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Correct MPRE Answers

How Many Correct MPRE Answers Do I Need To Pass?

Most American law students must pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) for admittance to their state bar. However, how many correct MPRE answers you need to score n the exam depends on several factors. Keep reading and we’ll explain everything!

How Many Correct MPRE Answers Do I Need To Pass?

The MPRE is a 60-question multiple-choice test. However, only 50 of those questions are scored — the other 10 are unscored “test” questions. One of the reasons there is no standard number of questions for a passing score is that the MPRE is scored differently during each administration. Based on the particular exam’s difficulty, the number of questions you need to get right to pass the MPRE will go up or down.

Are There Patterns in MPRE Scoring?

Although we can’t tell the exact number of correct answers that will lead to a passing score for a particular administration, we can make some estimates based on the historical data. In general, you’ll need to get around 32 questions right to pass the MPRE.

Are There Other Variations I Should Know About?

In addition to variations in the way each administration of the MPRE is scored, different jurisdictions have their own passing scores. The lowest passing score in any jurisdiction is 75 (Georgia, New Jersey, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and District of Columbia). The highest minimum passing score is 86 (California and Utah).

Learn more about how the MPRE score is calculated here and the score you’ll need to pass in every jursidciton. 

How Much Are Individual Questions Worth on the MPRE?

Again, the weight of each individual question varies from administration to administration. However, every question matters! As we said above, the passing score range for different states is between 75 and 86. However, the difference between 75 and 86 is just two questions.

The moral of this story? Don’t leave points on the table — your goal should be to answer as many questions correctly as you can. When you take a 60 question practice exam, your target should be getting at least 30 or 40 questions right so you’re on track to pass the MPRE.

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