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Memorizing Your Law School Outline

Looking for MEE outlines (Multistate Essay Exam outlines)? We have the best!

The Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) is a very important component of the bar exam. The MEE comprises 30% of the overall score in Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) jurisdictions. Non-UBE jurisdictions that administer the MEE set their own policies to determine how much weight should be given to the MEE in relation to the overall score. Because the MEE compromises almost 1/3 of the overall score in UBE jurisdictions, it is important to use quality outlines to help you study. Not all outlines are created equally! Below are a few reasons why JD Advising has the best MEE outlines.

Why Our Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) Outlines are the Best:

We tell you when each topic was tested on the MEE in Our Multistate Essay Exam Outlines!

All issues are not tested equally! A lot of issues are repeatedly tested. And when it comes to studying, it makes sense to prioritize your time by first focusing on the most highly tested issues so that you can get the most points! In our outlines, we tell you the exact administration each issue was tested (e.g., shareholder voting was most recently tested in July 2010).

Additionally, at the end of each outline, we provide you with an overview of what issues were tested for each subject during the last 20 years. This will help you see how often issues were tested. It also helps you see which issues are likely to be tested together. Lastly, it helps you see whether certain issues are likely to be tested again. You will also be able to see whether the subject itself is frequently tested or not (e.g., is corporations on every exam?). Such information is invaluable when you develop or refine your study schedule and study efficiently.

To see an example of our Trusts MEE outline, see our Trusts Outline Sample.

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Our MEE outlines contain virtually every issue that has been tested on the MEE since 1995.

We create our Multistate Essay Exam outlines by going back to 1995 to the present bar exam and making sure that every issue that has been tested is in our outlines.

Our outlines are thus extremely comprehensive and detailed. However, you will find that many of them are not that long! For example, our Trusts outline is 17 pages. Decedent’s Estates is about the same length.

We try to keep our outlines comprehensive, yet manageable.

We include examples from past MEEs.

All of our MEE outlines include examples from past MEEs so you can see exactly how a particular issue was tested. This is useful because the bar examiners often use similar fact patterns to test issues. The more familiar you become with how issues have been tested in the past, the easier it will be to spot issues on the upcoming exam. You can also see this in the sample above.

We include charts to help you understand complex areas of law.

Are you avoiding learning secured transactions because the concepts or vocabulary seem too daunting? Are you having trouble seeing the bigger picture? Does a creditor always need to attach and perfect to secure his interest? We break down such concepts (and others) in our charts. This will help you understand the bigger picture, which makes it easier to see how specific issues should be analyzed. We demystify complex areas of law in an effort to help you learn a subject and memorize the rules.  (As a side note, our students actually hope for a Secured Transactions question after using our outlines!)

We tell you when it is important to address different rules of law.

Remember that that the UBE does not test the law of a particular state, but rather general legal principles. For some issues it is enough to know the common law rule. However, for other issues you will want to know multiple approaches to get more points (e.g., how is disclaimer addressed under the Uniform Probate Code and common law?). Additionally, for some issues examinees will want to know the approach under both the Second and Third Restatement to get the most points.

We have reviewed the bar examiners’ analyses to see when they discuss multiple approaches to an issue. Knowing this information will help you accumulate more points on exam day!

Our Multistate Essay Exam outlines are well-organized and visually pleasing.

We color-code our outlines. Further, we organize them logically by topic. We also explain concepts in our outlines in an easy-to-understand fashion. Our outlines are especially good for visual learners.

Some students complain that standard commercial course outlines are too long, illogically organized, and do not have all of the issues that appear on the exam. We have perfected our outlines to minimize all of these concerns. Our outlines are concise, to-the-point, logically organized, aesthetically pleasing. Further, they contain virtually every issue that has been tested since 1995 to the present date. So you do not have to worry that you are missing out on anything!

We update our outlines after every administration.

When you study it is important to use up-to-date outlines. If you learn law that is out-of-date your analysis on an essay question will be incorrect and you will get fewer points. We update our outlines after every administration to reflect changes in the law. We also include issues that the NCBE will begin testing. For example, there are some new Real Property issues that will be tested beginning with the February 2017 administration.

We are constantly working on updating and improving our MEE outlines.

Want to see a sample of our Multistate Essay Exam outlines?

Here is a sample of our Evidence UBE/MEE outline: Evidence UBE / MEE outline sample.

Note that we offer tutoring for the MEE-only subjects (Corporations & LLCs, Agency & Partnership, Secured Transactions, Family Law, Decedent’s Estates, Trusts & Future Interests, and Conflict of Laws) + essay feedback.

We also have outlines for the remainder of the MEE + MBE subjects (Real Property, Evidence, Torts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Contracts & Sales, Civil Procedure).


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