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MPRE Frequently Asked Questions

MPRE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although not as well-known as the bar exam, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) is another standardized test that nearly all American lawyers need to pass in order to practice law. To help you familiarize yourself with the MPRE, we’ve put together this list of MPRE frequently asked questions.

MPRE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the MPRE Multiple-Choice?

Yes, the MPRE is a multiple-choice test with 60 questions over two hours. Only 50 of those questions are scored — and the scoring is different during each administration. Each jurisdiction sets its own passing score, so the number of questions you need to get right will change based on your jurisdiction and the exam’s difficulty. Learn what score you may need to pass the MPRE in your jurisdiction here!

Do You Have to Take the MPRE Before the Bar Exam?

It depends. Before your sign up for an MPRE test date, check when your state requires you to take the MPRE. Some states require the MPRE before you sit for the bar (like Massachusetts) but other states do not care. Puerto Rico and Wisconsin do not require the MPRE at all. To be sure, consult your state’s bar admission agency for guidance on what’s appropriate for your situation!

When Is the Best Time to Take the MPRE?

The best time to take the MPRE depends on several factors. If you take it during your 2L year, you’ll be able to test bar prep companies (as most offer free MPRE materials) as well as give yourself a cushion to retake it during your 3L year in case you fail. However, plenty of law students take the MPRE for the first time during their 3L year.

Our general recommendation for those looking to plan ahead is to take it right after, or concurrent with, your law school’s professional responsibility course (or its equivalent). Most students take this course during their 2L year or the beginning of their 3L year. So it would make sense to the MPRE around that same time.

No matter when you take it, we recommend (if possible) not to wait to take it until after the bar exam! The last thing you’ll want is to learn you passed the bar exam and have everything held up on your passing the MPRE!

How Often is the MPRE Offered?

The MPRE is offered three times per year. In 2021, the MPRE test dates are March 29 or 30, August 11 or 12, and November 4 or 5. The registration deadline for each test administration is about four weeks earlier (and even earlier if requesting accommodations), so you’ll need to plan ahead to sign up in time!

Plan Ahead

Because it’s only offered a few times a year, we highly encourage you to plan ahead and pick a test date! As stated above, you don’t want your law license held up waiting for the next MPRE administration to roll around before you can start practicing.

When planning ahead, be sure to take into account how much time you’ll need to study for the MPRE. Every person is different but we generally recommend studying 4-6 hours a week for at least one month. Check out more details on how long to study for the MPRE here!

How Much Does the MPRE Cost?

Yes, there is a $135 fee to schedule your test, payable with a debit or credit card.

How Should You Prepare for the MPRE?

Methods of MPRE prep vary, but one thing is for sure: you should take it seriously! Law students often underestimate how difficult the MPRE is and skip studying for it. Don’t do that! An MPRE course can help you learn the material and prepare you for the exam. At JD Advising, we offer a free course and outline materials that will prepare you to pass the MPRE.

For MPRE study tips, check out our post on 35 tips by a top MPRE lecturer!

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