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JD Advising's MPT One-Sheets Are Here To Make Your Studying More Efficient!

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Start Studying Smarter, Not Harder

Our MPT One-Sheets are perfect for Multistate Performance Test (MPT) prep and review!

MPT One-Sheets pinpoint the essentials and will help you walk into the MPT confidently!

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Join the thousands of successful candidates who have leveraged JD Advising’s MPT One-Sheets to maximize their MPT prep and pass the bar exam. With our streamlined one-sheets, you’re not just studying; you’re preparing to succeed.

JD Advising's MPT One-sheets Are:


The MPT One-Sheets pinpoint the essentials. Instead of overwhelming you with excessive details, they hone in on the details most frequently tested on the MEE, even detailing the specific dates of each topic’s examination. You’ll study smart, not hard..


Each MPT One-Sheet for the MPT tasks contains an actual student answer for that type of task, along with strategic comments by the JD Advising MPT experts!


Our MPT One-Sheets coverage each common type of MPT on one page, front-and-back, making them a fantastic prep and review tool!

What students are saying about our MPT One-Sheets

" Fantastic product. I wish I had been using this months ago."

"Let me just say that these are a GODSEND. Memorize these and you’re better equipped to handle the exam!"

"I just wanted to follow up from our previous email about the MEE one-sheets. THEY ARE MAGICAL."


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