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MPRE Confident

Did I Pass The MPRE? 5 Signs to Be MPRE Confident

We often hear from students that the most nerve-wracking part of the MPRE is waiting for their results. While you’ll need to wait a little over a month to get your official results from the National Conference of Bar Examiners, we’ve put together this list of clues that can help you determine whether you should be MPRE confident after the exam.

Did I Pass The MPRE? 5 Signs to Be MPRE Confident

1. You Put in the Time

Some students think they’ll pass the MPRE easily and spend hardly any time studying! However, underestimating the MPRE is a big mistake — most American law school students need to pass the MPRE in order to be eligible to practice law. If you put in the time to study for the MPRE, you should feel confident that you put yourself in the best position to pass.

2. You Answered Plenty of Practice Questions

While learning the information tested on the MPRE is important, answering practice questions helps you become familiar with the structure of the test. If you spent time answering practice questions beforehand, you’re less likely to see any surprises on the actual test — and more likely to pass!

3. You Hit Your Target Score During Practice

To pass the MPRE, you need to answer 30-35 questions correctly (depending on your jurisdiction). If you consistently correctly answered 30-35 questions per practice test while studying, that’s a great sign that you passed the real thing!

4. You Were Comfortable During the Test

How did you feel on test day? If the exam questions seemed familiar to you, you felt confident about most of your answers, and you completed the exam in the time allotted, there’s a good chance you passed.

5. You Had No Unforeseen Hiccups

Every once in a while, we hear from students who had something beyond their control impact their MPRE score. For example, students who got sick on test day or got into a fender bender on the way to the MPRE may not have been able to perform their best. However, if everything was business as usual on the day you took the test, you are in a good position to pass.

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