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Looking for a Baby Bar tutor?

Do not be deceived by the cute-sounding name “baby bar.” The baby bar is neither easy nor cute nor something you want to encounter more than once. Unfortunately, many students do find themselves taking the baby bar more than once as there is only an approximate 20 percent passage rate.  That is why it is worth it to get a baby bar tutor the first time you take it! (If you want to learn more about what the baby bar is, please read this post.)

How can a Baby Bar tutor help you?

A baby bar tutor can help you climb into the top small percentile of students who pass the baby bar the first time they take it!  Specifically, our baby bar tutors can help you in the following ways:

  • Multiple choice skills: We will teach you a strategy for approaching multiple choice questions so that you actually improve over time. We find that many students who come to us for tutoring complain that they answer hundreds of questions in preparation, but do not see hardly any real increase their scores at all! We can help you get out of that rut and help you make the most of your practice. We can also point you to the best multiple choice resources.
  • Substantive Law: Many students struggle with the substantive law and want to review some particular areas of Contracts, Criminal Law, or Torts that they have trouble with. We help clarify difficult concepts so that you feel confident about the material that is covered on the baby bar.
  • Essay skills: We help students structure their essays to get the maximum amount of points,. We also give tips to students on how to write in a lawyerly manner, and help students learn how to spot the issues hidden in the fact patterns. We grade essays for free and work on helping you consistently improve your essay score.
  • Timing: Every single administration, students fail the bar exam due to something as avoidable as a timing problem! Indeed, one of the components of the bar exam that makes it so difficult is the amount of time you have to answer questions. We can teach you how to answer questions methodically so that you keep track of your time and do not run out of time at the end.

Our baby bar tutors specialize in helping students pass the baby bar exam.

How often do you recommend I meet with you? 

Our recommendations are always made on a case-by-case basis.  However, we are very flexible in how we meet students. We also do not make students sign a contract agreeing to meet us for a specific number of sessions. (Our theory is, if you do not find us worth your time, you should not have to use us!)

Some students meet a baby bar tutor just once or twice (for, say multiple-choice skills, or to go over content they do not understand). We understand that many students find just one or two sessions to be extremely valuable and make a big difference in how they approach studying for the baby bar. Other baby bar students want to meet each week. This keeps students accountable and allows us to teach the key skill sets you need to pass the baby bar as well as truly cover the material in a comprehensive way. The more you meet with us, the more likely you are to pass!