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california bar exam essay frequency chart, california bar exam frequency chart, california bar exam past essay subjectsCalifornia Bar Exam Essay Frequency Chart

Here, we have a California Bar Exam essay frequency chart which shows the frequency that subjects have been tested on the California Bar Exam.

You will notice a few things:

  • First, the most popular essay subject by far is Professional Responsibility. It is frequently tested on its own and frequently combined with other subjects. (Occasionally, it will appear on the performance test portion instead of the essay portion, but as you can see, that is not common.)
  • Agency and Partnership is not highly tested (but when it is tested, it is very predictable). Now, the California Examiners simply lists “Agency and Partnership” or “Corporations” as “Business Associations”—however, for your benefit, we have listed when each subject was truly tested in the chart below.
  • Some subjects—such as Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Torts—tend not to be combined with other subjects very often. Other subjects, such as Professional Responsibility, Business Associations/Corporations, Remedies, Trusts, and Wills tend to be combined with other subjects on a regular basis.

California Bar Exam Frequency Chart Feb 2022 1

Wondering which California topics are tested most frequently? 

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