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How will the coronavirus impact law school graduation?

How will the coronavirus impact law school graduation?

As law students are now facing the reality of how this semester will go, many are wondering how the coronavirus will impact law school graduation. Graduation is a fun time for friends and family to get together to celebrate your accomplishments. However, the coronavirus has impacted all events, and graduation could be one of them!

How will the coronavirus impact law school graduation?

Several students might be worried that law school graduation will be canceled due to the coronavirus. JD Advising has been in contact with several law students from different law schools, and there is no clear answer yet on how the coronavirus will impact graduation. It seems to depend on the school. And, some schools have not come out with any information at this time.

Many law schools still have the graduation date in the online calendar. And, there is no mention of it being moved or postponed. Thus, it is possible that either the event will continue, or the school has not made a decision yet.

It is safe to assume that if the undergraduate ceremony is canceled, it is likely the law school graduation ceremony will be canceled as well.

A few examples of approaches by law schools:

What’s next?

We suggest reaching out to your law school if you are worried about graduation. Especially if you have family flying out, make sure to get the details so you can cancel flights if needed! The law school will likely email you with updates on graduation as more information about the coronavirus comes to light.

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