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JD Advising and Law School Partnerships

On this page, we detail several ways that we work with law schools across the country to help students pass the bar exam. We work with law schools of all tiers, including top 10 law schools. Law schools partner with us because we are honest, reliable, and provide the highest quality services.

Our goal is to work with you to help boost your bar exam pass rate. If you are making a strategic plan to boost your bar exam pass rate, you may want to consider partnering with us on some of these services. If you are interested in pricing or meeting with one of our team members, please e-mail us at info@jdadvising.com.

Most Cost-Effective Products & Services

These are the most cost-effective ways to work with JD Advising:

1. Essay grading

Schools find our comprehensive essay grading to be extremely helpful. We compose exams of past released bar exam questions, administer them, and then grade essays in a short turnaround time. Oftentimes, having the experience of writing an essay exam can push students that might otherwise fail into having a passing score.

Note: we provide essay grading to first-time takers (often to groups of them at a time at the law school) and repeat takers. For repeat takers, we assign weekly essays and grade them each week. Oftentimes, this gives repeat takers a level of accountability, confidence, and ultimately, boosts their score. 

2.  MBE and MEE One-Sheet Packages

Our MBE One-Sheets and MEE One-Sheets are extremely popular. You can either (a) provide a discount code for students (we can provide you with a specific code for your students) or (b) purchase these one-sheets for your entire student body at a discounted rate. Please e-mail us for group pricing information.

Most Popular Products & Services

These are the most popular products and services that we offer.

1. Seminars

Our essay seminars are one of our most popular services, with students worldwide raving about them. You can read testimonials from students who have attended our seminars here. When we partner up with a law school, we offer the seminar to a larger audience for a smaller price.

Our seminars cover the topics most likely to appear on the essay portion of the exam, a handout with a summary of the highly tested issues, tips for the last two weeks of bar exam preparation, and an overview of recent cases that could appear on the exam. Students find our seminars helpful as they provide them with areas to focus on during the last two weeks of their bar exam preparation.

If you would like to see a sample of our MEE seminar, please contact us.

If you would like to see how we teach in a live setting, check out our free webinars. (E-mail us at info@jdadvising.com if you are interested in receiving the recording of the webinar after.) 

2. Real MBE Questions and Review

If your students struggle with the MBE portion of the bar exam, give them an advantage with real MBE questions. We also provide discounted rates to law schools.

Further, you can opt for a lecture that covers MBE favorites (i.e., the favorite issues that tend to appear on the MBE). Students find it extremely helpful to use released questions and review favorite MBE issues.

These questions are the best MBE questions available and the accompanying lecture gets fantastic reviews!

Note: our MBE and MEE One-Sheets (mentioned above) are our most popular products! 

Most Effective for At-Risk or Repeat Takers 

1. Bar Exam Course

We have live bar exam course options in the evening and on weekends. This course includes essay grading and tailored personalized feedback. Our full-service Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) course is very attractive to students who work full time and repeat takers for this very reason. Some law schools subsidize courses (in full or in part) for repeat takers or at-risk takers.

2. Private Tutoring

Some law schools find it effective to pay for private tutoring for repeat or at-risk takers. This provides privacy for the students (i.e. they are not meeting in a large group) and also provides them with the personalized feedback they need. Private tutoring is also very effective for repeat takers. It provides them with accountability and our tutors are extremely good at helping repeat takers improve their scores.

We keep close track of students and update schools of the students’ progress.

Note: We provide both bar exam tutoring and law school tutoring. If you are looking to help students early on, providing law school tutoring for at-risk students is a great way to make a difference. 

3. Weekly Essay Grading

Repeat takers sometimes struggle due to a lack of accountability. Many repeat takers have to work full time and they often do not have a schedule or structure in place. Having a tutor assign essays to the student each week keeps them accountable and helps to keep their essay writing skills fresh. This is a cost-effective way to provide a score boost to those who are close to passing the bar exam. We have had students improve their essay scores by 30-40 points just by engaging in weekly essay grading.

4. Real questions and high-quality products tailored to what the student needs

We also make case-by-case recommendations to repeat takers. We do this based on score reports. Some repeat takers benefit from tutoring, whereas others may benefit from one-sheets, released questions, and essay grading.

Other Ways We Work with Schools

There are a few other ways that we work with law schools nationwide:

  • Law School Bar Exam Course Assignments or Materials: If you teach a bar exam course to prepare law students for the bar exam, and are looking for samples of outlines to teach from, essay grading, or guest lectures, we are happy to help you. We received 4.8-star reviews (out of 5 stars) from bar exam courses we have designed and taught.
  • Speeches: We have designed and taught entire bar exam courses for schools. We have also served as guest lecturers. We have lectured on the bar exam, law school success, the MPRE, the bar exam application process, the MPT, the MBE, the Michigan Bar Exam, how to outline in law school, how to take law school exams, and myriad bar exam-related topics. We do not have a sample speech available, but please email us for more details! We can send over sample handouts on any of the past speeches we have done.
  • A program tweaked to the school‚Äôs needs: We tailor our programs to what law schools need. For example, one law school had us lead bar exam ‚Äústudy group‚ÄĚ sessions for students. We have also served as bar exam consultants and helped develop course syllabi and bar study plans.

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