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How Much Weekly MBE Practice Do I Need For Bar Prep?

When studying for the bar exam, students often wonder if they’re spending the right amount of time focusing on different areas of the test. If you’re taking the UBE, you’ll need to split your time between the multiple-choice section (the MBE), the essay section (the MEE), and the performance test (MPT). While there’s no magic formula for divvying up the 400-500 hours you’ll spend studying for the bar among the different sections, we do have a few tips for focusing on weekly MBE practice.

How Much Weekly MBE Practice Do I Need For Bar Prep?

1. Build a Strong Foundation

While answering MBE practice questions is definitely a key part of bar prep, your goal should be to build a strong foundation during the first half of your studying. Commit to memorizing the law and understanding its application before you worry about the amount of time you’re committing to focusing on MBE practice each week. If you’re at a total loss, our high-quality MBE tutors can help you get back on track.

2. Get Familiar with Timing and Pacing

Another key component of your bar prep will be learning to work within the time pressure. You should start slowly and focus on answering a few timed questions at a time, then gradually build up to larger numbers. However, be sure to incorporate untimed MBE practice as well — your goal is to understand the question and the correct answer, not complete an arbitrary number of practice questions in the allotted time. Quality over quantity is important when studying for hte bar exam. However, we do also have tips for roughly how many MBE questions you should complete over your study period.

3. See the Forest for the Trees

Because the MBE is 50% of your score, some students become fixated on improving their MBE score to the detriment of other sections. However, don’t lose sight of the big picture. It’s your total score, not your MBE score, that determines whether you pass or fail. In fact, good scores on the MPT and MEE sections can help you pass the bar even if your MBE score is a little lower.

If you’re looking for concrete numbers on how to create your schedule and divide your time, here are our suggestions for how long you should spend studying for the MPT and how to study for the MEE efficiently.

4. Make it Personal

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much time you should spend focusing on MBE practice. In the later stages of your bar prep, you should consider your overall progress and devote your attention to areas that need improvement. If you spend an hour or two methodically answering MBE questions on one day and then take a 33-question timed exam the next, you’re probably in good shape.

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