice, somehow your brain is trained on how to answer the question right away (after you have memorized the law!). When I took the Bar the first time, I wasn’t very fast with my thinking and so I spent too much time crafting the perfect IRAC. You may know the law but you don’t have a lot of time to answer. If you practice and learn the law well, the answer is like in the top of your tongue as soon as you read the question. That’s what you want!

I could write a book about my experience, so long story short: the JDA Bar prep program is just about reading, understanding, memorizing and then practicing. In that order, always (no cheating!).

Thank you to the entire JDA team. To Meagan, Ambika and my essay grader Alex, who was not only grading my essays but also sending me words of moral support.

I did not just pass the NYS Bar, I got 42 more points – a 308 –AND I will never have to take the Bar exam again in another UBE jurisdiction.

Note: their MPRE program prepared me to pass that exam the first time I took it.

Thank you JD Advising!!!!

I don’t even know how to thank JD Advising for helping me get through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I failed the UBE after devoting significant time and energy to my commercial prep course and graduating from law school near the top of my class. Statistically, my odds of failing the Bar should have been quite low. Learning I failed was a devastating to say the least.

While there are many factors that likely contributed to my failure (stress and anxiety), I firmly believe that I would have been in a better position to pass had I signed up for JD Advising’s UBE course from the beginning. There are several advantages to the JD Advising course. First and foremost, they provide you with excellent materials. In contrast to a commercial course, JD Advising provides you with ONE succinct outline for each subject. They really focus in on the highly tested areas of law. If you memorize those highly tested areas, you will be in good shape on the essay portion of the exam. Second, JD Advising uses REAL MBE questions. After taking the bar twice, I am a believer in those real questions. Though my MBE was fair the first time around, I remember walking out of the Bar feeling like I had guessed on the vast majority of questions. When I took the Bar the second time, I felt certain about many of my answers. Some of the fact patterns on the MBE were so close to what I had seen while practicing. Third, JD Advising appreciates the importance of the essay portion of the exam. JD Advising assigns several essays each week and grades many over the course of your preparation. With this method, I got a hang of timing and was exposed to so many fact patterns. Do not make the mistake of avoiding the essay/MPT portion. Before my first Bar, many former Bar takers told me the essay portion of the Bar is easy as long as you are a good writer. This is simply not true. Some fact patterns are very complicated. You need to spend time exposing yourself to as many old essays as possible. Finally, I can’t say enough about JD Advising’s tutoring services. A couple weeks before the Bar, I scheduled an appointment with a tutor to discuss MPT strategy. She really helped me develop a solid strategy for that portion of the test and offered detailed feedback on my MPT’s. You simply couldn’t get this one on one attention anywhere else.

With the help of JD Advising, I am happy to report that my UBE score went from a 264 to a 301 in just a few short months. I would encourage others to sign up for this fabulous course!!

– Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker

I just wanted to let you know that I found out yesterday that I PASSED the Uniform Bar Exam in WV! I previously sat for (and failed) the NC bar exam twice, but am so happy to have finally passed! Thank you so much to everyone at JD Advising – I have never felt so confident going into the exam and truly felt like I knew what I was doing.

uniform bar exam score 300Special thanks to Maral for her essay feedback. Not only was her feedback specific to each essay, but she truly built on previous essays and would let me know areas where she saw growth or areas that I needed to work harder at.

I honestly walked out of the first day feeling so prepared and confident that I knew the content and was able to write passing essays. I really feel like using JD Advising was a game changer for me and would recommend your program to all bar takers!

I am not sure of my exact score yet, but know that it was at least a 270!


[Later, she followed up with her score when she received it!]

I received a 300 as my combined score! My MBE score went from a 125 to a 146, and my written score was a 154!

Thank you again to everyone!!!! – Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker

Dear Megan, Ambika, Alexandra, Rosie & the entire JD Advising Team,

I am thrilled to (finally) be able to say I passed the bar! I would not have been able to accomplish this feat without your guidance, support and the wealth of resources you provided during this program.

This is especially true regarding the one-sheets. Please make sure to remind your future students to start reviewing/memorizing them from the very beginning! They are invaluable.

Thank you again for all your help. – Feb 2019 UBE Course Taker, passed the Illinois bar exam

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