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Where do I find real MBE Questions?

Are you wondering if real MBE questions exist? The answer is yes! Many commercial courses do not distribute many real MBE questions (also called “actual official” MBE questions or “released” MBE questions). That is, many courses do not distribute questions that were used on past bar exams. Instead, they make up their own questions. There is nothing wrong with making up MBE questions, but it is much more worth your time to answer real MBE questions that have been released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). (Wondering why commercial courses don’t offer released MBE questions? It probably has a lot to do with the licensing fee required by the NCBE, but you can read more here if you are curious!) Note: This post was updated in 2020!

As an update: Barbri recently stated it offered only 100 real MBE questions. You can read more about Barbri’s statement here if you are curious about that.

Why use real MBE questions?

There are a few reasons:

1. First, you will get used to the format. Real multiple-choice questions are written in a very specific style that is different than some questions by commercial courses. Some students are completely thrown off their game when they walk into the multistate bar exam and see questions written in a completely different style than the questions they practiced with.

2. You will see how the NCBE likes to test certain areas of law. The NCBE tests some areas of law in the same way over and over again. Getting acclimated to these areas of law can be invaluable. Rather than seeing your course’s favorite issues to test, you will see the NCBE’s favorite issues to test.

3. You will feel more confident and prepared for the bar exam. Every single bar exam, students that use released MBE questions say how much it helped them. They say that so many of the MBE questions were answerable. And they oftentimes attribute their passing score to practicing with released MBE questions.

Where do you find real MBE questions?

Here, we list all of the sources of real MBE questions that we know of (including questions we offer!). If we are missing any sources, please contact us and we will update this page!

1. JD Advising MBE questions

We have MBE questions available for purchase on our website, including over 1,600 released questions in an online Qbank. This also includes the most recently released 2019 multiple-choice questions by the NCBE! You can also see how you are scoring by subject and topic.  You can try out 100 simulated questions for FREE. You can read more about our MBE questions here. And, you can see a screenshot of our study aid builder below!

Note that electronic sources of multiple-choice questions, such as this one, are good for students who like to answer questions on their phone or when they are on the go. (For example, some students use this Qbank while standing in line at the grocery store, or when they have a few spare minutes.) If you prefer pen and paper, you may prefer Strategies and Tactics (discussed next) or our PDF of the most recently released 2019 multiple-choice questions. There are a lot of forms of multiple-choice questions available, so think about what works best for you!

real MBE questions

2. Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) – 7th Edition by Emanuel

We like this book because the explanations are very good. It is advertised to have over 550 questions in MBE topics with a practice test at the end. For those who like questions in a hard copy format, this is a great choice.  Currently is selling for between $70 and $80 on Amazon. Students who prefer to answer questions with paper and pencil will find this book more helpful than an electronic Qbank. Some students find they learn much better with a physical copy of the MBE questions. Others prefer an electronic version because it is more portable and they can answer questions throughout the day.

Read our review of the Strategies & Tactics book 6th Edition book here if you want to see the pros and cons of purchasing this book. (However, we have not yet updated this post to reflect the 7th Edition!)

3. AdaptiBar

AdaptiBar advertises using released multiple-choice questions. This online-only course is ideal for students who like to answer questions on their phones or electronically. The cost is about $400. Our MBE app (above) is very similar to Adaptibar, but a little less pricey.

4. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE)

This is the organization that writes the MBE. They recently started selling MBE questions in an updated electronic format online. They have varying prices, but they tend to be more expensive than several of the above sources. For example, the MBE Value Pack is $175 and only has 525 questions. (It would be more worth it to purchase questions from any of the above resources because you are getting more questions per dollar!).

Remember to start with just one of these sources. If you buy questions from all available sources, you will see repeat questions since they are all getting their questions from the same sources!

Also, if you are curious about a source, please inquire with the source directly. They will have the most up-to-date information about the products they offer!

Looking for additional MBE help? 

If you are looking for MBE help, read our 10 expert MBE tips here. Check out our free online MBE Guide here. This is a great free MBE resource. If you would like our MBE tip of the day sent right to your inbox, sign up for free here!