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JD Advising's Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

Study efficiently for the Michigan Bar Exam!

5 Stars

Looking for a review of highly tested topics on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam? Wondering how to spend your last few weeks of bar preparation in order to maximize your chance of success? Sign up for our Michigan Bar Exam Seminar! The Seminar consists of an in-depth review of the highly tested Michigan distinctions for the multistate subjects as well as the highly tested areas of Michigan law that are very likely to be tested again on the essays. Attendees are provided an outline booklet that is approximately 50 pages. The Michigan Bar Exam Seminar is designed by Ashley Heidemann, who scored over a 180 on the Michigan Bar Exam.

You can see what was covered in our Seminar (and then tested!) on the February 2019 Michigan Bar Exam as well as the July 2018 Michigan Bar Exam.




Why sign up for the Michigan Bar Exam seminar?

A High-Quality Final Review

We provide a high quality final review of what you are most likely to see tested on the Michigan bar exam!

Your Questions Answered

If you attend a live seminar, we will answer any questions you have about the substance or the exam at the seminar!

Instruction by Bar Exam Experts

Our seminar is taught by 5-star instructors who know the bar exam inside and out.

A Focused Review

Our seminar keeps you focused on the topics you are most likely to see so you can walk into the bar exam with confidence.

An Essay and Case Checklist

We give you a checklist of which essays to review and cases to focus on during your final days of preparing!

The Best Chance of Passing the Bar

Top law firms and several local law schools pay for our reputable seminar! It will increase your chances of passing the bar!

Check out a sample of the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar here

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  • > COST: $349.99
  • > FORMAT: Streaming or recorded
  • > DATE: The February 2022 Michigan seminar will be provided as a prerecorded seminar only. It will be available in January 2022.
  • > REVIEW: We will review the most highly tested areas of law likely to appear on the Michigan Bar Exam. If you attend the Seminar live or streaming, we will answer any questions you have. We do not answer questions in the recorded option.
  • > SEMINAR HANDOUT: Attendees who attend live, in-person will receive the handout the day of the Seminar. Those who stream the seminar live will receive an electronic copy of the seminar booklet shortly before the event. Those who choose the recorded option will receive the booklet electronically once the recording is available. You can see a PDF sample of the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar handout here. 

You can pay via credit card, cash, check, or payment plan!



I thought the seminar was incredibly helpful. It assisted me in focusing on certain areas after having done a thorough review and study of all essay topics. It was a relief to be able to keep a narrow focus in the last couple of weeks. I also felt very prepared during the exam, as many of the predictions/information given to focus on in the seminar book, appeared on the exam. With such a vast amount of material to cover, I found the seminar kept me calm, attentive and prepared during the bar. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has anxiety throughout the last several weeks of preparation. It just gives the extra needed boost of confidence!! 

-Attendee of the Michigan Bar Exam Seminar

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