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bar exam resultsMany students ask us, “how long does it take to get MPRE results?” If you are taking the MPRE this weekend, you may wonder how long you will need to wait until you find out whether you achieve a passing score on the MPRE.

According to the NCBE, scores are typically released to examinees within five weeks from the date of the exam. However, in the recent past, they have been releasing scores early — in fact they usually release results about four weeks after the MPRE is administered.

Below we list the approximate release dates for MPRE results:

Update: The March 2016 results will be posted on April 14, 2016.

  • MPRE Exam date: March 28, 2015 – Released April 28, 2015 (Exactly one month after the exam!)
  • MPRE Exam date: August 15, 2015 – Released September 10, 2015 (A little under one month after the exam!)
  • MPRE Exam date: November 7, 2015 – Released December 8, 2015 (About one month after the exam date)

How will you find out MPRE results?

Scores are posted to your NCBE Account File Cabinet and remain there only until the next test administration (so access and save your score as soon as you are able to). Scores range between 50 (low) and 150 (high). Most jurisdictions require a score of 75-86 to pass. To see what a passing score in your jurisdiction is, please read this post.  If you are wondering if you are achieving a passing score when you practice, please read this post to find out about how many questions you should be answering correctly when you practice (and it may surprise you to know that it is almost the same number of questions that you need to be answering correctly to pass no matter what a “passing score” is in your jurisdiction!)

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