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Issue Spot On The Multistate Essay Exam, Practicing MBE Questions

Four Tips For Practicing MBE Questions

Studying for the bar exam is a demanding process. It requires a balance of learning new concepts, reviewing law you learned (maybe as far back as 1L year!), memorization, and practice. Practicing MBE questions is a key component to mastering the bar exam and should be done regularly. However, if you don’t practice strategically, the MBE can be a detriment to your chances of passing the bar exam. In this post, we give you some of the top MBE practicing tips so that you can maximize your chances of scoring well on the MBE portion of the bar exam.

Four Tips For Practicing MBE Questions

Practice Regularly

Practicing MBE questions should be a regular part of your study routine. By weaving MBE practice questions into your review and memorization of bar exam subjects, you can use the MBE questions as a checkpoint for how well you understand the tested material. For example, if you are consistently missing questions regarding contract formation, you can maximize the effectiveness of your study time by focusing on contract formation instead of remedies. Regular MBE practice also allows you to familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked, the tricks with which the examiners will try to fool you, and the test-taking strategies you should be applying that will (hopefully) become a habit by test day.

Practice Consistently

Learn an MBE test-taking strategy, and apply it every time. There is more to the bar exam than simply memorizing the law. You must be able to apply what you know strategically in the manner prescribed by the test. By practicing with a strategy, you are maximizing the number of points you can score by staying within the time limits and quickly eliminating incorrect answers.  By practicing with a strategy every time you practice, you are forming habits that will stick with you through test day, giving you the confidence to handle any question on any topic.

Practice Quality Quantity

Your goal in practicing MBE questions should not be to exhaust every question in every resource available to you. You also do not want to fall into a habit of spending 15 minutes analyzing every question you practice so that you cover only a portion of testable topics. Your goal should be the highest quantity of questions you can practice with quality. By applying the above tips of regular and consistent practice, you are on your way to accomplishing this quality-quantity equilibrium. Quality practice also means giving yourself time to review the practice questions and their explanations.

You should analyze why you answered questions both incorrectly and correctly. Maybe you didn’t know the law and you need to review that topic. You may have been tricked by the wording of the question and need to better familiarize yourself with that style of question.  Maybe you ran out of time and need to practice a sustainable speed. Maybe you answered correctly but you have no idea how you managed to do so. By applying quality practice to a high quantity of questions, you can identify and address your shortcomings.  By making those identifications early on, you’ll be more prepared on exam day!

Practice Realistically

Most of your practice should be in chunks of 10-15 minutes, sometimes timed, sometimes not with a review of the answers following (as discussed above). It’s also important that the first time you answer 100 MBE questions in three hours is not on exam day. Before the bar exam, set aside time to take at least one practice exam in a test day-like environment. For a complete discussion on taking a practice exam, check out this previous post on how to take bar exam practice tests.

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